Custom Black Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to buy black roman shades and window blinds?

Black is a universal color that draws its gentle touch across everything in the world as day turns into evening and night, lending it a new and distinct character. This power and universality are precisely what makes black such a useful color in the realm of interior design. Black never fails to convey strength, seriousness, and power by its ability to visually dominate other colors. But black is also intrigue and sophistication…remember the formalness of the black tie and the glamour of the little black dress? 


From good old classroom blackboards to star-studded black skies, we love black for its immense power to highlight all else. Whether subtle or bold, light or bright, jewel tones or soft pastels Рall anchor well on a black backdrop. Technically, black is nothing but the absence of color, but for a bold stylist, it’s a tabula rasa ready to light up with vibrance on the calling.

Versatile with the color palette: Black is a statement color. Its aura is eternal. And black roman shades are never short of a showstopper. They pair well with virtually any palette and decor, though it changes them in the process. Strew black in small doses in various decor elements to keep the theme running and you’ll see the black shade doing wonders for the room.

Mood setter: When you add a splash of black to a room, you reach out to the fundamental associations that the mind draws between darkness and mystery. While black window blinds change the feeling of the room, they’ll fit into it in the process. This dark neutral can pair with other deep hues to set the mood of the room Рwith deep purples in romantic bedrooms, burnt umber for serious office rooms, and forest green for a feature wall of a high-end living room or guest room.

Stylish minimalism: Minimalistic styles are highly popular today, and they often emphasize whites and neutral colors. However, a key element of many minimalistic interiors is that little splash of black. When your warm, cozy room with white curtains has the contrast of black roman shades, it feels so much brighter for it. Stark contrasts help to develop the theme of clean lines, evoke visual interest, and spell sheer sophistication.

Dark and sleepy: Black window blinds are particularly suitable for bedrooms. The way that an open window with sunlight flowing in affects a room is the exact opposite as compared to black roman blinds. When you add them to your room, you’ll give yourself two wholly different ways of experiencing it. Over and above window treatments of any color, blacks truly darken the room and make it ready with a sleep-friendly ambiance for a long restful night.

Great room dividers: Got glass doors separating sections of an open-plan? You can use the potency of black roman shades in shared spaces. In fact, sharing the same sleek structure of the doors, roman shades will seem to be part of the architecture itself. In dining rooms and living areas, they’ll serve as an eye-catching statement that improves the feeling of your interiors. 

Balance the feel: Solid black shades might overwhelm the eye, especially in small rooms. So, balance the feel of black with another bright hue or striking accents in thoughtfully etched patterns. You can frame your black roman blinds with solid pale yellow or pastel blue curtains to counter the moodiness with a cheery vibe.

Go bold with patterns: Unlike drapes, roman shades have a flat frontage which facilitates the display of patterns, especially the bold ones. Check out our Botanical Bliss shades which bring floral beauty to your home in achromatic style, Krug which gives a twist to Breton stripes in a beige-black palette, and Parade of Posies which makes a garden bloom in a grey backdrop. 

Consider the effect of weave: Black sheds all its power on a low-density weave. Check out our black linens and sheers which overlay a casual vibe on this sagacious hue. So, if you want to uphold a dark theme but are hesitant on squaring upon a pitch-black roman shade, a sheer or linen black roman shade could solve the problem.

Mix textures and tones: Employing a variety of tones and textures makes for a visually interesting decor recipe without overly depending upon the color palette. Monochromatic interiors can especially profit from this technique. So for example, roman shades in the slightly glazed rich textured Knotted can make a good pair with multiple curtain panels of the cream Paper Mache silk-blend curtains. 

If the dramatic black is calling on you, shy not from bringing its thought-evoking presence to your decor. Black roman shades, whether in the highly tailored front-slat look or in the clean frontage back-slat look truly classic. Or let them scallop in the relaxed style and all the seriousness melts into a casual vibe instantly. Whichever style you wish to get it stitched in, Spiffy Spools can guarantee you a stunner. So go on, shop for your black roman shades with us today!