Custom Kids Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Baby’s Nursery, Kids’ Bedroom & Playroom


For your tiny tot to playfully hide behind them, or to peep through them to witness the world’s hubbub outside –  Spiffy Spools’ nursery roman shades are a perfect addition to your little one’s room.

With our collection of kids roman blinds featuring cheerful hues and cute patterns of bambis, birds, castles, and cars, you can now dress up your windows with hues that reflect your kids’ playful personalities. And then simply add blackout lining behind these lovely fabrics to make your nursery blinds blackout. Easy as pie!

Whether you are setting up a nursery for your first baby, or redecorating a playroom for your twin toddlers, choosing the right window treatments for your child’s bedroom is crucial. From inviting delightful aesthetics into your tot’s space to achieving functional benefits of privacy and light control, window treatments can – after all – make or break a room!

While each piece in our nursery roman shades collection is unique on its own, one significant commonality is the durability of each roman blind. All our roman shades are operated via loop pull cords and come with all necessary hardware – ready to be mounted – including child safety cord anchors to secure cords so they are not dangling loose. Because of course, we believe in making a room, not breaking a room!

Dressing your Kids’ Little Den

Coming to making your young one’s room with Spiffy Spools’ exclusive collection of kids’ room roman blinds, below are our stylists’ top tips when shopping for roman shades for your baby’s nursery or kid’s bedroom:

  • Pattern play: Have fun with patterns. Add a whimsical touch to your nursery decor or children’s playroom by choosing a fun, patterned fabric. Introducing patterns such as stars, flowers, animals or trees is a brilliant way to enable the young mind to forge connectivity with nature. Patterns involving basic shapes can double up as a geometrics chart for a brainy kid. Add an accent pillow (or two!) to your rocker chair to create continuity.
  • Bring on the zzz’s…: Room-darkening does half the job when you’re trying to sleep a child. Add blackout lining to help the little one catch some precious zzz’s during daytime hours. This also helps to insulate the nursery or children’s space against noise and heat. No surprise our blackout fabrics are so popular for kids’ custom blinds.
  • Keep embellishments to a minimum: Contrary to your expectations, we recommend the least decorations in a nursery or young children’s room. Beaded decorations, cording, tassels, and the like may become loose and hazardous. And you know how much a naughty hand would love to pluck them for a closer look and then send them for a taste-check. So, opt for fun prints, rich textures, and embroidery instead. Or consider ribbon trims for your kids’ roman blinds.
  • Give some serious thought to the style: Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come in three popular styles: Flat folds with front slats, flat folds with back slats, and European relaxed roman shade style. The first two offer a tailored look. But for bold-patterned fabrics, we would suggest you go for the back-slatted ones which offer a continuous frontage for an undisrupted flow. Tiny patterns don’t show the visual breaks of the hemlines of the front-slatted ones as much but plain fabrics do and even profit from such a patternless pattern on their uneventful surface. If your shade will play more of a decorative role than a functional one, you can choose the European relaxed shade style with scalloped bottoms. Its unconstructed look does well to air the casual feel of the room but it needs assistance to form folds when you raise them open.


To further help you along in choosing the perfect window dressings, below are our stylists’ top faves for a dose of inspiration:

  • Let your child’s imagination take the ‘Ariel’ route: Patterned with pretty flying airplanes in orange, yellow and green, linked with swirly whirly black dotted flying paths on a white backdrop, these peppy roman shades are a perfect fit for a nursery or toddler’s room. The soft natural linen fabric lets light in while keeping prying eyes out.
  • An ‘Enchanted Forest’ by the window: With an eye-catching array of cutest ever flora and fauna motifs in pastel hues of pale blue, turquoise, smoky gray, and leaf green, this nature printed fabric is another perfect backdrop for bedtime tales and playtime frolic.
  • A roomful of ‘Magic Beans’: The pale grey backdrop of this whimsical fabric is adorned with motifs of trees, birdies, huts, and flowers in a restful yet eye-catching color scheme of yellow, slate gray, pale lavender, and cinnamon brown. Oh so full of magical charms!
  • A puzzled delight!: Quite the way to treat a growing mind, bring puzzles and games to the roman shades that inspire both fun and learning. Check out our Jigsaw Green in vibrant and varied shades of green or our neutral toned Bonito featuring noughts and crosses.
  • Ball games with Francine: Get happy little feet to sway with the movement of the cheerful polka balls in apple green, soft gray and aqua blue rolling by on a cream-grey backdrop. Bring in the energy!

The best part of the kids’ room designing project is that you get to be a kid yourself. Getting dreamy or frolicky with colors and playful shapes, the roman shades are sure to do the important job of light control with efficiency even as they announce the mood of the room. So, go have fun and do get your kids as well to browse our collections. When the little pupils dilate with excitement, you know you’ve mined the right one for their room.