Custom Beige Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to bring an elegant, understated feel to your interiors? Have a statement furniture piece in a strong color that you would like to stand out? If so, we recommend draping your windows with beige curtains.

A color in the pastel family, beige brings together the earthiness of brown and the crispness of white. Described variously as pale sandy fawn, a grayish tan, or a light grayish brown, beige can feature undertones of pink, yellow or gold. Its range of shades includes sandy, oatmeal, tan, taupe, sepia, khaki, buff, ecru, and many in between.

Gentle and soothing to the eyes, beige is neutral and versatile enough to complement almost any color palette – earthen to pastels to jewel tones. As appealing as it gets, beige/ tan curtains go with neutrals such as white and brown, as well as bold, deeper colors like navy blue, deep red and forest green.

Beige drapes can also be used in both big and small rooms. If your space gets plentiful sunlight, this neutral number can be useful as it won’t fade, unlike darker colors. If your space has lots of wooden accents, natural light, and leafy green plants in pots, beige/ tan drapes can enhance the look. Use it a lot or a little, this classic hue never overwhelms the eye.

Got some modern white stone sculpture or a rustic mahogany end table that needs a neutral ambiance to play the superstar of the show? Soft beige curtains work as excellent backdrops for a well-crafted statement piece and provide gentle contrast for white walls. Our self-effacing beige curtains will let your bold decor do all the talking.

Further testament to this lovely hue’s versatility, it can be worked into many décor styles – from bohemian to mid-century modern, and from industrial to traditional. While beige drapery works wonderfully well in almost any setting, below are our designers’ favorite décor styles for beige/ tan curtains:

  • SCANDINAVIAN: The color palette used in Scandinavian interiors has no doubt extended in recent years – but make no mistake – a clean white paired with pale beige (think woods like ash and beech) still reigns supreme. This color palette, as well as the whole Scandinavian style, strongly refers to the climate of the region it originates. That’s why Scandi spaces are so distinct for using mostly natural colors and textiles – which of course makes beige curtains a great fit. Within this clean, minimalist style that favors pale woods, leather, and glass – we find our beige curtains stand tall and proud.
  • MODERN FARMHOUSE: With an emphasis on neutral palettes, natural weathered finishes, raw wood, stone and leather, a modern farmhouse is another fit for our beige curtains. Palettes are often led by white, beige and taupe, and richness of texture is key – both reasons why beige drapery is an easy choice for this décor style.  Imagine a room with statement-making furnishings – plush sherpa sofas, industrial-inspired wire pendants, and vintage leather chairs – against a set of richly textured beige drapes…simply stunning!
  • COASTAL: At the heart of every coastal-inspired house lies a palette that makes you feel as if you’re staring at an actual beach – the sun-bleached white of tropical sand, the blue hues of the sea, and sandy beige of seashells and driftwood. No wonder our stylists love a set of beige linen drapes in a room full of wicker furniture, sisal rugs, driftwood sculptures, and seagrass baskets.
  • GREEN MODERN: With sustainability and functionality at its heart, this sophisticated style upholds a muted palette that is close to nature. With huge windows wishing to blur the indoor-outdoor separation, minimal window treatments ensure more natural light and air, but where privacy matters, beige & tan curtains with sleek designs like flat panels suit right. From hardwood floors to wooden furniture, beige curtains have lots to go in tandem with. Our cotton and linen beige curtains blend in style with this decor’s worship of natural materials and environment-friendly ethics. 

No matter what style you choose, the modern grommets or the classical pinch pleats, no matter what palette you follow, earthy or bold, no matter which style of decor, minimalistic modern or maximalist traditional – beige curtains do justice to their role.

Here at Spiffy Spools, you’ll find beige drapes in a variety of fabrics – linens, silks, cottons, velvets, polyester and blends – and also in choices of patterns, weaves, prints, solids and textures. If you love the idea of elegance, lighter ambiance, and an understated feel, our tan & beige curtains are for you!

So go on, browse through our beiges to refurnish your windows in beautiful style!