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Black and White Curtains

Black White Curtains


If life happens in Technicolor, why, then, has black and white persevered as the most iconic of color combinations in fashion and decor alike? The world is in color, as are the digital cameras feeding our Instagram reels. How, then, has romance with this unpigmented palette endured centuries – manifesting itself in old Hollywood films, a classic Chanel suit, the iconic Vans checkers, and in our case, a crisp set of black and white curtains?

Perhaps because the versatility of this high contrast combo is as vast as the conceivable moves and countermoves on the chessboard. Or maybe because of this palette’s incredible scope to focus the eye, devoid of all distraction that color brings. Whatever the reason, black and white curtains are – and forever expected to be – a well-appreciated offering within our collection of custom drapes

But as simple as it may appear, black and white is an extremely difficult combination to work with for interiors. So if you’ve found us today while shopping for black and white curtains, let’s preview some working principles that might come in handy in picking the right set of drapes


Sync in Style


Black and White Curtains


It is fascinating to see how the same high contrast color combo helps minimalists to keep their interiors free from visual noise, and maximalists to etch out drop-dead charm from patterns and textures. But even though the palette is so versatile, make sure that your choice of pattern, heading style, and hardware also syncs with the overall aesthetic and decor of your space. 

A black and white paisley print fabric sewn in a triple pinch pleat style and mounted on chunky wooden pole – for example – would be an ideal take for traditional and maximalist setups. While fabrics like ‘Zakuda’ and ‘Road to Riga’ sewn in a casual style, like a flat top, look stunning hanging on a sleek metallic pole within a modern minimalist interior. 

Also, while black and white curtains gel perfectly into many decor styles, Scandi and Japandi-inspired spaces deserve a special mention since the color schemes are so well-aligned. 

Whatever your style, whatever your aesthetic, make sure that your decision goes beyond the palette, and also factors in heading style, pattern and drapery hardware best suited for your space. 


Balance is Beauty


Black and White Curtains


Monochromatic fabrics work on the principle of dominance and contrast. One color often dominates, the other accentuates its appeal.

Ask yourself: Do I want white drapery with black elements or a black base with white detailing? Then choose the dominant color based on your aesthetic vision and purpose for the room. 

The distribution of color has an important function in setting the mood and ambiance of a space. A white base, that allows more light to gently filter in, is ideal to cheer up laid back, casual spaces. You can bank on the illusive effect of white to make a room appear airy, lighter and more expansive. 

Black, on the other hand –  with all its dramatic allure – is good to dominate if you are dressing a darker, moodier and formal space. Besides limiting light inflow which serves to make your room dimmer and warmer, black-dominant curtains have the effortless ability to be the focal point, a statement decor. 

Patterns that use black and white in an even measure offer an auto-balance option that’d work well in most settings of course. 


Textures are Gamechangers

Texture and material composition should be key considerations in picking any drapery, but in case of black and white, they become even more crucial. Sans distraction from color, eyes appreciate the subtle variations brought on by a fabric’s weave, weight, texture and composition. 

No wonder some of our bestselling drapes are filled with textural and tactile qualities that evoke visual depth and understated opulence. Velvets with their plush piles, and silks with their resplendent slubs are naturally suited for formal places where you entertain. While the nubby weaves of linens and soft yarns of cottons belong in casual, relatively dressed-down spaces.  

Colors are softened or hardened, toned down or deepened by the warp and weft of the fabric. A sheer black and white fabric will have a very different role compared to a light blocking, blackout fabric. These characteristics together – weave, texture, weight and composition  –  open up tons of possibilities, lending life and versatility to a muted color scheme. So do make sure you’re given them due consideration when picking your black and white drapery


Find the ‘Fifty Shades’


Black White Drapes


Black and white decor does not have to – and ideally should not – limit to these two absolutes; there is a whole world of shades and shadows in between to explore. While pure bright white can be too cold and clinical and pitch-black too dark and depressing, the hues in between can often bring softness, warmth, depth, and dimension to a space. 

When shopping for black and white curtains, consider all the other elements and undertones at play in your room. Is your ‘black’ upholstery hiding hints of purple? Is your rug really ‘just white’, or an eggshell white with a hint of sunshine? Once you’ve identified the spectrum of hues and undertones playing in your room, go forth and explore drapes that appropriately add to the mix. 

Drapes in ‘Zuri’ on a creamy white base for example are a ready fit for a Scandi-inspired room that has turned too bright and needs a shot of warmth. Similarly, mellowed-down alternatives to pitch-black drapes – like our ‘Knotted’ drapery – are perfect for a space that has gone too dark with flat black and needs a bit of textural and tonal variety to bring it back to chic-ville.    


Play Beyond Patterns


White curtain with black trims


Patterns have a place in interiors but may not play nice in every context. If you’re keen to fulfill your black and white fantasy but find yourself less than enthralled about using patterned prints – fear not – we’ve got you covered here too!  

Below are two fantastic options to achieve a black and white look without relying on prints:

  • Colorblocking: Bring on the black and white vibe without committing to a patterned fabric by opting for color-blocked curtains. A band of black on side-edge of a pristine white drape can subtly anchor a room’s palette. And a broad patch of white on top end of a dramatic black drape can create a more color-balanced look. Within our collection, you’ll find four styles of color blocking to create your very own designer look;  do give them a look! 
  • Trimmings: Tassels, pom pom and ribbons – are a great way to add tasteful details and a tactile element to your otherwise simple solid drapes, while allowing you to tell your color story uninterrupted. You may accessorize your black curtains with an ornate white tassel trim like ‘Savanna White Sands’ or dress up a solid white linen panel with a black grosgrain ribbon. Whatever catches your fancy, use our lineup of bold, bright and whimsical trimmings to make all the difference in creating that perfect finished look. 


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope the simple techniques discussed above will help make the job of picking your black and white drapery more of an exciting journey than a daunting task. Designers forge elegant and comfy spaces with the iconic combination of black and white – two colors that physicists don’t even believe to be ‘colors’. Whether you are color-phobic or color-obsessed, the high-contrast no-show combination of black and white curtains is just what you need to make your happy place a timeless, chic abode.  So go on, browse our collection and have fun picking your salt and pepper drapes!



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