Grommet Curtains & Eyelet Window Drapes

Despite having tons of options for window treatments these days, most homeowners continue to show favoritism to curtains and draperies, perhaps because of the softness they bring to the space. Besides the virtually infinite choices in terms of fabrics, drapery also allows clients to choose from over a dozen heading styles to perfectly sync with their room’s decor. If you are considering the grommet top (also known as eyelet top) heading style for your windows, and shopping for grommet curtains with us today, read on to know more about this contemporary style, and if it suits your requirements.

Grommet Curtains: Contemporary, Efficient & Unfussy

‘Grommet’ refers to the eyelet ring stitched into the top header of the drapery panel into which the drapery pole is fed to hang the panel. Curtains that feature such embossed rings are called grommet curtains or eyelet curtains.

Grommets are usually made of plastic or metal. They are available in a variety of colors including metallic tones and can be compressed into the fabric. Quite obviously, metal grommets are more sturdy and long-lasting than plastic grommets. As long as rust resistance is ensured, metal grommets are recommended and preferred by most clients.

Since grommet curtains are a find of the technologically advanced twentieth century, they signify a contemporary decor. Requiring no other hardware, rings or clips, grommet curtains glide easily on the pole, ensuring easy movement while opening and closing the panels.

Why We’re Fans of Grommet Curtains

Ease of Movement: The primary function of grommets is to allow easy movement of the drapery panels on the pole. This smooth-gliding makes this style a highly preferred one for frequently used windows, heavy drapery, and oversized windows.

Modern Appeal: Grommet/eyelet curtains are produced using technologically updated machines. Since they belong to the modern era, they are primarily associated with contemporary interiors. Hence they are perfect additions to modern homes. Solid and geometric patterned fabrics – which are also often picked for modern homes – are therefore also often sewn with grommet tops.

Easy Installation: Since the eyelets are embedded into the drapery panel, it cancels the requirement of fixing additional hardware like rings and clips to the header, as needed in some other heading styles. The curtains are ready to be hung straight from the box if you have already installed the drapery rod.

Minimalistic Structure: Since there are no stitched-in pleats – as in the highly decorative pinch pleats – grommet curtains fall in the category of minimalistic heading styles. This is one more reason for them to be readily integrated into modern minimalistic interior designs.

Architectural Finish: Since the grommets are pre-sewn at fixed gaps on the drapery header, they allow for drapes to fall in neat, uniform pleats which remain in a ripple fold, wave effect even when the drapery is closed, proffering a structured, architectural look.

Less Stacking Room: The stacking room of eyelet drapes is relatively much lower as compared to some of the other heading styles. This is because the drapery zigzags on both sides of the pole. So, grommet tops are ideal for windows that don’t have much space on either or both sides of the frame to stack the panels.

The Flip Side of the Coin

Light Leaks: Due to the grommet holes, some light makes way through the eyelet gaps. To overcome this, we recommend mounting grommet curtains a few inches above the window trim wherever possible.

Exposed Hardware: With this heading style, the drapery rod is exposed whether the curtains are closed or open. Hence, it is important to invest in show-worthy hardware.

Cannot go on Tracks: Grommet curtains cannot be mounted on tracks. Therefore, if you’re keen on grommet drapes but already have tracks installed, you’d need to invest in poles/rods.

Not in Rhyme with Traditional Decor: With its minimalist structure, relatively shorter history, and machine-made character, grommet tops may feel out of place in very traditional interiors which follow the maximalist approach. But if you still wish to choose grommet tops for their functional efficiency, make sure of using fabrics and hardware that give away the traditional aspect very loud and clear.

How to Make the Most of Grommet Curtains

Integrating decor elements in such a manner that their optimal efficiency, as well as aesthetic soundness, is guaranteed is a home decorator’s prime responsibility. If there are drawbacks, there are also ways to overcome them. And so, here are some effective tips from our expert stylists on how to make the most of eyelet/ grommet curtains.

Fix the Rod High: Install the drapery pole at least 6 inches above the window trim to provide better coverage and check light leaks through the eyelets.

Prefer Metal: Choose metal grommets over plastic ones to ensure that they last longer.

Pay Attention to Little Details: Let the color of the grommet match that of the pole if you want them to go unnoticed. Employ contrast if you want them to make a visual impact.

Pick the Right Size: Grommets come in various sizes. If shopping for custom curtains, specify large ones with a 2-inch diameter for chunky hardware and standard 1.5-inch diameter grommets for standard-size poles.

Customize Creatively: To ensure a customized look for your grommet tops, make use of color-blocking and trimming techniques available at Spiffy Spools. After all, it is the relaying of the bespoke character of your drapes that’s the best takeaway from custom drapery. Why miss it? Color-blocking lets you frame two fabrics of different colors, textures, or designs in the same panel. Trimming lets you garnish the drapes with delicate details such as pompoms, tassels, or gimps on the lead edges of the drapery.

Calculate Length with Forethought: Grommet curtains stand 1.5 inches above the rod by default. So make provision for this ‘upstand’ in the final length measure. Measure from *the top* of your curtain pole/rod to the desired endpoint. Then add 1.5 inches to this measurement. This should be the final length provided to us in your custom order specifications. For more tips on measuring your curtains, browse our detailed Curtain Measurement Guide.

In Closing

Modern, stylish, and practically efficient, grommet curtains are highly recommended for frequently used windows in rooms styled in transitional and contemporary decor schemes. If you wish to introduce trend-right decor elements with maximum functionality, there can’t be a better choice than grommet/eyelet curtains.