Custom Plain / Textured Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

For those who believe that in interior design less is truly more, plain/textured custom curtains are the ultimate realization of this philosophy. But when used with wise discretion, these simple decor elements do equally well in dressed-up rooms. With outright simplicity and uncomplicated details, plain curtains are an aesthetic match for many a kind of decor. 

Whether the purpose is to finish the decor on a clean sophisticated note or to balance the complicated embellishments of a highly detailed interior design, plain fabrics fit the scheme. Rich textured fabrics convey their classy touch through the slubby weave or the self-patterned construct that spells instant coziness.


Whether your formal living rooms get ritzy with the softly blushing velvets or the glamorously lustrous silks, whether your bedroom gets cozy with the roll-out-of-bed looks of linens or the airy charm of cottons, plain drapes can only add to the style quotient. They look great in any space but some scenarios are their exclusive domain. Plain or textured drapes should be preferred above patterned drapes in the following cases for an aesthetically appealing formula.

Backdrops statement pieces: Not just on display shelves, but everywhere, it’s a plain background that can let a showpiece stand out. Despite being unmistakably minimalist, plain drapery is the perfect backdrop for accent furniture or other elements of your decor, allowing them to be center stage. So, if you have them, then flaunt them and let plain drapes be the rightful backdrop.

Pattern overload: Over-use of patterns can tend to make the room feel cluttered and overwhelm the eye. If a room already has patterns in the upholstery or wallpaper, solid-colored curtains offer a counterbalance to foster harmony in your interiors.

Small rooms: If the space being draped is a narrow window/wall or a small size room, our stylists recommend considering plain drapes of a similar color tone. Where patterned drapes may visually clutter the space, same-tone plain drapery will elongate it optically allowing the eye to travel across the width without any visual breaks.


Home styling is not easy but it can be such a fun adventure if you know its basic principles. The moderate use of any pattern or any color is the thumb rule of the game. Regarding styling your home with plain or textured drapes, our expert home stylists share the following insights: 

The interplay of patterns and solids: Patterns engage the eye with the play of shapes and distinct hues. Patterned elements can make a design scheme attractive only when interspersed with solid elements. Plain curtains give you the opportunity to let the patterned elements in the room do their part efficiently.

Cohesion in color scheme: Color coordinate your plain drapes with other soft furnishings in the room, such as the rug or throw pillows. This will help create harmony across various design elements and imbue the room with personality and well-considered character. If you pick neutral colors, they can blend with any color palette effortlessly.

Pair with richly patterned drapes: If you want the benefits of layered window treatments, then you can bring the combination of solids and patterns in the drapery panels themselves. Mount solid sheer drapes behind heavier bold-patterned drapes or hang patterned drapery panels between two plain ones. Make sure that the plain drapes’ color matches the accents of the patterns and there you have a pleasant decor element.

Wise use of textures:  Texturally rich fabrics with all kinds of weaves allow you to achieve your minimalist, monochromatic dream, yet bring higher visual opulence to your space. If you’ve been looking for a special touch that can elevate cohesion and beautify your interiors, this is it. To add further visual depth and dimension, consider our textured extra wide curtains.

Dainty details for a big difference: Plain drapes can put on a playful overtone when trimmed with pompoms or a classical approach when embellished with textured ribbon trim. Add a whimsical element like a gilded gold gimp or a tasteful rustic tassel and watch the no-nonsensical drape take on a dramatic twist. The serious demeanor of the plains is immediately dissolved into a light-hearted theme or heightened to a more classic appeal. 

Even though plains drapes are simplistic in themselves, they do not necessarily have to be a minimalist’s recipe for a less frilly decor.  They can also be a maximalist’s formula to perfectly backdrop a stately theme. We invite you to explore over 700 of our gorgeous plain & textured fabrics – from casual linens and cottons to resplendent silks and velvets – and choose the one that works best for your style and budget! No matter how diverse your material and color palette, you are sure to find the drape of your dreams with us at Spiffy Spools.