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Buffalo Check Valance: A Timeless Decor Element

Buffalo Check Valance


For centuries now, colored stripes have criss-crossed in various enigmatic plaid patterns on our garments, walls and drapes. The iconic buffalo plaid, through its extensive timeline, never surrendered to the mascuine-feminine, maximalist-minimalist, or traditional-modern notions of styling. If you’re looking for a gorgeous decor element which is rustic yet modern, and can fit into a wide variety of decor styles, a buffalo check valance could be the answer.

Spiffy Spools’ 2000+ curated fabrics, expert stylists and trust-inspiring services should certainly put a pleasant end to your hunt for this classic window dressing. We take pride in making homes warm and cozy with our custom window treatments, and invite you to take advantage of this blog post to style your windows with a buffalo plaid valance and shop with us today.

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Buffalo Check Valance for Visual Interest

Decorative frilled valances topping plushly piled drapes is a cherished memory of the Victorian era. These decor elements, like all others, have taken on a simplistic avatar in modern times in keeping with the design trends that have graduated from deep pleats and ruffled laces to clean lines and minimal details. But whether your taste inclines towards the maximalist traditional or the minimalist modern, we have valance choices aplenty for you in two categories: board mounted valances and pole mounted valances.

  • Board-mounted valances: In this style, the valance is mounted on a lumber board with velcro, and affixed onto the wall above the window. The board base renders the valance a highly structured and tailored look. Our board-mounted valances come complete with the hardware, board and valance itself – ready to be mounted with minimal effort. Since the velcro-affixed valance is detachable from the board, cleaning and maintenance is not a challenge.
  • Pole-mounted valances: The valance is hung on a pole, just like drapes. So, double poles should be installed if you plan to pair a valance with curtains. Depending on the style of valance chosen, show-worthy hardware can be exposed and less-seemly can be hidden to a large extent.

We have various styles under each type of mounting for you to choose from. The choice should entirely depend on the style of your home decor so that it cohesively blends with the rest of the elements in the room. Our valance styles can broadly be classified as:

  • Flat front valances: The flat valances with their uncluttered frontage are perfectly at home in minimalist settings. Bold patterns like paisley, ikat or the modern geometrics get an undisturbed surface to display their play of shapes and colors vividly. Go for the straight bottoms for a structured look or for the scalloped bottoms for an informal vibe.
  • Gathered valances: The gathered top valances in grommets, rod pockets, and tab tops are excellent additions to a casual space.
  • Pinch pleated valances: Pinch pleats, inverted box pleats and euro pleats have tailored intricacies involved which suit a formal traditional decor.
  • Opulent swags: Swags, sheffield and scallops with interjected pleats offer a more opulent option for plush settings.

Whatever your style, we have one for you.

Since buffalo plaid is originally a traditional pattern that effortlessly rings in the farmhouse vibe, a traditional style of valance would be ideal. But if your style reveres clean lines and crisp detailing, this iconic pattern could also fare well as a trendy geometric design. Though do consider getting your buffalo check valance with a flat frontage in a modern space to ensure a perfect setting for this lovely piece.

Tips to Style a Buffalo Check Valance

Both fashionistas and home stylists have never ceded their attachment for plaids, and a buffalo check valance is guaranteed to be an eye-catching addition to your home decor. Here are some nice ways to style your home with buffalo plaid valances.

  • Standalones

    For windows that don’t need covering for privacy, valances are quite a lovely excuse to bring in a pop of color and personality. Since they cover the top portion of the window, they also provide some respite from the heat. If you’re high on expenses already and need a cheaper alternative than curtains to dress your windows, starting with a valance would be the right idea.

  • With buffalo plaid drapes

    Complete the country vibe of your cottage by pairing valances and buffalo check curtains. The coherent flow of pattern can make it a focal point of the room. Imagine the sunny Zafaron in rod pocket valances with trimmed edges and drapes with ribbon bows lighting up your home with its farmhouse-styled look.


  • With plain drapes/roman shades

    Nothing gives a more pleasant visual treat than the play of patterns and solids. Pair solid white drapes or roman shades with a buffalo plaid valance. Any other soft color would work just as much magic in so far as it fits the color palette of the checks. For example, both Yamini Caravan’s lovely blue and Du Jour’s slubby white make a graceful partnership with Civit’s blue-white buffalo plaids.


  • With ginghams for cohesiveness

    For an eye-engaging play of scales, use gingham drapes, throw pillows or table-runners to cohesively blend with the buffalo checks of the valance. Imagine Aburi’s boldness paired with Water Lilies’ calmness…No prizes for guessing that this is a winning farmhouse recipe!

  • With florals for balance

    Set off the straight lines and edgy angles of the buffalo checks with the delightful curves of ikat and floral prints. Choose the colors and scales carefully to let both the patterns complement each other. For instance, Vale of Kashmir’s wavy flow in earthy tones and Cordonazo’s vine motif would make a striking contrast of shapes with a buffalo plaid valance in a similar palette.

  • A nursery’s pride

    A ruffled buffalo plaid valance trimmed with striped ribbons and pompoms would be such a lovely addition to the little one’s sleep den. Pair with frilly drapes and ribbon tiebacks to make it the nursery’s feature.

  • Sync various window treatments

    Valances help to sync the various types of window treatments in a room on a homogeneous note. If you have used roman blinds, drapes and roman shades in the same room, they run the risk of losing their coherence. But you can use the buffalo plaid valances to work as a common theme to bind all the various windows in a cohesive blend.

Winding Up

Imagine red kitchen curtains – already so perfect in their classic gingham pattern – made further beautiful with a buffalo check valance on top. Can there be another decor element that not just makes a glam statement but also rings in a nostalgic vibe? No doubt therefore that a rustic buffalo check valance is just the right dressing for your windows-whether it be for kitchen or for an other room. If you’ve found the styling tips suggested by Spiffy Spools in this blog useful, it’s time to test them. Have fun shopping with us and decorating your lovely homes!



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