Custom Yellow Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Want to add a dose of freshness and cheer to your home with yellow roman shades and window blinds? We welcome you to browse our collection of vibrant, youthful windows dressings in this sunny color! 

Whatever your fabric preference – casual cottons and linens or formal silks and velvets – we have options to cater to your needs. With the possibility to customize the shades to your specified measures with tasteful additions that befit your decor styles, your yellow roman blinds are guaranteed to be showstoppers. On that note, we invite you to explore our elegant range of fabrics in this color guaranteed to bring a whole lot of cheer to any interior.

Dressing your Windows with Yellow Roman Shades

Yellow is the color of sunlight, the root of all life, and the color the human eye distinguishes most easily. Every year, little yellow flowers shooting up from the ground is one of the first signs that winter has come to an end and life is springing back. An association between yellow and warmth is deeply ingrained in the mind of every human, which makes yellow roman shades a valuable choice for interior decor. 

Balance the Energy

Yellow fixtures demand attention. They also serve to brighten up a room and introduce more color and interest. Thanks to these qualities, there are a few ways that you can make use of yellow in your interior spaces whether you’re keen on a splash of brightness or a flood of energy.  But keep in mind the size of the room as well as the window. In a small room, solid yellow roman shades can occupy too much attention, hence it is important to set off its energy with cool tones like blue, white, grey, or green in other elements of the room. You can also bring the balance in the shade itself by choosing patterned shades where cool colors serve as accents to yellow.

Autumn Beauty

Although yellow brings to mind the little blooms that inaugurate spring, interestingly a different color palette can also do the opposite of evoking memories of pale dried leaves strewn all over the sods during fall. Bring fiery oranges, burnt umbers, and tawny browns to the picture and watch the sunny palette recontextualize into an autumn beauty.

Favorite Nooks for Yellow Shades

Yellow roman blinds especially in quieter tones – are a great fit for a bedroom; they evoke the sense of sunrise and signal the beginning of a new day and new opportunities, something that we can all use when we’re getting out of bed. The brighter of hues are a great fit for lively kitchens and cozy breakfast nooks. They enhance the feeling of light and livability in a room regardless of the rest of your decor, and it’s hard to go wrong with them.


If you have chosen a color that is lively and energetic, you might do better still by accessorizing the shades with pretty elements that uphold that same spirit. Choose to trim the shade with ribbon trims in contrasting hues or with pompom trims for layering the shade with a casual vibe. Tassels, gimp braids, and brush fringes are ready additions for a more dressed-up look and can serve your yellow roman shades with a tasteful addition. The made-to-order trait of your roman shades is best pronounced in the accessories you choose to decorate them with.

Fold Style

For a roman shade with a highly tailored and stuctured look, you can opt for the flat fold types. The front-slatted ones are apt for plain fabrics which can make an element of visual interest in the hemlines of the slats. Whereas, back-slatted ones are suggested for patterned fabrics which can make the most of its distortionless frontage. If you like a less structured shade, If you want a more casual unconstructed look, go for the European shades which have scalloped bottoms and no slats. But if you want a shade to serve a decorative purpose only, without being fully operational, opt for our budget-friendly faux roman shade valances

Inspiration Corner

  • Wear a casual look with Summer Dessert: Enrich your casual living rooms with this linen-blend shade in pale yellow textured weave in front-slatted style. Frame them with plain white curtains to provide subtle contrast and to benefit from the layered window treatment.
  • Evoke dreamy autumn with Avila: This bold-patterned red and yellow damask print set on a white backdrop in a back-slatted shade is a perfect fit for oversized windows. The autumn palette gives it a nostalgic appeal while the bright energetic hues shed their vibrance.
  • Just a touch of yellow with Rambagh: For those who love yellow and yet believe that just a pinch of it is enough to win the heart, this slubby fabric shade with a grey-yellow floral motif is perfect for living rooms, foyers, and guest rooms.
  • Modern abstract look with Fontana: Out-of-the-box abstract designs are for you if you want to shun all the traditional motifs and not give in to plains either. This ochre shade is made of a dimout fabric that reduces the flow of light more effectively than ordinary fabrics, making them the right pick for modern bedrooms.
  • Versatile stripes – Passion Flower: A bright yellow shade with narrow stripes in  counter-balanced grey and white accents is trend-right for modern interior designs which use greys rather generously.

Yellow is the ultimate in light, warmth, and brightness when it comes to interior design. At Spiffy Spools, we can combine this color with all manner of fabrics, roman shade styles, and patterns while producing custom window treatments in the size you need. The perfect yellow roman shades are waiting for you, so browse our collection and go find them!