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Sunroom Curtains


Sunrooms are a favored spot in the home because of the way they blur the indoor-outdoor distinction. Whether it’s for lounging on a warm day or reading a book, this sunny nook is handy. Come Spring, and we’re all cleaning and decorating the sunroom to hang out with our family. 

One of the ways to create an inviting look in your sunroom is to add curtains to the windows. Beyond the aesthetic purpose, curtains also control incoming light as needed so you can make the most of this lovely space. With these goals in mind, in this blog, we bring you some of our top sunroom curtain ideas.

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. Whether you need wide window curtains for your sunroom or short curtains for small laundry room windows, we hand-stitch your window treatments with love to match the exact window dimensions. So, enjoy shopping to the fullest and choose from over 3,000 fabrics and patterns in our collection to find the perfect match for your space! 


Cozy Sunrooms: Our Escape


white custom curtains for sunroom


As the name suggests, the sunroom is bathed in warmth and light, making it the finest escape after a hard day. Outdoor views made accessible by the grand windows allow you to rest awhile in the laps of nature. Here, over a cup of steaming coffee, one can forget their niggling qualms – sunlight washing away all the worries, even if for a short time. 

Sunrooms become our escape not just whimsically, but also practically. They work too hard for the footprint they occupy, doubling up as work stations, board game zones, dining areas, homework stations, reading nooks and what not. It’s a room that can wear many hats with the least demands. 

Designing or redesigning our sunrooms is always worth the ordeal because this space truly deserves to be steeped in elegance and natural beauty. And adding curtains is a great way to begin. 

That is not to take away the very purpose of the sunroom, but rather to empower it to do more. The curtains can step up the versatility and personality of the space and usher in charm without sacrificing light or privacy nor even the picturesque views. So, if you intend to follow this inspiration, here are some splendid sunroom curtain tips & ideas.






Sunny Palette Sunroom curtains


The palette needs a strict watch when it comes to sunroom curtains especially because you don’t want to trade off the cheery spirit of this space or its outdoorsy vibes. Curtains take up much optical space, and therefore, designing them in earthy and/or sunny colors helps to anchor the space in a refreshing tone. Go for a punch of colors pulled out from the natural surroundings such as yellows, greens, and blues. Fun, cheery hues will add flair to this unique space.

If you like neutral palettes, go for white curtains that are a timeless addition, look modern, and are never overdone. They will let you make the most of the available sunlight by not just filtering it into the room but also reflecting it the most.


Spotlight On: Heavrth

White Linen Custom Window Curtains

Treat your sunroom windows with these snow-white linen blend drapes. As the beautiful sunlight pours in, they’ll light up like flaming angels. If you have white walls, they’ll blend in serenely, adding some softness and chic.


Spotlight On: Aasma

Blue Cotton Custom Drapery

Our Aasma curtains feature one of our finest linen-cotton blends. The high-quality fabric paired with a vibrant turquoise blue make these curtains truly radiant. Although they are a simple solid, the strong color is enough to make a bold statement on its own.





Sunrooms are meant to exude a bright and cheery atmosphere. To ensure your sunroom curtains match the feel of the space, we recommend avoiding heavy and gaudy fabrics such as velvets and silks. 

Instead, sheers, linens, and cottons are ideal fabric choices for sunroom curtains. These lightweight fabrics will keep your sunroom feeling airy and fresh. Plus, sheers and linen curtains gorgeously filter sunlight and will provide a lovely, ethereal glow when drawn.

Due to the substantial exposure to sunlight that sunroom windows experience, it is advisable to incorporate window treatment linings. This strategic addition can significantly extend their overall lifespan by effectively safeguarding them from harsh and potentially damaging sunrays.


Spotlight On: Bumble Bee

Yellow Sheer Custom Window Drapes

Add a fun pop of color to your sunroom with our Bumble Bee curtains. The sheer, pale-yellow fabric features a thin stripe weave pattern and simply radiates cheerfulness. When natural light hits these linen curtains, it combines perfectly with the yellow color to create a gorgeous sunlit effect.


Spotlight On: Yamini Nakuru

Green Cotton Custom Curtains

Our Yamini Nakuru cotton curtains sport a two-tone, narrow weave in turquoise and navy, which work together to produce a stunning teal hue. The medium-weight fabric falls beautifully to create a flowy effect that works wonderfully with the rich, vibrant, yet simplistic color.




Pattern Printed Sunroom Curtains 

Closely tied to the aspect of the palette of sunroom curtains is another important design decision – the plain versus pattern one. While it relays to a great extent one’s own personal tastes and preferences, some designing tips can serve as a guide. 

Solid-colored drapes have a sophisticated flair and attract attention only when sewn in colors that make them pop out of the background. Solid neutral-colored drapes blend into the design and act as a background for colored and patterned elements in the room to have their say. 

Whereas, patterned drapes grab attention with ease. The play of colors and shapes, the contrasts and blends, all add depth and presence to the room. They can be as simple as stripes and as intricate as paisleys or as traditional as ditsies and as modern as abstracts. But, what they do in essence, is to anchor the eye and make a statement.

Solids and patterns enhance each other’s beauty and make for an attractive decor when used in balance and harmony. Hence, if you have pattern play in the sunroom, we suggest going for solid drapes. Whereas, if solid elements dominate, use your curtains to introduce patterns.

Patterns that point to nature and bring in a little bit of that outdoorsy charm are ideal for the sunroom. Consider tangy botanical print curtains that bring in effervescent greens or autumnal fiery hues into the space.


Spotlight On: Autumn Ferns

Botanical Pattern Custom Drapes

This beautiful cotton drapery features fern frond motifs in bright reds balanced off by soothing grays and oranges. Enhance your sunroom’s nature-kissed looks with this botanical print drapery flanking the windows.

