Custom Beige Roman Shades & Window Blinds

Beige has its roots in the French word for untreated, natural wool; this is exactly the appeal of the color. It’s a modest, quiet color that can evoke a sense of nature and authenticity. When it comes to applying beige to interior design, it’s a natural fit for minimalist styles but also draws a powerful contrast with more luxurious interiors.

Beige is a common fixture of Scandinavian interiors, as it’s one color that embodies the philosophy of hygge particularly well. The genuine, authentic feeling that beige offers make it a perfect choice for roman shades in such an interior. White walls and pastel furniture are especially well suited to beige when you’re taking such an approach to interior design. Consider adding a splash of black to heighten the contrast around your light, neutral colors, or make the room pop with a vibrant orange.

Additionally, beige is one of the most earthy, cool colors and it’s a natural fit with others. Brown walls beg for a set of beige window blinds, and introducing a few houseplants will make you feel like you’re living in a log cabin; except that you (hopefully!) still have running water.

There are also some interesting applications for beige in bolder, heavier interiors. Beige can beautifully highlight the light, luxurious touch of gold or other jewel tones wonderfully. Drawing homey, authentic shades alongside these symbols of wealth and success poses a visually captivating contradiction to every viewer.