Custom Geometric Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Regardless of whether you liked geometry in middle school or not, you’re certainly going to fall in love with it while browsing our geometric roman shades collection below. From playful polka dots to no-nonsense checks, from a modern chevron to a traditional Greek key, we offer a wide range of enticing geometric prints and patterns to choose from. And no matter what you pick, one thing’s certain: our geometric roman shades will bring some serious personality to your windows. 

But owing to the sheer variety of fabrics available in our collection and a variety of geometric patterns to choose from, it might get difficult to pick the one perfect match for your interiors. Hence, stylists at Spiffy Spools have listed our favorite tips for integrating geometric patterns into your space.

  • Take a cue from your furnishings. If you’re dressing windows of a pre-furnished room, it helps to factor in other patterns already visible in the space to create a sense of cohesion and flow. For example, if your rug already has a bold, large-scale pattern, we recommend picking a smaller-scale pattern of the same (or relatively similar) geometric family for your window treatments. 
  • Take the feel of the shape into account. Shapes convey sentiments and moods subliminally. Those with clear lines and sharp edges are considered representative of masculinity and the curvy ones of femininity. Squares and rectangles convey groundedness and stability while triangles convey dynamism, movement, and growth. Circles and ovals convey community, warmth, and comfort. Wavy organic shapes as in ikat or paisley allude to elements of nature and their inherent theme of energy. Draw inspiration from the rich ideas hidden in the motifs as you proceed toward your choice.
  • Balance a bold pattern with a toned-down palette. If you’ve fallen in love with a bold large-scale geometric pattern, but worry about it overpowering the room, then opt for your chosen pattern in a toned-down neutral palette. Similarly, if you’re considering bright-colored roman shades to pop up a neutral room, lean towards smaller scale, intricate geometric patterns for visual balance.  
  • Consider your overall décor style. Clean stripes and checks with a minimalist vibe are often a good fit for Scandi-inspired decors, while gingham and plaid find their ideal homes in farmhouse-style kitchens and country homes. Similarly, polka dots – brimming with playful energy and a sense of movement – have forever reigned supreme in kids’ playrooms and nurseries. So let the overall vibe and purpose of your space be your guide in picking the right geometric pattern for your drapes. 
  • Bold geometric patterns don’t always have to be modern. Many clients don’t consider bold geometric patterns for traditional homes assuming they only work in contemporary settings. But this could not be further from the truth. Classic décor styles can – and should – go beyond a bold floral or paisley print. Patterned roman shades in a Moroccan trellis, for example, are a good call for many classic, traditional rooms. But if you want them to be bold and make a statement, simply consider a fabric with an oversized scale, and see your windows instantly transform into conversation starters.  
  • Bring out the masculine vibe. Geometric patterns like stripes, checks, and chevrons are a great choice to bring out the masculine vibe in a bachelor pad or a gentleman’s office. As opposed to the soft curves of Moroccan or ogee patterns, the masculine look thrives on clean lines and sharp edges. So do browse our stripes and checks if you’re hoping to spruce up your man’s cave. 
  • Choose the style wisely. Our roman shades come in three popular styles. The flat folds with their straight bottoms suit right for patterns formed by straight lines such as checks and stripes. The front-slatted ones show their hems on the frontage and therefore, interrupt the flow of bold patterns. Small-scaled patterns that are distributed all over the fabric such as puppytooth and basketweave are not affected by the hemlines. The clean frontage of the back-slatted shade style, however, can showcase the bold patterns in a worthy manner. In typical decor styles like farmhouse and coastal where the casual approach is dominating, clients also prefer to have the European relaxed style with its scalloped bottoms, and buffalo checks and plaids do look great in them despite the curvy details. Do read our full roman shades style guide before you pick a style for your chosen geometric pattern.

With the kind of customizable options we offer, you can have roman shades handstitched in any size and style to perfectly fit your windows and décor style. Whether you’ve been struggling to find roman shades for an extra-wide picture window, or for a challenging set of narrow bay windows, you’ll find myriad options in our collection. 

So regardless of whether geometry interested you in school or not, we hope you have a fun time browsing through our edgy (pun intended) collection of geometric roman shades and window blinds!