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Sunroom Roman Shades


Sunrooms are truly special for they are bathed in light and warmth – just the respite needed after months of cold. No surprise, therefore, that many homeowners consider leaving their sunroom windows uncovered to make the most of this gorgeous spot. 

But in case you want to give your sunroom windows a dressing for privacy, insulation or even just pure visual impact, roman shades are a wonderful choice. Offering both function and style, there’s plenty to love about roman shades. 

With this blog post, we invite you to explore some of our featured roman shades for a sunroom and browse top styling tips from our designers to help you design the perfect roman shades for your space.

Order custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools online in any size. Whether you’re looking for roman shades to cover the wide expanse of your wide sunroom windows, roman shades for bay windows, or even roman shades to fit narrow basement windows, we hand-stitch your window treatments to the exact dimensions of your windows. And, with over 3,000 fabrics to choose from and such spiffy custom measurement options, you are sure to find the perfect match for your space. 


Add Style and Fun to your Sunroom with Spiffy Spools’ Roman Shades 


Floral roman shades for sunroom


Until the time you can make time for an outdoor weekend sunbath, enjoy the warmth and light of the sun from inside your home. Sunrooms are specially designed with oversized windows so that natural light is the main spectacle of this space. Since windows are the highlight of this room, dressing them up is the prime way to make a focal point out of them. It is not to defeat the very purpose of the sunroom but to soften the glow and add a punch of color and texture.

In fact, your sunroom window treatments must in no way make the space feel cut off from the exteriors. Rather, they should, as much as they can, bring the outdoors in through the material, palette and design. In this regard, roman shades can guarantee optimum performance since they are made of fabric.

Roman shades are also especially ideal for sunrooms as they provide just enough coverage to soften the light, and given their minimal construct, they don’t overdo the good thing of dressing up. Unlike industrially produced shades and blinds, roman shades can also bring in any color and pattern as you have endless choices of fabrics to consider for your shades.

Now that you know that your decision to add roman shades to your sunroom is spot on, let’s help you with designing them. Following are the matters to be kept in mind.


Decide the Palette


Brown Roman Shades for Sunroom


The first decision most homeowners will make regarding sunroom roman shades is regarding their color palette. Let the grand views visible through the glazed windows inspire you on this decision. Bring earthy hues like green, yellow, and brown or a mix of all replicating the way nature dresses in summer, autumn, or spring.

Whether you love the muted tones of rainy dusk or the tangy flaming hues of autumn sheds or spring’s effervescent blooms, this is your golden opportunity to introduce them to the space. Since the roman shades will occupy huge space in this window-dominated room, it is wise to pick colors that won’t ever wear away your interest in the long run.

Going for lighter tones will help you have more filtered light in the room even when the shades are down. But if you’re using the sunroom with some parallel intention of, say, a home office space, and want to cut off the glare on the screen, darker hues may be of benefit.

Use the roman shades to tie together the sunroom’s accents in one stroke. Or let them display your primary and secondary hues vividly. If you want the shades to blend into the architecture and seem like they were part of it, go for solid-colored shades that match the wall color exactly.

Or, go for shades that contrast the wall and stand out from the rest of the space, making a statement of their own. Remember that when the shades are folded up, they occupy very little optical space. So, you can go for even the wildest of colors that you like and be sure that it won’t overwhelm the space, but rather spice up the space fittingly.



Spotlight On: Granito

Cotton Custom Roman Blinds For Living Room

The simplicity and neutrality of our Granito fabric will work flawlessly for contemporary sunroom shades. The understated smoky grey and oyster beige weave come together to create a steely, no-nonsense look. This pure cotton roman shade is sure to enhance any space it’s placed in.


Spotlight On: Monsoon Mood


Monsoon Mood

Welcome in the color of lush verdure and nostalgic woods with our Monsoon Mood fabric. While the leaf green promises to fill your sunroom with energy and joy, the material ensures crisp folds and easy maintenance. Relaxed and front-slatted roman shades are ideal for this solid-colored fabric. Our stylists recommend cherry-topping the rejuvenating power of green by placing some foliage indoor plants around your sunroom windows to perfectly blend the outdoors with the indoor greenery.


Spotlight On: Wild Yellow

Wild Yellow


This bright yellow fabric offers a sunny and cheerful sunroom window dressing without compromising either privacy or light. The loose weave softens the light as it filters in, cutting off harsh glares from the screens and allowing a free pass to fresh air. In a sunroom, bright and airy should be your design motto, Wild Yellow is just what your windows need.


Spotlight On: Badami


If a hint of raw is what sparks your passion, Badami is the fabric your sunroom needs to be draped with. Its all-brown surface blends in many shades – from the dark burnt umber to the palest beiges. The look is sheer with handloom weave like texture.


Go for Patterned Shades


Floral Patterned Shades


If there’s a pattern overload already in your sunroom, it is better to go for solid-colored shades. But if your sunroom happens to be dominated by solid-colored elements, don’t miss the opportunity and bring in vibrant patterned roman shades.

Bring in patterns that speak to your decor style, though floral and botanical roman shades deserve a special mention when it comes to sunrooms. These nature-inspired prints can blur the indoor-outdoor divide.  

Whether your sunroom is contemporary or traditional, floral shades will make a gorgeous statement. To match floral shades with modern décor, look for bold floral patterns. For more traditional spaces, small-to-medium patterns will help to pull your look together.

