Custom Grey Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Where would sunsets and dusk skies be without the flecks of gray mixed among the bolder, brighter colors? Or a charcoal masterpiece that relies on the subtle, understated beauty of grey and its infinite hues? Indeed, there’s an entire world to find within the shades of grey.

This nuance is at the heart of what makes grey roman shades work so well for interior decor. They fit perfectly in minimalistic or industrial interiors, but can also serve as a powerful, visually compelling contrast with bold, loud colors.

If you’re looking to buy grey window blinds, be assured that you’ll find a fabric that suits perfectly within our range. From the posh silks and velvets to the casual cottons and linens, from cloud greys to charcoal greys, you’ll get materials and hues that suit your personal decor style.

Bring Home the Power of Grey

Being a neutral color, grey has the ability to let other hues sparkle, without itself stealing the show. And it shows no favoritism towards any hue – all are welcome to be friends with grey. From dark moody blacks to striking bright reds to serene blues and crystal whites – all are happy to pose next to grey.

Let’s take you through some tips from our expert stylists who make the ‘been there, done that’ claim about designing homes with grey roman shades.

Enhance an Industrial Style: Industrial interiors that draw inspiration from converted factories and old-school apartments are increasingly popular, and they aspire to a more rugged sort of feeling. A large part of it is the texture, but the colors are also important. An ash grey accent in the form of a set of grey roman shades can provide a gritty touch to the space while leaving the colors and textures of the room to shine. Steel which is true to its namesake hue, Flexible Grey, and Coquina which thrive with rich texture on their herringbone weave can blend cohesively with the steel fixtures and provide an interesting contrast to exposed brick walls much like the exposed concrete portions.

Layered Interiors with Grey and White: Grey window blinds are perfect fits for minimalistic, white-cream interiors. Calm colors softened with a selection of tactile textures such as natural sheepskin, linens, candles, and plants – all warmed with timber elements, will inspire the much sought-after Nordic simplicity. Camphor in a smooth finish, Comfort Gray in a textured finish, and Sea Salt with whites sprayed with grays bring a soothing impact to the eyes. Grey teams equally well with warm-toned woods and stone for a natural feel or with cool metals and glass for a more elegant finish. Marsala makes a grey and beige blend in an elegant stencil print and proves the point. Whatever vibe you choose, grey and white are happy to oblige.

Create Contrast: Grey is the perfect counterbalance to bold, energetic colors that can be visually overpowering if they go unchecked. As the top two neutrals, white walls and grey roman shades make the perfect backdrop on which to introduce your favorite accent color. From olive and peach to teal and heather, accent away to your heart’s content! Watch how Mix Fruit brings grey’s seriousness and yellow’s cheerfulness under one scheme with effortless ease. Country Roads brings energetic and contemplative hues together with grey in contemporary style stripes. The contrast gets the prize.

Think style: Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come in three fold styles. The popular flat-fold roman shades come in two models: the front-slatted and the back-slatted. Flat folds with front slats show the seams of the slats on the frontage while those with back slats show no sign of the same because the slats are sewn into the lining of the shade. Both look appropriate in the industrial and modern approach to design that revere clean lines and minimalist finishes. Their operation is also very easy. Featuring the third style, our European/ relaxed roman shades are popular due to their casual, ‘unconstructed’ look and the the soft scalloped bottom. These shades need to be helped with forming shades manually and therefore largely serve a decorative purpose. Check out which style suits your decor and then make up your mind.

Bring a feminine touch: Unlike all popular ideas about grey, our collections feature even florals in this understated hue. Bring a casual, homey vibe to grey by choosing grey floral shades.  Observe how blush flowers in Lagoon Grey and the damask motif in Mezzo and Chord tweak the graveness of gray with the graceful delicacy of full-bloomed blossoms. A fantastic way to continue the grey theme of the house in a feminine space.

Don’t stop at the shades: No matter how minimalistic your style, layered window treatments have a place in every home, especially if your climatic conditions warrant it. Higher insulation, lower power bills, and better control over light inflow are some of the key benefits of pairing shades with drapes. But that’s not all, the romantic side of the story is the ability to bring contrasts of moods, hues, and textures to the design. Julep’s grey-orange plaid shades framed by Azraq’s plain bluish-grey curtain panels or Grey Spell’s sheer panels should give you some inspiration.


Whatever be your favorite pattern, whatever be your favorite shade of grey, whatever be your preferred style, a Spiffy Spools’ roman shade can never ever be less than pure contentment. With impeccable perfection as our standard practice and a vast variety for you to choose from, we don’t think you should spend more time thinking twice. Shop your grey roman shades at Spiffy Spools today!