Custom Paisley Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Spiffy Spools’ collection of paisley roman shades and window blinds features the legacy of paisley and its ever-intricate, ever-beautiful prints and motifs that have evolved since centuries. 

Commonly identified in the shape of a curved feather, twister teardrop, or a large comma, the paisley motifs and patterns carry deep meaning and symbolism, hence, as a decor element, our paisley roman shades, alongside delivering a visual treat, promise to also fill your space with a soulful vibe.

As for the revolutionization of paisley is concerned, one can credit it to the Beatles in the 1960s – the entire band was paisley mad, so much so, John Lennon had even painted his Rolls-Royce with the pattern; who doesn’t remember that? Such was the craze for paisley, its vertiginous acid-trip patterns and mind-melting colors started getting associated with the sophisticated, arty bohemian theme.

However, the story of paisley and its symbol goes back much further. It’s more than just an eye-catching pattern. Historians have identified its roots as laying in the humanist, life-affirming philosophy and religion of Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia. Researchers believe that the iconic paisley design, also known as buta, is a mix of a cypress tree combined with a floral spray, which according to Zoroastrians represent life and eternity. Legends also say that paisley patterns were created on the premise that they can ward off evil demons and act as a spiritual charm. The pattern is believed to receive its modern name from the town of Paisley in Scotland in the 1800s.

Owing to paisley’s rich and versatile sources of origin, no single decor theme can rightly claim rights to its enchanting patterns. Its distinctive characteristics can be produced in any measure of design and color scheme. 

    • Statement piece: Paisley patterns can be simple or complex, but regardless, you can’t go wrong with paisley if you want to make a strong impression. For bold window treatments, a set of vibrant paisley roman shades will serve as a statement piece and instantly lift any neutral decor. For your reference, check out Spiffy Spools’ ‘LAquila’ roman shades, where geometry and floral elements in vibrant hues come together to create the perfect accent piece a subdued space needs! 
    • All over or aloof: If ‘all-over’ paisley patterns are too busy for your aesthetic, consider ‘floating-motif’ led patterns on neutral backgrounds – such as beige and cream. Like our ‘Ariano’ roman shades in a sophisticated color combination of burgundy, beige and teal on a soothing white backdrop – as opposed to an ‘all over’ ‘Hidden Harbor’ roman shades
    • Compatible patterns: Our paisley window treatments are also ideal if you are looking for an element to mix and match with other prominent patterns in your décor. The design pattern trinity of paisley, herringbone and stripes deserves a special mention as a classic favorite amongst our stylists and interior designers around the world. Here check out these charming ‘Chiaro’ roman shades, featuring a smart Art Deco-inspired pattern in a white and grey color palette, all ready to blend with soulmate fabrics like the striped ‘Arrow Wood’ and herringbone-patterned ‘Bouloi’.
    • Spirited and timeless: Though not an instant pick of many parents, paisley roman shades are – in fact – a surprisingly great fit for a little girls’ room and nursery. Ask any designer striving to give an ‘age proof’ nursery to a client. The intricate and curvy paisley motifs will accompany your little one all the way on their mind-wandering trips. Even as your kids make their journey from teen to adult, paisley will remain as fresh and timeless as ever. Check out ‘Caserta’ – printed in hues of oceanic blues tinged with soft grays and highlighted with touches of emerald green on a white backdrop to remind your little one of summer breeze, blue skies and gentle seas; truly serene, totally soothing!
  • Disruption-free style: A key plus point of roman shades is that its clean and flat frontage can display bold patterns without distortions. And for the ever-enigmatic paisley, there’s no better style than the flat folds with back slats ensuring no visual breaks at all for an undisturbed flow. For a less constructed style in casual spaces, you can try the European/relaxed roman shades which works on zero slats. But it suits only for decorative shades and not for the frequently operated ones.
  • Dress to the nines: A room dressed in crown mouldings, magnificent chandeliers and velvet upholstered furniture should find a perfect dressing for its windows in paisley roman shades. Even those who find their hearts pulled between the love for the delicate intricacies of the traditional style and clean finishes of the modern should find this option ideal. The minimalistic construct of the shade paired with the boldest and iconic of designs makes a perfect pick for any window that wants to be dressed to the nines.

The sentimental, nostalgic, and symbolic value of paisley motif makes it suitable for many other spaces. It’s a good fit for any place where a symbol of life, intellect, and peacefulness is a good fit. The aesthetic appeal of paisley and the philosophical significance of its symbol make an effective pairing. So, when it comes to choosing beauty or meaning, you can have both! Shop our paisley roman shades and take home a statement piece that marries art with meaning.