Or, go for more light hearted patterns in floral patterns that evokes a Spring morning’s joy and cheer. Sitting in the sunroom must feel like a stroll in the garden with drapes such as this one dressing your windows:

Spotlight On: Teramo

Teramo Peacock Pattern Curtains

Peacocks with their multicolored plumage adorn boughs laden with flowers and buds, bringing a delightful freshness to the space with its organic layout and nature-inspired hues. This pure cotton drapery with its beautiful countryside vibe is a good fit for a lovely sunroom. 




Sunroom Curtains 

Curtains always look their very best at full length. If you can go floor to ceiling, so much the better. The eyes are automatically drawn to the ceiling, making the sunroom look more spacious and luxurious. Besides, if you are blessed to have those bewitching oversized windows that make anyone’s day, sweeping drapes just add to the glamor and the relaxing vibes.

However, what you must keenly avoid in the sunroom are puddled drapes. Since you need to operate the curtains often, ensure their easy motion on the drapery pole by keeping them strictly at floor length. If you want lesser maintenance, let them float, falling short of an inch from meeting the floor. This way,  you get the killer looks with maximum functionality and minimum upkeep.

In case you have a small sunroom with furniture almost touching the walls, you need a more practically efficient solution. Consider short curtains that brush the sill or, at best, follow a few inches below the sill. These can underscore the casualness of the space and are incredibly easy to maintain, especially if you have kids and pets. Go for simple styles like tab tops or tie tops that load it with more informal aesthetics.

Whatever be the length, pay attention to the heading style because it adds to the functional efficiency or inefficiency besides the length. If you’re going to operate your curtains often, select styles that employ rings, pins, or grommets as they glide easily on the drapery pole.




Curtains with Roman Shades


If adding some softness and daytime privacy is the goal to installing curtains in the sunroom, sheer drapes work best as standalone treatment. But, if you’re looking for a versatile control over light, you must consider layered window treatments. These are some of our favorite combinations:


Sheer Roman Shades & Curtains

Transform your space by including sheer roman shades in your sunroom. And then add curtains to enhance the look and functionality. One layer operates horizontally and the other vertically, adding to both the ease and the elegance. Here are our top three suggestions for styling sheer roman shades with curtains:

  • Sheer shades and stationary drapes: Sheer roman shades can be used as the main treatment with narrow decorative drapes flanking their sides. This combination looks grand, especially if the windows are tall. Here, the curtains are stationary and the functional aspect is entirely handled by the sheer shades.
  • Sheer shades and functional drapes: For a more functional solution, layer sheer roman shades with fully functional curtains. In this method, you can use European/relaxed style shades and keep them stationary while the curtains can be operated primarily for light control. If you choose the front-slatted style for the shade, both the layers will be functionally efficient for easy operation.
  • Sheer shades and blackout drapes: You may consider choosing blackout curtains if your sunroom is a multipurpose room. For example, when you work on your laptop here, you may want to cancel harsh glares and also minimize external noise for greater focus. Blackout curtains have other benefits as well which you may consider great for a space subjected continuously to intense heat and light. For instance, they protect your furniture and fabric accessories from harsh rays that can cause discoloration and wear. Plus, sunrooms can get quite warm in the summer and cold in winter. With blackout curtains, you can better regulate the temperature of the room. They block out the sun’s heat and work to insulate chilly spaces.



Woven Wooden Blinds & Fully Functional Curtains

If your home has leanings towards country style or if you want to introduce wood tones to the space, consider faux woven wooden blinds. It’s a nice way to incorporate a touch of nature with all its rawness and organic beauty. 

The sheerness of the woven blinds allow light to stream in through the striated gaps while maintaining privacy at the same time.  Layering them with fully functional curtains helps you to control the light inflow when you don’t want it. And, it guarantees foolproof privacy for the night. Besides, on a cold day, you’ll thank the curtains for having retained the thermal energy of the room which could have been otherwise lost through the crevices of the blinds.


Spotlight On: Rhythm

Beige Blackout Custom Curtains

Create a harmonious feel in your sunroom with the addition of Rhythm blackout curtains. The soothing cream-colored fabric pairs wonderfully with a chic embossed pattern for a clean, understated look.

While blackout curtains come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns, if you’re not completely sold on the look, go for a drapery fabric of your choice and order blackout lining.  




Sunroom Curtains with Trims


The soul of design lies in its details. So, accessorizing your sunroom drapes cannot be an afterthought. Curtain trims soften the stark edges and bring great personality to the room. They help you marry colors, textures and patterns without going over the top.

These tiny bibelots have many an achievement, but we love them most for the way they upscale your room dramatically. For example, if you order solid neutral curtains, they have every chance of seeming to be a big box store find. Why should your custom drapes end up looking like a mass-produced product? Trim them suitably and they look one-of-its-kind instantly. Trims air the bespoke character of the curtains out-and-out. 

Besides, such a fun space as a sunroom must not miss out on the fun part of designing. Since sunrooms are casual spaces, you can add pompom trims to their curtains. If you like the aesthetic of winds brushing loose fabric strands, consider tassel trims or fringe trims. 

Or if it is adding a color, texture or pattern that you’re looking for, ribbon trims provide the opportunity. If it’s a special decorative touch you’re looking for in the holiday season, consider beaded trims and enjoy seeing the colorful baubles sparkle in the daylight. Let trimmed sunroom drapes top up the charm of your lovely escape. 




Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these top sunroom curtain ideas have provided you with some inspiration! If you’re ready to shop, order your custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom drapery that fits your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your sunroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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