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Decorating With Red Blackout Curtains

Red Blackout Curtains

Red Blackout Curtains


From bright red vermillion to deep burgundy, seductive scarlet to rich crimson, softer coral red to chili red – there’s a red for every mood and every muse. And, when these red energies come with an option to create a serene sanctuary in your home, the décor world gets what they call with love: The Red Blackout Curtains.

Many of our clients looking for room darkening drapery come prepared to be limited to dark (and often drab) colors – when what they truly want is a luscious cherry or a delicate blush to adorn their windows. Well, we are happy to curb the disappointment. 

Not anymore are your blackout curtains – or – room-darkening curtains required to be dull, dark, and drab. Our red blackout custom curtains allow you to infuse your space with energy and color when you need, and calm when you so desire. 

Before we delve into the endless ways you can introduce red curtains in your homes, let’s first get into the ambiance and essence of blackout fabrics. Simply asked, what are the benefits of blackout curtains for your home? Start counting!

  • Darker rooms, sounder sleep: Blackout curtains’ most prominent benefit is to block the unwanted outside light from entering your room. The circadian rhythm, meaning your sleep-wake cycle, could improve a great deal with your red blackout curtains. They’re especially ideal if you are a night hustler desiring peaceful, healthy sleep during the day. 
  • Less noise, more peace: If you live in a bustling city, you are likely to hear a lot of the outside world from the inside of your home. This noise and commotion can be annoying, and that’s when your blackout curtains’ noise-canceling quality comes in handy. With blackout curtains, that also have noise insulation benefits, the outside noise will not disturb you anymore as you catch up on your me-time! They can also muffle echoes and clashing of multiple voices in the room. Very ideal if you are looking to enhance your sleeping, studying or even your game room and media room experience.
  • Keep away the inquisitive eyes: We understand you may have to compromise on your privacy, at times, if you reside in a densely populated neighborhood. In such cases, blackout curtains could serve as a great privacy shield. They are also a great idea if you have see-through doors and windows in your contemporary home. So let the inquisitive eyes remain far away – to where they belong!
  • Protect your fabric, your furniture: Blackout linings help a great deal in protecting your curtains from being weathered by the sun, thereby extending their life. They reduce the in-streaming sunlight to limit the color fading and fabric fraying effects. In fact, they also help prolong the life and looks of your furniture and other soft furnishings in the same space from the sun’s UV rays, which can have an aging effect on not just your precious skin but also on your pricey room furnishings. 
  • Energy-efficient: Did you know that windows are responsible for 10-25% thermal energy loss in a room? Your red room darkening curtains can help limit this loss and save you energy costs by as much as 25%. That’s also lower utility bill payments for you! Moreover, at Spiffy Spools, we treat our blackouts with thermal coatings that keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters.

That’s some of the many benefits of having blackout curtains in your homes. As for decorating your space with red-colored blackout curtains, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you choose to go for true puddle curtains, or simple kissing length, red curtains effortlessly imply glam, stardom, and luxury; basically Hollywood! There’s always going to be a side of red curtains that will take you back to that grand theatre setting. Therefore, many of our clients, when bring home their red curtains, flaunt them in the most glamorous way possible. The hot favorites – to no surprise – tend to be our not-so-bashful velvets and silks, like ‘Island Salsa’ and ‘Papavero’. 

That said, for our clients who worry about this iconic color overpowering their entire space, we present to you our top tips to inject red in just the right tones and quantities.

With red, less is more. Your red blackout drapes may get over the top in a room that already has red elements aplenty. Hence, red drapes are ideal when posed as bold accent pieces in an otherwise neutral décor. Imagine this nature-inspired drapery – ‘Autumn Ferns’ – lined with our high performance blackout lining – in perhaps a beige or an all-white décor. Its fern frond motifs in shades of an eye-catching red, paired with grey against a white backdrop, are bound to lift any neutral décor instantly. Even simply-solid red blackout drapes with textural depth and blackout lining behind them can do wonders. Check out our ‘Chelsea Red’ curtains, crafted from 100% cotton with a heavy weave and a ribbed texture – a classic statement no matter what!

Different home, different red – a different essence! When it comes to the color red, not all hues look, feel and perform the same. And with so many reds to choose from, we understand it might get real-tricky to pick your red right. Our stylists at Spiffy Spools suggest a bright red palette for a bohemian home or an artist’s loft, while for traditional decor, deep burgundy or red in black tones as an ideal choice. Fabric composition also plays a huge role in determining the essence of your red. Red on silk? Royalty. Red on velvet? Romance. Red on cotton? Comfort. Red on linen? Casual. Red on sheer? Cheery. 

Play with patterns. If all-red solids or textured fabrics are not to your taste, we suggest having red palette broken by patterns. For instance, you can instantly picture the iconic red-and-white gingham in a country-style kitchen. Or you can add red to the playful polka dots and your little one’s playroom or bedroom is ready to brim with joy and jubilance. Softer reds also brings out the best in florals, making them suitable for any room that needs some soft feminine energy. If you want to cater to a traditional setup, reds on paisley or damask are preferred choices. 

Choose your hardware thoughtfully. To bring the best out of your red blackout curtains in a traditional or transitional home, we suggest dark wood hardware/ pole. For contemporary homes, on-trend metallics are a great fit – especially brass and bronze hardware. 

Ready to shop? Below are a few finds from our collection to get you started. Don’t forget to add blackout lining to these fiery numbers to make them room darkening! 

  1. ‘WILD PRUNE’– Update your décor with this fresh fabric that features a charming stripe pattern on a rich herringbone weave base. Offered in a deep, rich shade of red with slate grey/white strips, this fabric will add an enlivening dimension to your kitchen or bedroom when fashioned into modern style drapes roman shades. While its repeating stripes make it a great candidate for windows that need optical elongation, its rich red makes it wonderfully suited to a masculine study or home office.
  2. ‘HELLENICA’ – Swathed in shades of red and pink, this room darkening, dimout fabric will add dazzling ambiance to any décor. Featuring a bold abstract pattern, Hellenica promises to pair easily with similar colors and multiple decorative schemes ranging from modern to contemporary chic while blocking out unwanted light.
  3. ‘LUPIEN BAYBERRY’ – A beautiful, light-reflecting fabric that’ll brighten up your interior in an instant. The beautifully brushed ‘Bayberry’ is a rich shade of red and drapes perfectly. 

You can simply choose any red curtains from our extensive collection and have them customized into room-darkening draperies by adding our super performance blackout lining

We also recommend you check out these solid red-hots from our extensive collection of blackout curtains – ‘Red Zone’, ‘Roaming Red’, ‘Taraka’, and ‘Rudhira’. These solid red-stunners come in blackout fabrics that can be paired with a range of other cheerful palettes and colorful prints in your décor. 

So go on, time to paint the town [read windows] red with Spiffy Spools’ red blackout curtains!



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