Custom Orange Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Orange is the color of flowers and fruit in spring, the fading trees of autumn, and the bright summer sun. This vibrant hue is a deeply versatile color that represents warmth and life, as well as change and the passage of time. While orange isn’t the most common color in interior design, it has a rich, dynamic set of meanings and is perfect for bringing the energy of warm summer days or cool autumn evenings to your home. Orange curtains can,therefore, often be a reliable pick if you wish to make your home decor look instantly attractive and teeming with a lively spirit.

A splash of this high-spirited and electrifying hue is a wise decision to make your home decor beam with positive energy. Let our expert stylists serve you some of their fantastic tips to integrate orange drapes into your home decor cohesively and beautifully.

How to Use Orange Curtains

Whether you use a little or much, orange is sure to be the star of the room. When you choose to buy orange curtains, you’re signing in for an attention-stimulating recipe, not for a run-of-the-mill decor. But there are several ways to balance the energy that orange brings and to make the best of that soulful vibrance that it offers. Read on to lay your hands on some fantastic designing tips for orange drapes.

Balance the Energy

Orange belongs to the category of warm colors and its presence helps the room to bubble up with spirit. It cheers up the most melancholic and monotonous of settings effortlessly. And yet, it is important to mention that too much of orange will give the same effect to the eye as a good uncomfortable stare at the bright sun. So, the trick lies in counter-balancing its vigor and brightness with muted or darker colors in the rest of the decor. If your room has an understated look with black or white palette for example, then it will serve well to balance out your eyecatching orange curtains. By pairing orange with subtle, neutral shades, you’ll make a perfect complementary color palette for this effervescent hue.

Evoke Autumnal Nostalgia

A slight tweaking to the bright orange and it takes the decor to a totally different mood. Burnt orange combined with other autumnal hues like amber yellow, burnt umber, and fiery red bring the breezy fall memories to mind. Adding burnt orange curtains to a room with yellow or brown walls, redwood furniture, and deep bronze accents bring poise and serenity to the room. You can see how orange exchanges its customary perky vibe with nostalgic wistfulness in the blink of an eye.

Reserved Approach

Considering that orange is an attention-seeker by default, if you wish to involve orange in the window treatment and yet want to keep its influence very delicate, adopt a reserved approach. Either choose patterned drapes that allow but streaks of orange scattered all over the drapery on a neutral background. Or, color-block your drapes with another plain or patterned drapery fabric that can tone down the effect of orange by reducing its usage. Color-blocking also gives your drapery a unique construct that makes ts bespoke character evident.

Heading Style

The entire feel of the room is aired in fullness by the heading style of the drapery. Whether it’s a formal or casual room, whether it’s a dressed up or pared down decor, whether it’s a minimalist or maximalist approach – all are shown through the heading style. Therefore, when you choose orange drapes, the color being so homey and cheery, choose a suitable heading style too. Grommets and tie tops are casual while goblet pleats are formal. Flat panels are ultra minimalistic while triple pinch pleats are maximally embellished. Depending on your style of decor and the purpose of the room, make your call.

Layer with Sheers

Make the orange drapery more attractive by introducing textural variety to the window treatment. White sheer drapery panels layered below the orange drapery not only balances the brightness of the sunny hue but also helps to keep the room airy even as they ensure privacy during the day. Or choose white drapery with orange accents and layer them with orange sheer drapes. Light passing through the sheers will help to fade the effect of orange’s intensity.

Inspiration Corner

Winter Oak’s dazzling beauty: Featuring ikat-style pattern in a blurry style, this drapery brings the cheerfulness of a vibrant hue and the cultural richness of a traditional weaving method to your home in one stroke. Layer them with Dazzle Me off-white sheer drapes whose lustrouos finish can complete the dazzling pattern of the orange drapes with a truly gleaming effect.

Light Amber’s sleep-friendly drapery: This reddish-orange solid drapery’s blackout feature makes it a perfect assemblage of zinginess and sleep-friendliness. Cutting down on outside noises and natural light, these drapes ensure a quieter and darker space for you to curl down to slumber even before you know it.

Elongate the space with Sunset: In a small room, use these striped orange drapes in ceiling-to-floor length to guide the eye to the highest point of the room and thereby visually elongate the space. Since orange commands attention, this set of stripes is sure to make the ceiling appear higher than is.

Sheer opulence – Purnia: For a dressed up formal room, use these bright orange pure silk drapes that make a magnificent decor piece with their iridescent hue and equivalently shiny fabric finish. Stitch them in triple pinch pleats and leave them to puddle on the floor for the best effects.

Breathing life with Vasto: For oversized windows bring paisley’s life-symbolic designs in tangy oranges and other vivacious hues to cheer up the entire space with positive vibes.

We hope that you now lack neither inspiration nor solid ideas to know how to decorate your home with orange curtains. Our collection features hundreds of stunning fabrics featuring orange. From plains to patterned, from linens to silks, we have a rich collection of orange drapery fabrics to match your décor vision. So go on, and pick the orange of your dreams!