Custom Extra Wide Curtains & Window Drapes


While majestic bay windows and grand sliding doors might be a dream come true, dressing them with right-sized drapes can become a challenge. You will likely not find extra wide drapes in big-box stores as most readymade curtains cater to standard-size windows. So, if you’re hunting for extra wide curtains for any large windows and glass doors in your home, we’re pleased to let you know that you’ve found them! 

Custom drapery handstitched in any of our 3000+ fabrics will not only solve the problem of size but also offer great creative bandwidth to express your personal aesthetic in style.


It might be the huge rustic archway at the foyer or those large glass doors overlooking the patio that are proving tricky to dress. Or, the glazed wall that epitomizes indoor-outdoor living but fails miserably to keep warm on a cold winter night. 

For clients looking to avoid the functional and aesthetic challenges of using multiple, narrow curtain panels in these areas, extra wide drapery comes as the perfect solution. Wide curtain panels not only address the large size of picture windows and oversized glass doors but also step up to the grandeur of these architectural features. 

BONUS TIP: Most fabric bolts come in standard widths of 54 inches. This means that your extra wide drapery panels will come with vertical joining hems to match patterns and achieve the necessary width.


 If you want drapery that spells sheer luxury, do not be stingy on panel widths. Wider curtain panels will translate into a rich gather and consequently a more opulent look for your windows. Our standard recommendation is 2x fullness factor with double-width curtain panels. But if budget allows, it’s well worth making the leap to the 3x fullness factor to get richer and denser fall. To understand fullness factors in detail and tips to measure for opulent pleating, browse our Drapery Sizing Guide.


If you’re looking to add architectural interest or textural variety to the space, draping entire walls is a tried-and-tested idea used by many designers. Undoubtedly, drapery-clad walls are also great insulators and sound absorbers. The softness they bring to the space is a bonus. If you want to try this for yourself, the two most popular heading styles for the purpose are flat panel tops and ripplefolds. 


Curtains need room to stack on the side of windows when not in use. With extra-wide curtain panels, we recommend using a curtain pole that extends 12-24 inches wider beyond the window frame. By allowing your wide curtains to stack comfortably beyond the width of your windows, you can improve light flow and avoid blocking the view. 


Extra wide curtains tend to be heavier than standard size, single-width curtains. Hence, forethought is advised in the selection of hardware, heading style and fabric weight while ordering and hanging heavy drapes. The operational ease of heavy drapery might be impacted by weight, so choose heading styles that use grommet or rings to ensure easy gliding on the drapery pole. If you choose heading styles that use rod pockets or fabric tabs, the panels may not glide smoothly on the poles. 

Order Your Custom Extra Wide Curtain Panels

Finding wide curtain panels of the right size, color and design can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t have to be when you choose Spiffy Spools. With the help of our comprehensive drapery measurement guide, specify the dimensions you need and we’ll hand-stitch the drapes down to your exact specifications. Whatever width and style you’re looking for, we’ve got you (and your large windows) covered. And the bills won’t be extra-large even though the drapery will be, so shop carefree with Spiffy Spools today!