Custom Polka Dots / Circles Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

The polka dot pattern is instantly recognizable around the world. The uniform pattern of dots overlaying a solid background embodies energy and excitement, and so the iconic polka dot is a common fixture of design for babies and young children. And now you can add that playful spirit to your home decor with our polka dot curtains.

No one can deny that polka dots add a great deal of color and life to any space where you add them, but there’s a perception that they’re childish, and not suited for more grown-up spaces. But ask our stylists and interior designers, this could not be further from the truth. While polka dots are great for children, the design motif contains much more depth and possibility than just that.

Introducing a Twist to the Polka Dot

Classic polka dot drapery can be a perfect fit for a child’s room or kid-oriented spaces, but it can also reinvigorate dull rooms with a healthy dose of color and visual energy. But beyond even that, there are more mature, polka dot-inspired designs that the most serious interior designer can incorporate into any room.

Our polka dot collection is brimming with interesting spin-offs of the basic polka dot design. Small, interwoven circles of white across a field of green, orange, or other colors are a much more visually interesting, dynamic spin on a simple monochrome curtain. These rich, detailed, and polka-dot-inspired patterns can fit into any interior.

The choice of colors and design of the individual circles has a tremendous effect on the energy that your polka dot curtains will put out. Our ‘messy’ polka dots have an authentic, paint-splatter look that can add visual interest and energy to a space in an unorthodox, creative way. A light, eggshell/blue blend of small dots exudes a nostalgic, playful sort of energy that’s perfect for a child’s bedroom. On the other hand, larger dots with more neutral colors can find a suitable home in more formal spaces such as living rooms and foyers.

Styling your Windows with Polka Dot Curtains

Go neutral: One way to ensure that polka dots don’t take away all the attention is to dress them in neutral hues. They become the base backdrop on which other color-vibrant elements play their role. See Circular Spree in a black-stone grey combination that can let bright-hued elements steal the show with its modern color palette.

Tone down the playfulness: Colored circles designed sparsely on a neutral theme define a highly energetic vibe. Make a continuous flow of the theme in a slightly blurred fashion as in our Cloudless fabric or through imperfect circles as in Giulia, and you will have a more serious rendition of an otherwise overly-exuberant theme. Or opt for the ones that look like sprinkles of paint as in Chesterfield making the room look like an artist’s studio.

Layer with sheers: Layer your polka dot curtains with white sheers and give them a romantic twist. Light filtering through the semi-transparent fabric adds a unique charisma to the space. They also help you to maintain privacy during the day. Having ensured that peeking eyes cannot get much entertainment, you can enjoy natural light and air all day. No matter which decor style you follow, adding sheers to your polka dot drapes can only make the show better.

A visual treat with patterns: Polka dots stand out even in a crowd. But the way to bring them into a cohesive flow in the design rather than simply attract attention is to blend them with other patterns. Florals and stripes are the most popular patterns that go well with polkas. The curvy details are set off by the straight lines of the stripes and this beautiful counterbalance makes the entire design visually interesting. 

Pair with solid drapes: For wide windows or doorways, pair polka dot drapes with plain drapes. A playful theme contrasted with a matter-of-fact appeal of the plain drapes brings out an element of visual interest. Since polkas can easily overwhelm the eye, this setting off can save the room’s design from getting overweighed by an attractive pattern.

Spice up your kids’ room: Make a vibrant show of colors with drapes such as Francine with popping hues that kids will love. Although imperfect, these circles are like balls of light floating merrily in the wind, airing thereby the personality of children. Pack your little one’s room with buoyant patterns and energetic hues, so that they can never get tired of spending their time there in fun and frolic.

Go casual: Given the casual theme of the pattern, choose a laid-back heading style such as tab tops or grommets or tie tops to complete the relaxing vibe. These styles are also practically perfect choices for frequently used windows as they glide easily on the drapery pole.

Circles are shapes that indicate a feeling of warmth, homeliness, and bondedness. Curvy shapes always help to soften a space gracefully. Introduce polka dot drapes therefore to set off the sharp edges of the architectural features and elements featuring curt and straight lines. Bring a light-hearted flair to the home with these shapely patterns at your doors and windows. So, have fun shopping and designing your home with your favorite polka dot drapes at Spiffy Spools.