Custom Linen Curtains & Window Drapes


A perfect finishing touch to any interior, our custom linen curtains are breathlessly stunning in their simplicity and elegance. Whether you want to beautifully diffuse light with a textured weave or retain a fresh, airy look for your home during the hot summer months, linen drapes offer plenty of advantages. These natural fiber drapes are a time-honored favorite for a reason. Think soft washes of fabric puddling on the floor, sunlight flickering through its slubby weave, and the cozy warmth of a tucked-up room…


Bring on casual. Linen looks best lazy. Highly sought after for laid-back interiors, linen curtains are simple yet stunning in casual heading styles such as a tie top or rod pockets. They can complete the relaxing vibe of a family lounge or the kids’ room. If you must have a pinch pleat though, our stylists recommend the modern and minimal Euro pinch pleat on our linens. This style plays to the warm, casual tones of linen curtains while adding a touch of formality and elegance.

Diffuse light. Thanks to its relatively loose, textured weave, linen is perfect for those east or west-facing windows that are subjected to frequent sunlight. Since the fibers aren’t packed as densely as in most synthetic fabrics, linen beautifully diffuses the sun’s rays, reducing the effect of glares while still allowing soft light to filter through. Being able to control and filter light so easily helps you tailor the perfect atmosphere at all hours of the day without trading off the privacy factor in the least.

A natural beauty. Natural, biodegradable, and non-synthetic, even our white linen curtains are ‘green’! Their natural composition makes them environmentally friendly all along their lifespan. Linen is a naturally anti-microbial fabric that is much less likely to cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or need to factor allergy concerns into your interior design, linens are an obvious choice. With the entire designing world darting toward ecological and sustainable products to show some much-required kindness to the planet, linen curtains would be just the right choice for even the pickiest of the environment-friendly.

Wrinkled charm. Known for its crinkled appearance, linen’s unique look delivers a casual ambiance to any space. While linen does wrinkle more than other fabrics, that’s part of its charm for many. Forget the ‘iron your uniforms’ discipline of your schools; that romantic crumpled look is one to die for. Wrinkles in your drapes are not blameworthy kinks, but the covetable charm of a lived-in space. Rather than trying to straighten it out, our clients relish in the character and atmosphere that these nostalgic curtains help foster. What a relief indeed for the work-shy! This slightly worn, easygoing look is a key selling point for many customers who especially love our white linen curtains

Great for hot weather. Featuring low thread count and weave density, linen offers more of that breathability that you need when the temperature rises. The low heat retention of linen curtains translates into cooler, more comfortable interiors during the hotter months of the year. Homes in climate zones that face scathing summers and niggling humidity will truly find linen curtains a godsend. 

Resists humidity. Being naturally resistant to mildew formation, linen curtains are the ideal pick for humid areas. Being light-weight, their laundering is also relatively easier as compared to some other fabrics. Be carefree about hanging them on patios and porches as they won’t don those awful black-grain edges during monsoons. But do calculate their shrinkability when you specify the length.

Kitchen-friendly. Soft and breathable, linen drapes are great for use in kitchens, because they don’t trap smells as polyesters do. And odors aren’t the only problem our linen curtains solve in the kitchen. Kids and cooks alike can end up making a spill now and then, so it helps when it’s easy to clean up after. For the love of our homes, who would want to see a stain linger forever! Linens resist dirt and stains better than most synthetic fabrics. 

Natural, breathing, and laid-back, linen curtains are just right for a welcoming space. Stitched in casual heading styles, they never fail to lighten up the mood of the room. These natural thermo-regulators are the ideal summerwear for the windows. Incredibly resistant to sunlight’s notorious degradative effect, linen curtains fade much slower than other fabrics. One of the most sturdy fabrics, linen is not just durable but also gets better with time like wine. The longer the usage, the softer it gets to the touch. 

So, have we given you enough reasons to fall in love with our linen curtains? Shop with Spiffy Spools and get your very own laid-back beauties today.