Custom Beige Curtains & Window Drapes

Looking to bring a sober, understated feel to your interiors? Have a statement furniture piece in strong color that you would like to stand out? If so, we recommend draping your windows with beige curtains.

Described variously as pale sandy fawn, a grayish tan, or a light grayish brown, Beige can feature undertones of pink, yellow or gold. Its range of shades includes sandy, oatmeal, tan, taupe, sepia, khaki, buff, ecru and many in between. Gentle and soothing to eyes, beige is neutral and versatile enough to complement almost any color palette – earthen to pastels to jewel tones.

Beige can be worked into many décor styles like bohemian, regency, modern, rustic chic, Scandinavian and industrial. It can also be used in both big and small rooms. If your space gets plentiful sunlight, this neutral number can be useful as it won’t fade unlike darker colors. If your space has lots of wooden accents, natural light and leafy green plants in pots, beige drapes can enhance the look. Use it a lot or a little, this classic hue never overwhelms the eye.

In fact, if in doubt about which color drapes to buy, beige is probably your safest bet. Here at Spiffy Spools, you’ll find beige drapes in a variety of fabrics – linens, silks, cottons, velvets, polyester and blends – and also in choices of patterns, weaves, prints, solids, and textures.

So go on, browse through our beiges to refurnish your windows in beautiful style!