Custom Extra Wide Curtains & Window Drapes


Do you have oversized windows or glass walls? Wondering how to get them covered? Well, all your hunting for extra wide curtains ends here!

Many interior designers and homemakers struggle to find beautiful, functional extra wide curtain panels. Now at Spiffy Spools, you can choose from any one of the more than 2000 gorgeous fabrics and we’ll hand-stitch them down to your exact specifications. Whatever width and style you’re looking for, we’ve got you (and your large windows) covered. Order a stylish, custom-tailored treatment to dress sliding doors and extra-large windows, or embrace the latest design trends and drape a wall!

Since most fabric bolts come in standard 54-inch width, ordering extra wide curtains means that there will be vertical joints in the panels. Be assured that these will be according to industry standards and will be unnoticeably hidden in the pleats.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Oversized foyer windows, patio doors, grand picture windows, sliding glass doors, etc. are often tricky to dress because of their rather large size. Because they are extra wide, the sizes needed for drapery are less likely to be standardised, so it’s hard to find large curtains that are wide enough while also suit the aesthetic. For clients looking to avoid the functional and aesthetic challenges of using multiple curtain panels in these areas, our extra wide drapery comes as the perfect solution.

FULL & LUXURIOUS LOOK. If you want drapery that spells sheer luxury, do not be stingy on panel widths. Wider panels will translate into a rich gather and therefore a more opulent look for your windows. Our standard recommendation is 2x fullness factor to get double width curtain panels. But if budget allows, it’s well worth making the leap to 3x fullness factor when ordering big curtains to get richer, denser fall and drape.

DRAPE A WALL. Drapes are just for windows, aren’t they? Au contraire, more and more designers are now opting to drape entire walls and not just windows. In this approach, the decorator drapes the entire stretch of wall from edge to edge. The goal is to add visual interest and texture to a room through the depth, warmth, and softness that drapes can bring. If you want to try this for yourself, some of the most popular extra wide curtains for the purpose are flat panel tops and ripple folds. They have a defined, almost architectural appearance to them, thanks to the defined and consistent curves.

WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? Extra-wide curtain panels can do a lot for your interiors, but you should know how to make the most of them. The single most common mistake clients make when buying/installing drapery is not extending the poles beyond window frames. Larger drapes benefit from hanging on a curtain rod that’s 12-24 inches wider than the windows. Installing poles that are only as long as the window is a mistake because it means that the double-width curtain panels will stack over the window, disrupting your ability to control light flow. It also presents a smaller, less impressive image while potentially failing to frame the whole window. By allowing your wide curtains to stretch comfortably beyond the width of your windows, you can improve light flow and create a grander, more elegant atmosphere.

MIND THE WEIGHT. Extra wide curtains will tend to be heavier than multi-panelled curtains. Hence, do consider the weight of the drapery if these windows are to be operated regularly. We suggest choosing heading styles that use the ring and clip mechanism to ensure easy gliding on the drapery pole. If you choose heading styles that use pockets or tabs to hold the rod, the excess weight will pose difficulty to operate them to open or close. Mind also the weight of the fabric itself. Ensuring the use of lighter materials is one way to check on the easy operation.

ORDER YOUR CUSTOM EXTRA WIDE CURTAIN PANELS. Finding curtain panels of the right size, color, and design can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to dress a larger window or drape a wall, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection of extra-wide curtains. If you have a window, we have the solution! Tall or wide or small – size is no issue – what matters is that your home is provided privacy, light control and a dose of chic at the most affordable prices in the best possible quality. Explore our collection and find the interior decor of your dreams at Spiffy Spools today!