Custom Blackout Roman Shades & Window Blinds


Everyone loves natural light, but sometimes it can seem a bit too much, especially when you’re trying to put a little one down for their afternoon nap or just need to catch some zzz’s before a long nightshift. Blackout roman shades are a great way to block unwanted light, but aren’t they drab and lifeless? Well, nothing is farther from the truth because blackout fabrics comes in any hue or pattern you can imagine. You’re about to discover a collection of blackout roman shades that keeps intrusions away while bringing style and energy to your interiors.

If you’re still wondering whether blackout window shades fit your bill or whether they can hijack a chic decor with a cheerless tone, read on and let us bust the myth for you.

Why Blackout Roman Shades

While you might guess the key benefit from the name itself, there’s more to blackout window treatments than meets the eye.

Room darkening and sleep-friendly:  There’s nothing like a dreamless sleep after you’ve slogged it out in the office. But what if your work hours are odd and the world around is a noise-factory when you’ve finally got to crash on the bed. Whether it’s your job or your Netflix bingeing that sends you late to bed, you’ll be grateful to have room-darkening blackout roman shades. Draw them and it’s night-time in your room. No need to plug your ears because the shades will also dampen any shrill sounds. And now you can sleep like Rip Van Winkle!

Quieter homes: So to the question if blackout shades can cut off noise, our answer is yes and no. Yes, because its thick textured weave enables it to absorb a huge amount of noise. No, because it does not mute all the sounds away like a chimeric fancy. The quieter sounds are blocked while the louder shriller sound waves are deadened detracting them. The noise cut is dramatically substantial and so they are also interchangeably referred to as soundproof curtains. Whether you’re dealing with traffic noises or the neighbors’ pool party, block out the hubbub and enjoy your peace with your choice of blackout shades. And by the way, it’s a two-way deal. All the noises of your squealing kids and loud stereos leave the neighbors alone for good too. Count on them carefree for your media rooms and study rooms as well.

Foolproof privacy: If you want to give one perfect answer to a prying neighbor, a blackout shade can be that. Once drawn close at night, no one can get even an inkling of whether the room is lit or not. Totally immune to light and shadow, this shade can never tell anyone where you are or what you are up to. Not even a silhouette is visible from the outside.

Say no to UV rays warping your furnishings: Natural light can light your spirits, but there’s a lot of value to being able to block it out when desired. Over time, exposure to bright sunlight can prematurely fade your textiles and upholstery, and warp your wooden furniture and floors. It’s about time you go the blackout way, especially if your west-facing windows are letting in more than all the UV you and your home can deal with.

Never at a loss of choice: You can accessorize virtually any room with roman shades that block light while creating an enticing look. A children’s room or a nursery is an especially great fit for our blackout roman shades. Serene, cloudless blue, pastel yellow, and other light, vibrant shades will suit the young ones perfectly. And do you have a favorite pattern? Well, show it off in your blackout shades fearlessly. Because if you have fallen for a fabric that is not blackout, you can simply opt for a blackout lining which will let you have the same benefits as blackout fabric.

Layer Up! Roman blinds look great on their own, but why stop there? You can layer your roman shades with curtains in a complementary palette and pattern. If your purpose is also to enhance the beauty of your room (duh!), pairing blackout roman shades with other window treatments adds a layer of sophistication and depth to your space.

White Blackout Roman Shades. Yes Please. After you pick your jaw off the floor at the suggestion, consider this…blackout roman shades don’t have to be black or gray or heavy or boring. Choose from bright colors such as white (or yellow or pink or peach) that lift your mood and shelter you from bright sunlight if you desire. This stunning combination gives a room light and warmth, but with extra privacy and without rude awakenings at sunrise.

Can a window treatment ever be more thoughtful than a blackout roman shade? If you love sound sleep and quiet days, there’s nothing more alluring than this option. So, spice up your decor with a stunning roman shade made more efficient with a spiffy blackout functionality. Get on the shopping spree at Spiffy Spools and be assured that you’ll find the shade of your dreams today.