Custom Linen Roman Shades & Window Blinds


A perfect finishing touch to any interior, our custom linen window blinds are breathlessly stunning in their simplicity and elegance. Whether you want to beautifully diffuse light with a textured weave or retain a fresh, airy look for your home during the hot summer months, custom linen shades offer plenty of advantages. These natural fiber drapes are a time-honored favorite for so many reasons. Think soft sunlight flickering through threads, and the cozy warmth of a tucked-up room.

Keep it casual. Linen looks best lazy. Highly sought after for laidback interiors, linen shades are simple yet stunning in a casual styles such as European/Relaxed style. If you must have flat panel shades, order front slatted style with light weight linens and back slats with a medium-heavy linens.

Diffuse light. Thanks to its relatively loose, textured weave, linen is perfect for those east or west-facing windows that are subjected to frequent sunlight. Since the fibers aren’t packed as densely as in most synthetic fabrics, linen beautifully diffuses the sun’s rays, reducing the effect of glares while still allowing soft light to filter through.

A natural beauty. Natural and non-synthetic, this earthy fabric is not only eco-friendly, but also unlikely to cause allergic reactions, making it an easy choice for clients with sensitive skins and allergy concerns.

Wrinkled charm. Known for a crinkled appearance, linen’s unique look delivers a casual ambience to any space. While linen does wrinkle more than other fabrics, for many, that’s part of its charm. Many of our clients choose this fabric for its slightly worn, easy look.

Great for hot weather. Featuring low thread count and weave density, linen offers more of that breathability that you need when the temperature considerably rises. We recommend linen window treatments highly in warm weather months and locales.

Kitchen-friendly. Soft and breathable, linen roman shades are great for use in kitchens, because they don’t trap smells like polyesters do. Our linens are also strong and resist dirt and stains better than most synthetic fabrics.