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Spring Home Renovation Tips & Trends for 2023

Spring Home Decor Ideas & Tips 2023


Wake up, spring is knocking at the door!

Spring is the time of awakening, so wake up from hibernation, it is time for some nice changes in your home. No panic, there is probably no need for any excessive changes, no full renovation needed, just some minor touch-ups that will make the world of difference.

The fact of the matter is that your home is probably in an excellent overall state, but you still may wish to make some refreshments to your decor and change some things around, as bright and sunny days are drawing nearer. 

To help you along in decorating your home with the spirit of spring at heart and introduce you to the trendy spring home decor elements of 2023, this blog comes freshly brewed from interior designers with a bag full of blossoming tips.


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Prepare Your Windows for a Better View


Farmhouse Roman Shades


Long, cold days are behind us but they’ve definitely left their mark on our windows. So, first off, check to see if there’s any need for recaulking or any other repairs. After that, make sure you clean your windows and curtains thoroughly so that you can have a nicer view of your lawn and all of the blooming trees and bushes. Besides, there’s no better feeling than entering a sunny and bright room that smells clean and fresh.

Next, check your insulation, and see if it needs any repairs or touch-ups. If there was any damage done to it during the colder days, it’s best to have them fixed before excessive summer heat seeps in. If necessary, make sure you take care of any additional insulation installation to ensure that your indoor air stays nice and pleasant once the heat starts. Needless to say, this will also affect your cooling and heating expenses positively, making your home more eco-friendly in the process.

If your home has enough storage space, you can also consider cleaning your heavy, wool rugs and storing them away. What’s more, you can even consider replacing them with smaller area rugs made of thinner materials that are more suitable for spring and summer. Alternatively, if your hardwood floors are looking good, you can choose to keep them entirely exposed until colder seasons return.


Layer Your Bedroom Window Treatments


Layered Window Treatments


Long nights are over, days begin much earlier and the sun is shining much brighter, and these changes can seriously affect your sleep. So, in order to avoid being woken up before you’re ready to be, consider installing some blackout drapes that will block out the sunlight for as long as you need.

And don’t worry, your bedroom will still get enough sunlight throughout the day. Once you’re ready to greet the sun, simply draw your blackout drapes to the side. If you are looking for an added layer of privacy that also fills your room with the soft glow of the sun, consider layering your blackout drapes with sheer curtains. This pairing adds functional flexibility while also offering a pleasant aesthetic for your bedrooms.




Reflect Spring on Your Walls


Spring theme curtains with matching wallpaper


After a cold and dark season, we all need some sunny refreshments. So, spring is the perfect time of the year to refresh your wall colors. You can paint the walls in some new, sunny color, to wash away every trace of cold and gloomy winter. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will give your home a brand-new and refreshing look.

Additionally, don’t stick to just a single color in one room. Instead, add some more interest to your design by creating an accent wall in a different shade. Or, even better, paint every wall in a different color or shade to create a truly unique design.

To truly embrace the spirit of spring cheer, add spring-themed nature print wallpapers instead of simply putting on a coat of wall paint. Toile patterns and prints that show birds, creeper plants, and greens and have a bright color backdrop are perfect for showcasing your love for spring, the season of rejuvenation. To bring cohesiveness to your room decor, you can also consider adding curtains of the exact same or similar style of pattern and print.


Spotlight On: Teramo

Printed Custom Curtains For Living Room

Rustic chic meets French elegance in our Teramo fabric. A backdrop of tonal grays – from palest whitish to soft ash to deeper charcoal hues – is highlighted with a scattered pattern of crimson red roses, gray foliage, and multi-hued peacocks- everything that makes spring bloom in your rooms. The overall effect is drop-dead gorgeous!


Embrace Some Green Friends


Spring Home Décor for Living Room


It is the blooming season, and you probably have some flourishing plants. Speaking of indoor plants, it will be good to add some soil to the pots and give your plants a nice shower to take off any traces of winter dust and the scent of closed windows. Be sure to put those flourishing pots in sunny spots, so that they bloom better and add some more beauty to your home.

Also, check your outdoor planting beds and containers and see if you need to replace them with new ones. After planting new greenery, make sure to do some grooming every two weeks, cut off spent blooms and leggy stems, and replace any plants that have potentially not survived the process.

Tidy up your flower beds and borders, add some compost to the soil around the trees, and check to see if your shrubs and bushes are thriving. Along with flowers and plants in your outdoor gardens, consider bringing these natural elements indoors too. Add a flower vase with fresh flowers and welcome home some new plants like African Violet, Begonia, and Peace Lily that bloom with cute tiny flowers within your home.  If you want to learn how to decorate your home with custom floral arrangements, read our blog on floral design where our stylists discuss the seven key elements of floral design.

Consider adding botanical print curtains or floral roman shades and curtains that help wrap up the nature-based decor theme that you might be aiming for in honoring the blooming season of spring.




Spotlight On: Crystal River

Printed Window Curtains & Roman Shades

Stay true to bringing nature to your homes with our Crystal River fabric window treatments that showcase your love for tropical hues and the nature-loving principle of spring decor!


Spruce Up Your Patio or Balcony


Spring Home Décor for Patio


Since the weather is only about to get warmer, you’ll most likely want to spend more time outdoors or at least bringing in nature to your indoors, enjoying the fresh air and the delicate warmth of the spring sun. Or perhaps you are in the midst of decorate and putting together a stylish outdoor space to entertain in summer. Of course, that means that it’s the perfect time for a makeover for your sunrooms, balcony, and patio. 

Start by scraping off any peeling paint and apply a fresh coat to your walls, ceiling, railing, and posts. Clean and inspect your outdoor furniture and see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have open plumbing cleanouts nearby your patio seating area, consider covering them up with access doors such as the Acudor UCSS Universal Access Door cover panel to maintain the aesthetic and hygiene of your space. 

As far as seating cushions and throw pillows are concerned, start by cleaning your decorative pillows, or you may embellish them with fresh new covers, and thus easily change the design of your setup. Finally, you can also add some potted flowers to your patio and make it an even more pleasant environment to spend time in.




Order Custom Soft Furnishings from Spiffy Spools

Embrace the joy of spring with all its colors in your homes with custom window treatments in pastel hues and spring-inspired patterns. Walk a step further and match your window treatments with custom accessories like dining table runners and mats, throw pillow covers, and bed runners. Choose from over 3000+ fabrics that are sure to look exactly as your heart desires. Shop Spiffy Spools’ spring collection now!

Whether you want to learn how to drape curtains for events like spring weddings or simply looking for tips to spruce up spaces like a screen porch with drapes in spring, you can find all the ideas and inspiration you need in our Spiffy Speak blog. And if you are still in need of further assistance, we’re just an email away!



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