Custom Short Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom & Beyond

Are your windows too narrow or too short? Or do you have big windows but have radiators under them? Or is it a couch or bed placed right under the window that just won’t let you have floor-length curtains? Even though full-scaled sweeping curtains are considered the ideal drapery style, we know well that those are not meant for every room or every situation. 

Small windows can be a tad bothersome, especially if they do not meet the standard sizes of curtains available in ready-made drapery stores. But you can drop these unwanted concerns with custom short curtains from Spiffy Spools. You choose the length and we’ll get it done. No matter how short or wide your window is, we have the solution.

Typically, short curtains are those that reach only up to the sill or a few inches below the sill. If longer than sill-length, they should at least extend to upto an inch off the floor. Any size in between is not correct practice in drapery styling, nor is it aesthetically pleasing. Short curtains can be styled in two ways:

Sill-length curtains: These curtains are hung from about 6 inches above the window frame such that they brush the window sill. To ensure more privacy, if you wish to control the sway during windy days, consider taking them around 6 inches lower than the sill.

Cafe curtains: To let in ample air and light, cafe curtains that are hung within the recess at the half-length of the window serve right. These curtains usually don’t require frequent operation since they are already letting the window be half-open.


Perfect for frequently opened windows, especially in kitchens, short-length curtains are easy to draw back and easy on the budget. As for placement, try to hang these window treatments so that they end at the bottom of your windowsill, brushing lightly against it. We’ve included some suggestions to assist you in selecting the best window treatments for short windows, so let’s get started!

Play to your audience.

Short drapes are the perfect solution for kitchens and baths where long-length drapery might get in the way of function and safety. We also highly recommend cafe curtains and roman shades for nurseries and playrooms, where toddlers with sticky or grimy hands can accidentally (or purposefully) yank on longer curtains. You’ll stress less knowing that your kiddo won’t be able to reach the curtains until they can understand that they’re not supposed to.

What’s getting in your way?

Radiators, counters, and pieces of furniture are often found beneath window sills. If full-length drapery would cause loss of heat from the radiator, or be in the way of a comfortable window bench seat, consider opting for a shorter length instead. Not only will short drapes be easier to open and close, but they’ll stay cleaner since they won’t be resting behind or on top of furnishings that could get dusty.

Dare to be bold.

Bold designs and color palettes get more demanding on the eye if the surface they cover is vast. Since short-length curtains take up less visual space, they allow you to get more adventurous. Love a loud pattern? Adore a vibrant color? If it blends with the rest of your decor, go for it! An eye-catching design won’t overwhelm your room thanks to its size. 

Heading style.

Cafe curtains look best in casual styles like rod pockets, tab tops, and tie tops. If you want to ensure more ease of movement, get the ones that hang on rings such as grommets or flat panels. Sill-length curtains can go with any heading style depending on the size of the window. Stitched-in pleat styles such as pinch pleats and euro pleats might overwhelm a small window. 


Many of our clients also prefer shorter curtain styles for basement wide windows. Basement windows are often smaller, so getting custom curtains to match their dimensions in your preferred fabrics is ideal. Preferably, you may get them to hang longer and wider than the window frame to provide better coverage and more insulation. It can also help to make the windows look bigger than they are. You can also try our roman shades if you wish to get a sleeker version of a window dressing.

Sometimes, less is more. From apron to sill-length, short curtains bring a casual, laid-back look to a window. Short sheer curtains stitched in cafe length enable the majority of light to pass through while maximizing visibility outward. Depending on the size of your room, they also make more sense proportionally, ensuring that you don’t overload a space with too much of a good thing.

And that’s the long and short of short curtains panels. For your custom drapes shorter than 36 inches, shop with us today!