Custom Linen Roman Shades & Window Blinds


From quirky to playful to perfectly tucked away, choose linen roman shades that accentuate the mood and tone of your space. Nothing says effortless comfort and elegance like a smoothly flowing linen roman shade that cascades delicately on a window. With its slubby texture and signature weave, linen does gorgeous things to summer light and freshens any space with its natural fiber and homey ambiance.

Perfectly at home with Scandinavian, coastal, and farmhouse styles, our white linen roman shades have forever been client faves. But should you love bright or earthy hues or entertain slight indulgence with patterns too, you are sure to find one that suits your taste in our curated catalogs. Warm locales especially benefit much from designing their home with natural materials like linen which can keep the home warmer in winters and cooler in summers.

Casual doesn’t mean frumpy. Nothing lounges as supplely as linen. When you want a room to exude an easygoing vibe, linen roman  blinds do the job nicely. Casual spaces have always been the niche terrain of linen drapes and blinds because of their easy roll-out-of-bed looks. Opt for flat-fold style if you want to air a matter-of-fact look onto the casual vibe of linen.

Scatter warm summer light. If you’re looking for a way to spread out the powerful warmth of summer sunshine, linen’s loose weave adds a variety of textures that diffuse the glare of midmorning or afternoon sunlight. The slubby weave of the fabric works like a subtle pattern when light strikes through, making for a visually engaging and simultaneously soothing decor. The sheer quality of its natural fibers lets light pass through instead of blocking it. Depending on your geographic conditions and the positioning of the windows, this feature can be quite a blessing for home decor that worships light.

Eco-friendly vibrance.  Natural, biodegradable, and non-synthetic, linen roman shades are environmentally friendly all along their lifespan. Linen is a naturally anti-microbial fabric that is much less likely to cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or need to factor allergy concerns into your interior design, linens are an obvious choice. As ecological and sustainable products gain new ground in the market, linen roman blinds become more relevant for our times. They add imperturbable grace without sparking allergic reactions or irritating sensitive skin.

Learn more about styles. Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come in three styles. We suggest the flat folds with front slats for plain fabrics to benefit from the structured look and pattern-like hemlines. Whereas back-slatted shades are better if you choose bold-patterned fabrics that need an undisturbed surface to show their detailed construct. Consider the softer look of relaxed roman shades that dip softly at the bottom and add an organic appeal to long, straight lines. 

Crinkles welcome! Of course, linen will get somewhat more wrinkly than more formal fabrics. But isn’t that the charm you’re looking for? That lived-in look just adds more character to the space and is perfect to cozy up any room that needs a homey vibe. Linen roman shades give your room a nonchalant allure without looking worn, moreover, they only get softer and better with time and usage.

Casual? Yes, please. The low thread count equates to a low weave density. Lovely opaque linen breathes even on the hottest days of summer. Linen shades don’t block the air but rather filter it into the house. This way, air circulation is never fully hindered even when you are keeping the shade closed. This allows the room to remain fresh, and free of odors, especially the musty smells that pervade a closed-off area. If you live in a perpetually warm climate, linen roman shades help you keep your cool. 

Kitchen-friendly. Kitchens are the most activity-oriented rooms of the house and keeping them fresh and clean is important. But strong tangy smells from the cooking oils and simmering sauces linger here long after they’ve left the pans. While savory fragrances may be welcome, the not-so-great ones are a pain and worsened still if the window treatments are made of synthetic materials that trap them instead of letting them out. So, we strongly recommend linen roman shades that are breathable and help you keep an overall fresher vibe over the sink or softly frame your breakfast nook.

Subtle patterns add elegance. Even though linen has an engaging appeal, you can opt for engaging patterns in understated tones to achieve casual finesse in the dining room or living area. Have a look at Cordonazo in a sophisticated gray vine motif embroidery work, Whispering Willow bringing together the warmth of florals and the coziness of linen, and Haboob in a dusty rose pink featuring a double wave pattern.

Solid linens carry the style in the hue and the texture while patterned linens do so in the subtle motifs and soft neutral hues. Both are excellent for laid-back decor and are steeped in elegant simplicity. The minimalism of the material and the sleek structure of the shade, together lend a homey appeal to the room. So go forth and shop linen roman shades with us today.  Take home a piece of understated beauty!