Custom Patterned / Printed Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Sometimes, a room needs a certain je nais se quois. A slight shift in color balance, a bit of extra visual activity, or a centerpiece to pull a room together. In many such cases, patterned & printed curtains are exactly what you’re looking for. While this category contains everything from classic checked curtains to exotic damask drapes, all the drapery within this collection offers a more visually active alternative to monochrome designs.

Patterned curtains are always in style, and certain patterns are iconic, never to die. Most of the traditional patterns are printed reproductions of the rich hand-woven motifs of the old world and are as such fitting tributes to the weavers and craftsmen of bygone years and their undying art. Others are modern trendy designs that are inspired by geometrical shapes and abstract art. Coupled with rich and varied color palettes, these draperies can change the appeal of the decor instantly. Patterned drapery sets are quite a way to give your decor a refreshing uplift.

Solid walls offer the perfect backdrop. If a room already has patterns in the form of upholstery or wallpaper, solid-colored curtains offer a counterbalance to foster harmony in your interiors. On the other hand, printed curtains – from florals to geo-prints –  are a great choice for spaces with plain walls and/or solid soft furnishings. If that sounds like your room, then our stylists highly recommend vibrant, patterned curtains to bring visual depth and dimension to your space.


Patterns engage the eyes and are, therefore, a foolproof way to bring rich aesthetic value to your decor. Let’s quickly walk you through our various types of patterned drapes. We’re sure you will face the problem of choice overload but eventually, you can square down upon the one that vibes with your heart as well as your decor.

Classic Plaids: Our geometric-patterned curtains contain some of the oldest patterns in the history of art. A simple check pattern can mean different things to different people, but it always has a simplistic, nostalgic appeal. For that matter, iconic patterns like plaid and gingham are timeless classics that go out of fashion only to come right back. Check out Bellini Fizz, for example, which features cozy hues, and Civit with trend-right hues in the iconic buffalo plaid. 

Playful Polkas: Polka dot, another classic geometric design can add a sense of fun, energy and youthfulness to interiors. Burlington Townhouse can fill the energy of green with its frolicky circles slightly blurred in an indefinite fashion building in a shimmering effect on the pattern. Such patterns are a great choice for children’s rooms and nurseries, although they’re not limited to these spaces. So don’t be afraid to indulge your own inner child.

Vibrant Ikat, Damask and Paisley: Patterned curtains can be luxurious, exotic centerpieces that have rich cultural histories and even spiritual connotations. For instance, ikat drapes like our Combita are inspired by the traditional resist-dyeing method of Indonesia which feature a unique, blurred appearance. The heavily detailed damask prints as in Oakmoss allude to the reversible jacquard-patterned fabrics produced in Damascus centuries ago. Its riveting vine motif was the hallmark of luxurious Victorian homes. Paisley, on the other hand, a representation of a floral spray with a cypress tree, reminds us of the Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity. Venosa is pure paisley charm in an alluring blue and green recipe.

Geometric Shapes: Simplistically constructed and relatively modern, these printed drapes sport clean lines and minimalist details such as chevrons, checks, stripes, and slightly more complicated motifs formed by tessellated circles, triangles, or squares. Based on geometric principles and not necessarily featuring elements of nature, these patterns offer a refreshing treat to the eye and add a chic flair to the home design. Kiwi in an understated blue and Sunkiste in a bright sunset palette can effortlessly be the wow factor of your home.

Homey Florals: Characterized by a rich variety, floral drapes that come in minuscule ditsies, as well as bold botanical prints, add effortless grace to any space.  Bringing the goodness of nature’s precious gifts to mind, floral curtains woo the eye with delicate finesse and literally introduce a garden’s freshness to the home. All flowers but no hues – Botanical Bliss offers a monochromatic take on fresh blooms. Husky Orange is a color treat with blush flowers set on a red backdrop. Or check out this leafy patterns in Quench Blue or Autumn Ferns that offer a delightful change.

Whether you love the simple structures or the complicated detailed ones, patterned drapery is quite an elegant way to dress up your windows. The Spiffy Spools collection has more than one thousand gorgeous, patterned fabrics in every imaginable combination of color and fabric. Explore the categories, find the style that resonates with you, and uncover designs you might not have ever seen before. Once you’ve done that, trust your heart and pick the perfect patterned drapes for your home.