Custom Sheer Curtains & Window Drapes


Let there be light!

Never out of style, sheer curtains are truly timeless and can work in any decor setting – from a modern New York studio to a Texas farmhouse. A beautiful addition to any room, window sheers filter in soft light while maintaining privacy.

If you’re blessed to have large windows opening to the gardens, you might want to make the most of that heavenly sunlight kissing your home in the early mornings. But during sunny afternoons, you might want to do just the opposite. Opaque window treatments leave you with just two choices: have all the sunlight or forego all of it. But that’s a poor management of those thoughtfully designed architectural features. So, layer your opaque curtains or shades with sheer curtains so that the light filters in softly throughout the day, leaving all its harsh UV rays outside. 

Introduce sheer drapes as a second layer in all rooms where privacy during the day is a concern. These soft, translucent fabrics let only an indistinct view of the indoors, so no prying eye can go satisfied. After all, why should you sacrifice fresh air and light all day fearing that your private space will be infringed!


Go wide with sheer curtains. Don’t be stingy on fabric as you need more panel width than regular fabric drapery to achieve the same rich and full look with sheers. We recommend a 3x fullness factor for sheer curtain panels.

For example, if your curtain pole is 36 inches wide, and you’re ordering non-pinch pleat panels from Spiffy Spools, we suggest two sheer curtain panels of 54 inches *each* (36*3 = 108 inches; 108/2 = 54 inches), and not two panels of 18 inches each. This will get you a luxurious fall/gather. If your drapery pole is 36 inches wide and you order curtain panels that are also 36 inches wide altogether, they will hang absolutely flat with no pleats or gather.

Clients working on a tight budget often order 2x fullness for sheers which also works well. More fullness enhances privacy, which often is a consideration for nurseries and bedrooms.

Our pinch pleat panels in sheers fabric are stitched with 2.5-3x fullness by default to give you enhanced privacy and fullness.

Go tall with window sheers. Since the fabric allows light and shapes to filter through, consider a wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor treatment with window sheers. This can create a stunning backdrop that truly anchors a room. So unless the wall space under a window is barred by a heating radiator or a piece of furniture, go for full-length sheer curtains. Think floor grazers, kissers, sweepers, or even ‘puddlers’ to make your space look luxe.

Also, avoid installing your drapery poles/tracks too close to the window frame as it makes the ceilings appear lower. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame — or even as high as 12 inches – to create an illusion of a taller window.

Use white sheer curtains as room dividers. White sheer curtains (or any light color for that matter) make excellent room dividers to separate our spaces without losing the room’s flow or openness, especially befitting large open plan rooms and small condos/studios.

Layer your sheer drapes. Sheer curtains are a wonderfully versatile option to layer a window for visual interest and depth. Layering your window sheers also helps with insulation, helping you cut down on your energy bills. That’s the wonder layering does for your window sheers. The most popular style of layering is to use sheer curtain panels in front of a roman shade or on the back of heavier drapery.  But you can, of course, go as classic or as adventurous as you like. For more ideas on layering, and factors to consider, visit our blog post on how to layer your curtains for perfection. 

Let there be light. Christmas season around the corner? Or just looking for a festive backdrop for a dinner party? Here’s a quick window decorating hack for you. Hang fairy light strings behind your sheers in a color you love – and your windows are illuminated with softly filtering light!

Light filtering softly through translucent drapes billowing gently with the winds can make any home to beam with radiance in style. While it guarantees you your precious privacy during day, it also keeps your home vibrant with ample light and fresh air which you’ll certainly lose if you shut off the windows with opaque treatments. So get the romantic sheer drapes to your home to double up the oomph of your decor. Shop with Spiffy Spools for your sheer drapes today.