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5 Kitchen Curtains Perfect for Spring

Spring Kitchen Curtains ideas & tips

The feeling of spring is radiant, serene, and simply joyful. To embody the energy of the season in your home, perhaps you have taken up a spring home renovation project and are looking for curtains that highlight the youthful character of spring. If that’s the story, then explore these five kitchen curtains that are perfect for spring! The following spring kitchen curtain options will provide you with all of the seasonal flair you desire.

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Pastel Curtains

Spring commences the reintroduction of bright, beautiful colors—specifically pastels. Think of lovely Easter blues, pale pinks, light greens, and soft yellow curtains. You can likely find a color that matches your current dĂ©cor. However, since pastels are whites with hints of color, they can also act as neutral, making them a versatile option for any space. If you are trying to add colors to an all-white kitchen without going too old, pastel hues are your best friends with their serene subtlety.


Featured Look

Spring Anise

Refresh your kitchen with our Spring Anise curtains. The texturally rich, herringbone weave fabric features a slightly distressed graphical pattern for a trendy look. The blush pink and white color palette offers a feminine touch, while the overall appearance is undoubtedly contemporary.

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Sheer & Linen Curtains

Springtime is filled with soft, serene sunlight that’s unlike any other season. To enhance and showcase this gorgeous natural light in your kitchen, store away your heavy draperies and bring out sheer or linen curtains. These translucent fabrics filter the sun’s rays to gently dance across your interior. You’ll love how they instantly brighten the room and capture the feeling of spring in your kitchen.


Featured Look

Spring Break

The soft luster and rich green hue of our Spring Break linen-blend curtains create an elevated, exuberant look. Bursting with the vibrance of spring and complete with light-enhancing sheen, your kitchen will instantly be transformed with the addition of these curtains.

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Nature-Printed & Floral Curtains

When spring comes back around, it brings with it the reemergence of nature. Suddenly, bright blooms are budding, birds are chirping, and the foliage is more vibrant than ever. Incorporate the buoyancy of the newly-returned greenery in your kitchen through nature-printed curtains and floral curtains. These styles showcase that you’re transitioning to springtime dĂ©cor and simply exude cheer.


Featured Looks

Spring Lark

Featuring a color palette of blues, beige, gray, and reds, our Spring Lark curtains will bring a lively feel to your kitchen. This fabric has a pattern with quaint lark birds, serene foliage, and flowers, offering a delicate, airy look that’s perfect for kitchens.

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Erlensee Spring

Revitalize your kitchen with the addition of Erlensee Spring curtains. The charming flatweave fabric is strewn with a delicate medley of light-hued leaves. Featuring a color palette of pear green, eggshell, and buff, these curtains are simply brimming with springtime cheer.

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Seersucker Curtains

Seersucker is a very popular springtime fabric. People often reserve the material for their wardrobe, but it can also work nicely as a spring curtain selection! Faux seersucker curtains should feature the traditional, vertical pinstripes that alternate between white and a pastel color. Pale blue will provide you with the most classic look, while other pastel shades offer a more contemporary design.


Featured Look

Spring Orchid

The thin, alternating white and sage green stripes perfectly mimic the look of seersucker. The herringbone fabric adds a rich textural element, while the elongated striped pattern gives the illusion of additional height. You’ll enjoy a clean, minimalistic, and modern look that will beautifully enhance your kitchen.

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Café Curtains


CafĂ© curtains are an ideal choice for a kitchen window treatment due to their size. CafĂ© curtains are only half the length of the windowpane. That means they’ll remain safe from any accidental splashes or spills when hanging them on a small kitchen window above your sink or stovetop. Double panel cafĂ© curtains provide you with additional light control, while single panel cafĂ© curtains are primarily decorative. Whatever option you choose, design them in any of the above styles to embrace the essence of spring in your kitchen!


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these spring kitchen curtain ideas have helped you find the perfect style for your space! If you’re ready to dress your kitchen in one of these great looks, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will transform your kitchen space into an eternal spring. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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