Custom Sheer Curtains & Window Drapes


Never out of style, sheer curtains are truly timeless and can work in any decor setting – from a modern New York studio to a Texas farmhouse. They let in light through their dreamy translucent veils and make any room a sun-kissed oasis while still rendering privacy. If that’s the aesthetic and functionality you’re looking for when draping your windows, look no further than sheer curtains and drapes from Spiffy Spools.

Where opaque window treatments leave you with just two choices – all the sunlight but no privacy or all the privacy but no natural light – sheers offer a diplomatic remedy. Enjoy the light and keep your privacy! Any home or space that shares this motto is a great suitor for these light-filtering window dressings. Therefore, you’ll find these versatile draperies in both rustic farmhouses and uber-chic apartments, in coastal cottages and urban bungalows, and in color-driven and color-phobic settings – striding the middle line between all extremes with sheer finesse! 


Some windows and views are simply not meant to be hidden behind heavy draperies but should be celebrated with lightweight sheer panels. For any such windows in your home, keep the following styling tips in your arsenal so you’ll get them right every single time.


The palette is one of the first design decisions clients take regarding curtains. White sheer curtains are a universal favorite as they bring in the maximum amount of light with their reflective quality. 

But at Spiffy Spools, the choice spectrum does not end at white. Our sheer drapes can be as light as Alban’s white, as moody as Grey Spell’s shady grey, as tangy as Tuscan Clay’s bright red, or as glamorous as Puro’s golden veined glory.

When selecting the colors and patterns on sheers, remember that the delicacy of the fabric will likely subdue the color and pattern, and reduce their impact. A black sheer curtain will likely not have the level of austerity that comes with black opaque curtains. Similarly, when exposed to sunlight, the contours of patterns will not present as sharply on sheers as they might on non-sheer fabrics.


Curtains are typically stitched with double or triple width measurements, that is, curtain width is double or triple the width of the window. When it comes to sheers, we recommend triple width (3x fullness factor). Since sheers are extremely lightweight, generous use of fabric helps make the the panels look more full, lush and elegant. And the rounder fuller pleats make them more efficient at providing privacy. 

When translated into numbers, this is how it looks. In the case of non-pinch pleat panels from Spiffy Spools, if your curtain pole is 36 inches wide, we recommend ordering two sheer curtain panels of 54 inches ‘each’ (36 x 3 = 108 inches; 108/2 = 54 inches). This will get you a luxurious gather similar to that of non-sheer drapery. But if your budget constraints or any other concerns are deterrents, you may reduce the fullness factor to 2x.

If you reduce the fullness factor any further, you will be left with sparser sheer curtains with little to no pleats. They will still provide a whimsical vibe to the space but fall short of ensuring maximum privacy.  For further tips, we invite you to browse our Curtains Measurement Guide.


 The softness of sheer drapery calls for a dramatic wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor configuration for the best visual impact. Full-scaled sheer drapes can create a stunning backdrop that truly anchors a room. So unless the wall space under a window is barred by a heating radiator or a piece of furniture, go for full-length sheer curtains. Think floor grazers, sweepers, or even ‘puddlers’ to make your space look luxe.

In case, you cannot go ceiling to floor, install your drapery poles/tracks as high as possible above the window trim. If you keep them too close to the window frame it will make the ceilings appear lower. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame — or even as high as 12 inches – to create an illusion of a taller window.

For further assistance, read our blog on ‘How Long Should Curtains Be?


Whether it’s for marking off the sleeping area of a studio apartment, or dividing a large den into two activity-based zones, trust sheer curtains to do the job. They delineate the areas without looking too overbearing or breaking off complete visual connection to the other side. So the sense of the whole is not ever lost while enjoying the seclusion of a part. 

The transparency of the drapery also helps to keep the enclosed area still bright and airy. Therefore, sheer curtains as room dividers are especially well-suited to small spaces and condos with windows on one side only. Since they do not compromise the room’s flow or openness, they are also suited to open-plan homes that want to reserve an option for enclosure when privacy is needed.


Layering your sheer drapes with other window treatments has functional advantages and decorative value. Sheers are so versatile that you can pair them with treatments as traditional as heavy drapes and as modern as sleek roller shades. 

Depending on the goals of layering and style of decor, you can choose any window treatment that ticks all the boxes for you. Layering sheers with non-sheer/blackout curtains or shades provides you with a greater opportunity to control the inflow of light and also, the privacy of a room. 

If you were to opt for just a single set of opaque curtains, for instance, you would only have two real options: open or closed—and that’s it. But, if you added a set of sheer drapes behind those curtains for an additional layer, you’d suddenly have more control over the flow of light into the room. This combination is especially popular because sheers filter in soft light while blurring the look from outside and heavy drapery can be drawn for complete privacy and light blocking when desired.


The gauziness of sheer drapes is put to even better use when coupled with some whimsical decor ideas. For those who’ve not renounced their inner child or who love a bit of magic on a festive occasion, such a spell-binding ambiance is fascinating.

String up some fresh flowers or green foliage on your sheer drapes for an outdoorsy vibe. For seasonal decor, consider paper flower garlands or faux vines. Or pin up some lush pompoms to make your little one’s playroom come alive with pops of color and joyful treats. For an evening family get-together, decorate your sheer drapes with fairy lights and ring in the party spirit.


Light filtering in softly through sheer drapes can make any home beam with radiance in style. While sheers guarantee you your precious privacy during the day, they also keep your home vibrant with ample light and fresh air which you’ll certainly lose if you shut off the windows with opaque treatments. So bring in a pair of delicate sheer curtains to your home to double up the oomph of your decor. Shop with Spiffy Spools for your sheer drapes today!