Custom Ombre Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

If the tie-dye-inspired ombre is a superstar in a significant other place than hairstyling, it is in window treatments. Interchangeably called ‘gradients’, ombre refers to a progressive color scheme of one color graduating into another. Imbibing this kaleidoscopic style, our classic ombre roman shades are one of the most sought window treatments, perhaps because of their competency to cater to a wide range of color palettes and decor styles.

Our ombre collection is a melange of soft whites melting into bold and refreshing accents – the perfect dress for a window that seeks to salvage a room from dull languor. Their white tops and pigmented bottoms make them equally engaging with light as well as dark walls. For a vast variety of choices, we have two-toned and three-toned ombre in our collections. The wide spectrum of colors assures more leverage with the color palette for styling your home because you can pick any hue to continue the theme.  


Ombre’s commingling of hues is replicative of nature’s way with colors as in the golden-crimson mottled skies fading into the dreary gray-blacks of twilight. We can get bored with this exuberant array of colors only as much as we cease to get fascinated by a rainbow in the blue sky. To make the most of the eye-catching color fest of ombre roman shades, our stylists have some handy tips:

BLEND WITH PALETTE: Whether you opt for a two-toned or three-toned ombre, make sure that it hosts either the dominant color or the accent hue of your room. For an example, take our Cherries Jubilee whose blush of red can match the red accents of your furniture or floors. For a monochromatic decor, two-tone ombre drapes can efficiently tie up all the various shades of the dominant color scattered across the room.

ESCAPE FROM PLAINS & PATTERNS: Normally clients think that they have no other choice than plains or patterns in window treatments. Neither plunged in an exclusive hue nor too carried away by shapes, ombre serves as an intermediary choice that is unique and creative. Ombre’s offer of graduating colors signifies momentum and can make your room teem with vibrance and energy. If you need a break from uneventful plains and busy patterns, ombre roman shades might be the answer.

BRING HOME A PIECE OF DELIGHT: Colors have a huge influence on human psychology. A jubilant flush of colors never fails to lighten the spirits. Imagine how roman shades in our Zesty fabric can evoke energy and positivity with their warm sunny color dash in your living room. Maria makes for a refreshing look at the patio doors opening to green landscapes or for a hallway lined with indoor foliage.

APT FOLD STYLE: Roman shades provide an uncluttered frontage, a one-piece sweeping fabric, thereby framing the vibrant gush of colors in a seamless view. Our stylists especially recommend flat fold style shades with back slats so the gradients of ombre can flow uninterrupted. With appropriate fold style, this gorgeous color-fest can light up any window – from the traditionally ornamented to the minimalistic modern.

LAYER YOUR SHADES: Consider framing your ombre roman shades with decorative, plain drapes in an accent color to generate a layered look with higher visual depth. Layers have benefits galore of their own. They give you the opportunity to bring a contrast of materials and hues. They provide better insulation and thereby, higher protection from extreme weather conditions. That, by the way, also translates into energy savings and lower bills which is great news for green believers and financially distressed ones.

REPEAT THE THEME: Here’s another attractive idea – Reinforce the theme by repeating it. Cohesively blend your shade with your decor by letting the darker shade chime with the accent color of your room. You can also repeat the same color gradation in other elements of the room such as the rug, wall art, or throw pillows. Or paint the adjacent wall with the same gradation of colors in ombre style paint, and let your shades seem to be a part of the architecture itself.

WISE CONSIDERATIONS: No doubt, ombre roman blinds will enliven your rooms with a color splash, but also consider these few factors before you shop for them. Ensure that your window is long enough to showcase the entire gradient flow. Also, consider whether the all-white look of the shade when it is fully stacked goes well with your room. Conversely, when half-open, the partial visibility of two diverse colors rouses visual interest. If this idea impresses you, there’s nothing to stop you from shopping for ombre roman shades with us!

Ombre roman shades can exude great energy and a positive vibe through their vibrant color scheme. Whether you wish to spice up a bland room or get a cheery finish to your kids’ rooms, ombre shades are going to keep up the promise. So, go ahead and get your favorite ombre roman shades from our collections. Happy browsing!