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Bring Nature Home with Botanical Curtains

From Victorian-era velvets holding intricate bouquets of roses, to modern-day bold botanical prints, elements of nature have forever been woven and welcomed into homes for their viridescent freshness. But while ornate, ditzy flowers can now be reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen, their close equates – stylized botanical prints featuring foliage and ferns – have come to be accepted as the more modern renditions of the classic florals. These on-trend nature-themed prints fit especially well when used as botanical curtains, introducing vibrant tropical vibes to a space, while keeping with the contemporary style. And if surrounded by some real indoor plants (think dramatic spikes of a snake plant and broad, leathery leaves of a fiddle-leaf fig tree), they create a truly inspired interior look, fluently adding a vibrant touch to the quietest of interior schemes. No surprise, our collection of botanical curtains has seen a dramatic surge in popularity in recent years.

If you’ve landed here today with a desire to dress your windows in a lush piece of nature, read on for all the reasons why designers and nature lovers alike can’t get enough of our botanical prints.




Bring Nature Indoors

Bring Nature Indoors


  • Bring nature indoors: Taking a cue from nature, botanical drapes are a great way to bring the outdoors inside your living room, dining area, reading nook or bedroom. To build a nature-inspired aesthetic, our stylists recommend adding custom curtains featuring botanical prints that complement other nature inspired elements – a rustic kitchen table or a reclaimed wood coffee table for example – in the room. Imagine your potted plants – the pretty peace lilies and the soft succulents – sitting against your botanical drapery, and voila! – you have increased the allure of your verdurous space tenfold. Do read our tips on the seven essential elements of floral design to achieve this. Green elements – whether real or printed on your drapery fabric – add not just a touch of frondescence delight but also create a calming and rejuvenating environment in a home.
  • In step with on-trend greens: The love for color green in home decor/interiors is sprouting with a passion. From pastel hues to deeper bolder shades like Viridian and Sacramento, green is high on style and right on trend. Like many of our clients, if you have welcomed leafy hues into your home, you’ll find that botanical curtains strike the perfect note in your green symphony. With their innate connotation of nature, abundance, and renewal, botanical drapes are an easy go-to choice for spaces veiled in gracious greens. Though remember that just because your love for botanicals is blooming, does not mean that your drapery has to be green as well. In fact, if your space already is saturated with too much of this lovely color, consider drapes in a fabric like Bamboo Gala that summons tropical flair in an unexpected palette of black and white.


Timeless Alternative to Feminine Florals


  • Charming without being overly feminine: If you want to add a touch of flora to your home textiles but don’t want them to become overwhelmingly feminine, botanical curtains are a great alternative to delicate floral prints. Featuring jungle landscapes, ferns, and foliage, botanical prints are as timeless as florals, sans the fragile femininity. Botanical curtains – especially if featuring stylistic, oversized patterns – can therefore easily inject nature even in a masculine space, without causing an allergy-inducing allergy attack. Being a relatively gender-neutral aesthetic, they are also a great choice for children’s nurseries if you are going for a nature-inspired or tropical vibe.


Boho Botanicals


  • Perfect for bohemian and beach-themed decors: Looking for drapery for a boho-chic home? Botanical curtains might be the answer! When chosen in a bold colorful pattern, botanical print drapes complement the bustling colors of bohemian decor perfectly. The added charm of indoor plants and free-spirited accessorizing comes together perfectly to create a bright and lively bohemian-inspired home. Similarly, botanical curtains hung in a seaside home are just the perfect accessory to take you back to your last tropical holiday. A palette of flora green, ocean blues, and sandy creams is especially reminiscent of ocean sands and beachside palms.
  • Well suited for organic decor styles: Nature is a central element in several contemporary styles including a modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Japandi. In a light-soaked room dotted with timber stools, sisal rugs, and terracotta pots, botanical theme drapes fit in beautifully, creating a balanced yin and yang between indoors and outdoors, while adding to the organic appeal of these styles.
  • Induces positivity and freshness: One of the most widely acknowledged benefits of embracing nature-inspired decor with earthy elements is the relaxed and restorative environment it creates. Biophilic designs are known to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. They are also instrumental in increasing productivity and stimulating your creative side. It is for this reason that viridescent themes – in which our botanical curtains fit perfectly – are rapidly finding their way into the home as well as workplace settings.



When hung sparingly – on a small kitchen window for instance – botanical curtains are gorgeous without being imposing. When displayed en-masse as dressing for a large picture window, they’re an easy-to-create show-stopping moment. Regardless of where you choose to hang these verdant drapes, they will end up looking organic, appropriate and always stunning.

Sold yet? We thought so!

To get you started on your search for the perfect botanical curtains, we present below the top three faves from our collection:


Botanical Curtains from Spiffy Spools


  1. Leaf Medley: Simple yet bold, this charming flat weave fabric features a classic leaf motif that promises to pair especially easily with minimalist, contemporary and rustic decorative schemes. Each bold leaf is outlined in black while the background provides a versatile cream contrast. We especially recommend this lovely drapery stitched in a flat panel top.
  2. August Ferns: This tasteful fabric features fern frond motifs in autumnal shades of ocher yellow, cinnamon brown and slate gray on a white backdrop. The overlapping and layered watercolor look combined with a rich earthen palette creates a luminous and lovely look. Perfect for a semi-formal or informal space.
  3. Tasmania: Add nature-inspired charm to your decor with this flatweave fabric strewn with a medley of light-hued leaves. Brimming with cheer, Tasmania fabric features an unexpected palette of blue and eggshell for a botanical print. Utterly perfect for a beach cottage or a boho-chic home.

With our collection of floral drapery, you are all set to transform your living space into a gorgeous biophilic sight. Bring the outdoors inside your home with Spiffy Spools’ custom curtains, lovingly hand-stitched in any size and style you desire. So go on, explore our site and see which of our botanical beauties grows on you!



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