Custom Beige Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to buy beige roman shades & window blinds? Well, you can never go wrong with neutral hues for neither too much nor too less of them can make the design go haywire. Coupled with soothing and attractive decor, beige roman shades can paint your windows with understated elegance and end a vibrant design on a sophisticated note.

Welcome to Spiffy Spools where you can shop custom roman shades from a wide range of choices in colors and designs. But before you shop for beige roman shades, read on to know how you can decorate your windows with them. 


Beige has its roots in the French word for untreated, natural wool; this is exactly the appeal of the color. It is a modest, quiet color that can evoke a sense of nature and authenticity.

When it comes to applying beige roman shades to interior design, these are a natural fit for minimalist styles but also draw a powerful contrast with more luxurious interiors. Beige can beautifully highlight the light, luxurious touch of gold or other jewel tones wonderfully. Drawing homey, authentic shades alongside these symbols of wealth and success, beige roman shades pose a visually captivating contradiction to the eye.

Beige is perfectly at home with some of the most popular interior design styles such as:

Scandinavian: Beige window blinds are a common fixture of Scandinavian interiors, as it’s one color that embodies the philosophy of hygge particularly well. The genuine, authentic feeling that beige offers make it a perfect choice for roman shades in such an interior. White walls and pastel furniture are especially well suited against beige window treatments when you’re taking such an approach to interior design. Consider adding a splash of black to heighten the contrast around your light, neutral colors, or make the room pop with a vibrant orange.

Modern Farmhouse: Enter a cozy farmhouse-style home and you can’t miss the subtle beiges strewn everywhere in distressed wood furniture, seagrass baskets, and pale wood floors. Roman shades following suit and donning a soft beige only helps further to tie up the space in a common color theme. Tall high windows dressed in beige roman shades make a perfect backdrop for the statement black pendant lights brightening up the space. For a more refined look, frame those shades with crisp white drapes and this home’s window will beam with the mind-relaxing, soul-enchanting farmhouse vibe. 

Coastal: For a home decor that worships light and is bathed in soft and earthy tones, a beige roman shade is apt. Beautifully decked with wicker storage baskets and rattan furniture, beiges perfectly fall into place here. All set to evoke the vibrant energy and breeziness of the beach, this decor style leans on natural breathable materials, so pure cotton or linen which is straight from the laps of nature should ideally adorn these windows. Roman shades made out of these sturdy fabrics make neat folds and confer a highly tailored look. Sheers can help to keep the room airy in keeping with the theme of the design.

Modern Luxury: Inspired by modern minimalism, the modern luxury style that effectively merges earthy tones with metallic and jewel tones makes a generous helping of beiges all over the place. Sitting in tandem with wood and stone used abundantly in the design, natural fiber-based fabrics sporting classic patterns like houndstooth or subtle geometric designs are used for upholstery and drapery. Check out our Quarry Pond and Husky Beige which makes a beautiful blend of modern hues with classic checks.


Brown: A close cousin of the nature-inspired brown, beige is one of the most earthy cool colors and blends effortlessly with it. Brown curtains beg to be layered with a set of beige window blinds, and introducing a few houseplants will make you feel like you’re living in a log cabin; except that you (hopefully!) still have running water.

Blue: Casting the magic spell of a lively sea coast, beige and blue combine in an eternally compatible color scheme. Mimicking the sandy beaches and the azure waters, beige roman shades with sea-blue patterns or trim detailing serve right to evoke a coastal theme.

White: For a home dressed delicately in creams, tans and whites, beige roman shades serve to continue with that soft soothing color palette. White provides a subtle contrast with beige as in the foaming sea at the rims of the oceans. 

Beige can mellow the fiery tones of reds and oranges, make an elegant pair with greens and blues and offer subtle contrast with other neutrals. This amazingly versatile color is all agog to bring the homey vibe with it, no matter which hue it is paired with. 

Go for the flat folds with back slats if you’re choosing bold patterned fabrics so that they may be presented without distortion. Solids might stand to gain from the pattern-like neat hems of the flat folds with front slats. For a relaxed space, you can count on the least structured European/ relaxed roman shades that cozy up the space with their scalloped bottoms. 

Beige roman shades can complete any home decor with sophisticated elegance. If you have statement furniture and well-crafted art pieces to show off, this self-effacing color can make a graceful backdrop that will let the rest of the elements have the say. So, welcome home your most desired beige roman shades. Shop with Spiffy Spools today!