Custom Brown Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Brown is the color of the earth. Used in home décor, it conveys rootedness, comfort and security. Carefully chosen brown drapes can enhance the aesthetics of many décor styles – mid-century, rustic, farmhouse, traditional, or bohemian.

Brown curtains are a wonderful option to serve as a backdrop for your accent pieces.  The key to using this earthy color is to not go monochromatic. Use it paired with other colors and you have a winner on your windows. 

Pair with a bottle green to tap on the naturally energizing vibe of a forest, with aquamarine blue to invoke the serenity of the sea, or with amber to proffer the warmth of a cozy fireplace. The sheer versatility of this neutral tone gives home stylists a wide spectrum of possibilities and more leverage over design decisions. 


From soft tawny brown to metallic bronze, warm chocolate to rich coffee brown, reddish auburn to orange-tinged copper, aristocratic golden brown to rustic chestnut, brown brings with it a vast spectrum of shades to match many moods and to fit into many color palettes. Paler browns with gray undertones are cooling to the eyes. Darker browns with reddish or orangish undertones evoke warmth.

Welcoming and bonhomie. The lighter tones of brown when used wisely convey wholesomeness, stability and friendlines. Deeply associated with nature, brown seldom fails to evoke the resilience of the earth and the fruitfulness of the humble soil. 

Light brown curtains can anchor the room in a refreshing and comforting mood never once parting with its inherent sophistication or understated elegance. However, since it is a neutral color, pairing it with cheery hues is advisable, otherwise, too much light brown can also convey the opposite feelings of sadness associated with the aridity and loneliness of the desert.

Mood setter. As with all darker shades of color, walnut brown, burnt umber, or cafe noir are rich hues that are reminiscent of the barks of tall, sturdy trees. Where clients feel perturbed at using stark black as an accent, often dark shades of brown are suggested. This earthy tone is an excellent mood-setter and easily pairs with the dark wood furniture or floorings of your home. 

Dark brown curtains, when paired with greens bring to mind the wonderful woody locales and are great decor additions to inspire freshness in lounges, living rooms, and patios. Plain dark brown curtains would be a great addition to an office room or any room meant for serious business.


Ivory and brown together create a soothing, harmonious vibe. Whether you thought about the mouth-watering cream caramel or about your favorite tones of buff leather, the ivory-brown combo is a winning recipe for any room. Brown drapes color-blocked with ivory or plain brown and ivory drapery panels set side-by-side are perfect for a sophisticated, understated decor. Brown patterns set in an ivory backdrop are yet another great option for a subtle yet pretty window treatment.


BLUE: If brown is the color of the earth, blue is the hue of the oceans. This land and water pairing translates beautifully into décor too. Pair a darker brown in drapes with greenish-blues like teal or turquoise in the furniture or rugs, and see your living room look stunning. Similarly, pair a cooler fawn brown with sky blue in the bedroom for a restful feel. Plain burnt sienna drapery makes a chic backdrop for the jewel tones of the buoyant fresh turquoise cushions to strike through.

YELLOW: Bringing home a piece of the erubescent evening sky’s glowing amber and crimson noir, a pair of deep brown and bright yellow curtains is just the right level of contrast that is needed to build warmth and style into the design. The brighter shades of yellow work best to lift the seriousness of the browns to a lively zestful note. Pastel yellow walls can work as a stunning backdrop for the brown curtains. A comfy couch in canary yellow will pop up like a star with brown curtains in the background.

Brown is a nature-inspired hue and brings home the goodness of nature – its earthy, comfy, and harmonious feel. Whatever be your personal style or preference, you will surely find a brown drapery that resonates with your tastes. Browse through our rich collection of brown drapes today and find your favorite from among the variety of fabrics, weaves, prints, and textures to match your décor vision.