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Silk/ Faux Silk Blackout Curtains: Bring Royal Calm To Your Home

Blackout Silk Curtains


Silk blackout curtains – or – faux silk blackout curtains have been entering homes and winning the hearts of many owing to the perfect combination of the opulence of fine silk and calming benefits of a blackout lining. As blackout drapes, silk fabrics fall like a dream, literally, and grace your walls and windows like no other.

The high-performance blackout lining, when added at the back of silk draperies, promises to enhance the overall drape, hang, and insulation offered by your silk statement. Simply put, pure silk blackout drapes or faux silk blackout curtains are truly rich in both form and function.


  • Silk, being one of the most delicate fabrics, can fade in strong sunlight. The blackout lining goes a long way in protecting your silk curtains from being weathered by the sun, extending their life. And if at all, it’s always easier and cheaper to replace a lining than to invest all over again in a new window dressing.
  • The benefits of blackout lining behind your silk drapes go further than only protecting the drapes. Blackout curtains, in fact, also help prolong the life and looks of your furniture and carpets in the same space. Sun’s UV rays have an aging effect not just on your precious skin but also on your pricey room furnishings, and blackout draperies reduce the in-streaming sunlight to limit the color fading and fabric fraying effects.
  • Easily the most prominent benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to block light from entering your rooms. They are absolutely vital if you are a night hustler and desire a healthy, peaceful sleep during the day. Darker rooms mean sound sleep and therefore silk curtains lined with blackout lining can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep, and so to the quality of life.
  • Another prominent benefit of blackout curtains is their noise-canceling quality, meaning that they restrict and reduce the inflow of unwanted noise into your room. Not anymore can the outside world disturb you while you catch your quality sleep, or can distract you during your me-time! Blackout linings also muffle echoes and harshness of overlapping sounds in all homes, especially the ones with wooden flooring. Along with sleeping and studying areas, blackout curtains can also enhance your media room experience.
  • Blackout curtains save energy. Did you know that window treatments can help you save on your energy bills? Windows are responsible for 10-25% thermal energy loss in a room. Our room darkening curtains and drapes can help limit this loss and save you energy costs by as much as 25%. We treat ours with thermal coatings that keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters. That’s lower utility bill payments for you. For green living believers, it also means less greenhouse gases going into the environment!
  • Blackout lining behind your delicate silk curtains can do wonders also in terms of visual appeal as the added weight of lining can add to the fullness and gather of the drape. The added weight of lining will also help your silk drapes fall into straighter pleats much faster than unlined drapes.
  • If you are residing in a densely populated neighborhood that at times compromises your privacy, then blackout linings will serve as your ideal privacy shield. They are also a great hack if you have see-through doors and windows in your contemporary home. Let the inquisitive eyes remain far away – to where they belong!


Perhaps when you think of room-darkening curtains, you may have visualized dark and drab fabrics whose purpose is only to block out the sunlight and darken your room. Hopefully, you’re now ready and excited to explore a whole new range of stunning silk curtains customized with our high-quality blackout linings.

But before we get into the ways you can decorate your home with silk custom curtains, let’s quickly go over the two most common silk types – dupioni and shantung. Though very similar, there are differences between the two.

Dupioni is completely hand-woven. Its most distinctive feature is its two-color glimmering effect, which is a result of its unique creation. Harvested from double cocoons or from single cocoons that are interlocked together, dupioni generally has two colors in the weave. This property is known as iridescence.

Silk dupioni also has much more prominent slubs than shantung and is the thicker of the two materials. Dupioni has an almost rustic look to it in weave only, but the incredible sheen and vibrant colors that silk dupioni is known for render it suitable for resplendent, formal living spaces.

Silk shantung, on the other hand, is machine-made, featuring a single color. Its texture is also more refined with hardly any slubs, and those that it does have will be much smaller in thread width than a silk dupioni. In addition, while the silk shantung still has a fair amount of body and lovely crispness, it will usually be much thinner than the dupioni.

Regardless, both silk fabrics promise to give a royal touch to your decor in their own distinct way.


  • Silk reigns supreme in formal decors and spaces at home or in businesses. From dimly lit, cozy dining rooms to elegant reception rooms, silk is the perfect backdrop for traditional/classic interiors. Lean towards sensual tones of ‘Russian Violet’ and other deep purples in silk – a match made in heaven – for intimate settings such as a dining room. For business-oriented spaces, you can benefit from the elegant, somber feeling of muted hues such as ash.
  • If you have a modern aesthetic, we recommend the euro pinch pleats, an ideal design for silk curtains; a beautiful fusion of radiance and elegance. For a more reserved look, measure curtains that are flush with the ground, or lean into the dramatic flair of silk by going for a puddled look. Add between 6 to 16 inches to the length of your curtain, which will allow it to pool at the bottom and evoke the image of flowing, regal fabrics.
  • Silk deserves hardware that lives up to its grace and drama. We love ornate tie-backs and on-trend metallic poles to go with this resplendent fabric. For more subdued interiors, consider traditional wooden poles to match your furniture’s tone. Also, do keep in mind that since silk with blackout will be a bit heavy, do ensure that your curtain rod is steady and does not slide or fall due to its weight. You can refer to our blog on ‘How to Keep Your Curtain Rods from Sliding‘ to achieve this goal.

From pure dupioni and shantung silk to silk blends and faux silks, our custom silk drapery and our custom silk roman shades collection offers a color and texture for every budget and palette. It’s luxurious, glamorous, opulent—and now, affordable! Our prices are available transparently on our site, though feel free to read our custom curtains cost guide before you start shopping.

So go on, and bring home your royalty, your piece of peace!



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