Custom Pink Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Pink is one of the most versatile and beautiful colors to consider for your roman shades and interiors in general. Among the different shades, some fit the present-day perception of femininity, but others have had associations with masculinity and vitality since Victorian times. In any case, if you are looking for pink roman shades and window blinds, we assure you that you will find one that satisfies your taste today.

We invite you to explore our range of fabrics in this beautiful hue that bubblegum dreams are made of. Whether you want the soft and squishy velvets or the cozy homely linens, our roman shades in your favorite hue are surely going to be home decor elements you’d be proud of.

Dressing your Windows with Pink Roman Shades

Use a Soft Pink as a Neutral: Neutral, minimalistic interiors are extremely popular today, but not everyone wants to tread the familiar ground of white, beige and gray. You can capture the cozy comfort of Scandinavian minimalism by adding pink roman shades to your windows or soft, light pink paint to your walls for an energetic twist on a familiar formula.

Pink can be Regal, Intellectual: Subtler, darker shades of pink come with the historic connotations of status and power that the color traditionally held. Rose pink window blinds are an excellent choice in formal spaces that are meant for meetings, entertaining guests, or otherwise require a more refined atmosphere.

Pink on Pink: There’s much more to pink than youthful, feminine vibrance; but this element of the color is well-worth embracing regardless. Bedrooms are the perfect places for the soft, gentle feeling that brighter, warmer pinks can evoke in us. It’s best to mix up the shades rather than sticking with a monochrome, as well. A gradient of bubblegum-pink walls with fuchsia pink roman shades and hot pink accessories is a great way to live your unabashed, pink-loving life.

Make it romantically dreamy: Like red, pink is the color of love and romance. The lighter the pink, the more evocative it is of feelings of passionate love and attraction. Hence, pink roman shades could be the right find for your bedrooms. Go for apricot pink or peachy pink in solid velvets or tiny patterned shades for the best effect. Or go modern with one of our abstract designs collections. Sofia in coral pink is just right for homes styled in contemporary and modern interior designs. Backdrop with a deep purple wall to generate a visually captivating impact and a seductive vibe.

Go Traditional: When vibrant hues like pink meet intricate patterns like damask and paisley, the effect is marvellous. Take our L’Aquila shades, for example. They bring the life-symbolic paisley tradition to your home with a dash of energetic pink mingled with other high-spirited hues. Make sure that you use these shades on big windows in large rooms or open spaces to capture the full grandeur of the motif. If you don’t want such ornate patterns, you can go for simple plaids. Our Haldi fabric is a cozy pink designed with embroidered plaids to put on an Eastern flair to your roman shade. Jazz up traditional spaces with relaxed roman shades in this lovely transparent material.

Fold Style: Of the three styles of roman shades that we offer at Spiffy Spools, make your choice based on the kind of fabric you have chosen. If you have chosen a plain fabric, we recommend the flat folds with front slats. Its hemlines showing on the frontage add an element of visual interest to the otherwise eventless surface. Patterned shades look best in a back-slatted style where there are no visual breaks to disrupt the flow of the designs. For a casual appeal, choose the unstructured European shades which have scalloped bottoms. 

Or do you want to add a roman shade as a decor element only but don’t quite need its functionality? Then, order our faux roman shade valance which not only allows for a shade-like look but is also much more economical.

Inspiration Corner

Catania: Bringing the fragrance of a full-bloomed garden to your imagination, this bold floral fabric roman shade will look fantastic in a living room. Sporting bright hues in an off-white backdrop, this fabric is sure to make a statement piece.

Amroha: Pure silk roman shade in a gracious pink can complete the high-end look of your formal living room. Stitch in front-slatted style to ensure a pattern resulting from the hemlines to enrich the solid finish.

Fruit Ink: This polycotton fabric in a textured pink is a beautiful addition to a cozy dining room or a lazy lounge. Bring understated elegance and a cool vibe with shades in this breathing material at your window.

Rosebowl: Soothing and pleasant, this two-tone ombre merging a bright pink with eggshell white is just right for your little girl’s bedroom. Complete it with bright white pompom trims to air the playful personality of the little one.

Winter Cherry: Sporting a vibrant pink and apple green this fabric makes a mix of broad and narrow stripes making it a perfect choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and other semi-formal spaces.

Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted hue to end your decor on a cheerful note or a vivacious pink to play up the oomph, pink roman shades can easily fulfill the quest. A little easier on the eye than the bright red, but hosting nevertheless in the same sentimental wealth, pink shades can bring life and drama to the room effortlessly. So go on, browse our curated collections and shop your favorite pink roman shade with Spiffy Spools today!