Sometimes, a room needs a certain je nais se quois. A slight shift in color balance, a bit of extra visual activity, or a centerpiece to pull a room together. In many cases, patterned and printed drapery is exactly what you’re looking for. While this category contains everything from classic checks to exotic damasks, all the drapery within this collection offers a more visually active alternative to monochrome designs.

Patterned curtains are always in style, and certain patterns have special appeal for many.

Our geometric-patterned curtains contain some of the oldest patterns in the history of art. A simple check pattern has its own nostalgic appeal, while related designs such as plaid are also centuries old. Polka dot, another classic geometric design can add a sense of fun, energy and youthfulness to interiors.

Beyond the classics such as stripes and checks, patterned curtains can be luxurious, exotic centerpieces that help create a sense of elegance in your rooms. For instance, the traditional Indonesian style of ikat weaving creates splendid patterns with a unique, blurred appearance. Similarly damasks, paisleys and florals feature prominently in our collection.

If a room already has patterns in the form of upholstery or wallpaper, solid coloured curtains offer a counterbalance to foster harmony in your interiors.

If the space being draped has plain walls and/or solid soft furnishings, our stylists highly recommend our vibrant patterned curtains to bring visual depth and dimension to your space. We invite you to explore over 1000+ of our gorgeous patterned fabrics – from linens and cottons, to resplendent silks and velvets – and choose the one that works best for your style and budget!