Similarly, tribal prints can display your eclectic leanings; plaids and stripes speak a country vibe; and geometric and abstract prints reflect a modern take. Patterns can be as subtle as pinstripes and as intricate as damasks

So find the pattern that fits your personal taste and make roman shades an opportunity to bring some fun and spice to your sunroom. Only make sure that they tie up smoothly with the rest of the patterns in the space. 



Spotlight On: Amalfi

Printed Cotton Custom Fake Roman Shades

Our Amalfi fabric features a motif of wild roses and peacocks scattered across a beige backdrop in tones of lapis blue, peridot green, and carnelian orange. This fabric beautifully combines countryside charm with exotic appeal for a rustic-chic look.


Spotlight On: Marimba


Nothing can bring in the beauty of nature like petite floral vines. Evoking beauty and sophistication, Marimba is the perfect fabric for sunrooms that want a subtle touch of soft nature-inspired patterns over their windows. Its white backdrop is etched with a lovely creeper pattern in alternating beige and gray columns highlighted with darker touches. The overall effect is relaxed yet classy.


Spotlight On: Conga


Our Conga fabric offers a modern take on a vintage print. The monochrome beige and brown color palette will blend nicely with your existing décor. The golden shine found in the large blooms adds an elegant and striking element that’s sure to catch the eye.


Spotlight On: Alfold

Floral Drapery & Roman Blinds

This sophisticated fabric features intricate vines in pastel blues, purples, and greens that weave their way across a serene white backdrop. With a thoughtfully stitched, delicate pattern and high-quality materials, Alfold is a wonderful option for any sunroom.


Carefully Select the Fabric Composition


Sheer Roman Shades


When designing the sunroom windows, utmost care should be taken to support the specific intention of the space. The light and airy appeal of the sunroom must be enhanced at best, not compromised in the least. Hence, pay attention to the fabric choice, especially its composition.

Sheers, linen and lightweight cotton fabrics are ideal for sunroom roman shades since they are capable of filtering in sunlight. Besides, their loose weave facilitates air circulation even when the shades are down.

Neither foolproof privacy nor a formal demeanor takes precedence in most sunrooms. Therefore, you’ll do better for your sunroom by avoiding silk and velvet roman shades. They are out of rhyme with the informal vibe of the space.

In case, you want to have an option for more light control when your sunroom doubles up as an office room, for example, consider layering the shades with curtains. So, the delicate shades can be drawn down for the most part of the day and the curtains may be drawn when you want additional coverage.





Spotlight On: White Breeze

White Striped Custom Drapery & Roman Blinds

Dress your shades in our White Breeze fabric to evoke a feeling of freshness and relaxation in your sunroom. Bright and airy, the sheer, striped material features a white-on-white weave that is the epitome of minimalism. This fabric pairs fabulously with pastel color schemes for a breezy, serene feel.


Spotlight On: Aklamak


Aklamak is no ordinary sheer. Its white backdrop is dashed with a shimmery silver metallic to create a unique, sophisticated look. Aklamak sheer shades make a wonderful option for any space that needs a touch of refinement.


Spotlight On: Leh Asmi

Leh Asmi

Our Leh Asmi fabric is a classic, taupe-grey linen. Versatile enough to match with a variety of color palettes, its warm hues with just the right undertones of brown will create an inviting, relaxing feel in your sunroom.


Select the Style Thoughtfully


Beige Roman Shades for Sunroom Windows


After you’ve finalized the fabric for the roman shades, it is time to decide which fold style you’d like. In addition to your personal liking, the making of the fabric also will have an influence on this decision.

First, let’s introduce you to the three main styles of roman shades:

  • Flat fold roman shades with back slats: If you’re going for a minimalistic look, flat-fold roman shades with back slats are the perfect selection. Since the horizontal slats are stitched into the back lining, no seams are visible in the fabric when the shades are closed. They also stack neatly from the bottom and rest at the top of the window frame when open. This style is a great choice for windows that are frequently in use. Shop Now.

If you’ve chosen a patterned fabric, it is better to go with this style. As the frontage is clean, there are no elements to conflict with the motifs of the fabric.

  • Flat fold roman shades with front slats: In this style, the silhouettes of the horizontal slats are visible on the front. When open, they stack from the bottom in neat folds to provide a crisp, clean look. This option works wonderfully for frequently used windows. Shop Now.

If the fabric is plain, this style is recommended so that the horizontal pattern of the slats can lend it an element of visual interest.

  • Relaxed roman shades: Relaxed roman shades are a more decorative – than functional – style. The design features a smooth front fabric that’s tailored to fall into a gentle curve at the bottom. If your sunroom windows are not opened and closed frequently, relaxed roman shades are a great option that will provide an elegant look. Shop Now.

The opulent swagging, curved folds at the bottom get highlighted on solid-colored fabrics, hence they are on top recommendation for relaxed style shades.

In case you’re interested in roman shades only for their aesthetic value, we have a fourth option for you – faux roman shades. These are stationary roman shades that, like valances, cover the top portion of the window. Their purpose is not to offer coverage but to beautify the space. Since their folds are secured with stitches, they cannot be operated, but tend to look like fully functional shades that have been drawn up. This option works well if you want your sunroom windows to be left untreated and yet not bare. You have abundant light filtering in while the window still looks dressed, not ignored.




Order Custom Roman Shades from Spiffy Spools


Roman Shades for Sunroom from Spiffy Spools


We hope you’ve found the inspiration and ideas for roman shades for your sunroom! If you’re ready to shop, order your custom shades from Spiffy Spools today. Whether you’re trying to dress your sunroom windows or the large sliding glass doors of your sunroom, we make it easy to create custom roman shades that fit your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for decorating your sunroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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