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Roman Shades for French Doors

French Door Roman Shades


French doors never go out of style and for good reason – they look amazing, let in light, and provide partial privacy. Besides, those looking for a dreamy vintage charm are not as impressed by the modern frameless glass doors as by good old French doors. A hybrid of doors and windows, French doors don’t just serve a purpose, they are also adorable decor elements of a home. And if you’re shopping roman shades for French doors today, you’ve tripped on the right webpage because this blog piece is just for you.

We recommend roman shades for French doors above other blinds for two reasons: they are sleek enough to stay away from the handle when you want to operate it, and they don’t clatter against the door when it swings.

Besides, in period homes and traditional settings, roman shades look quite at home, unlike other blinds. Lovingly hand-stitched, roman shades rank higher than machine-made blinds not only for that inherent value of human labor, but also because the functional efficiency is much higher. 

There are two ways in which you can mount roman shades on French doors, and each comes with its own set of advantages –

  • You can affix a shade on each panel of the door onto the top portion of the wooden frame. As mentioned above, they will sit between the panel and the handle very comfortably, covering only the glass panes. Since the shade hangs closely to the door panel, better light control is possible if you make sure that the shade sufficiently overlaps the glass portions. If you are planning to install French door curtains as well, this method is ideal.
  • Another method is to mount the shade above the door on the wall. Even though the gap between the door and the shade is more in this case, the coverage being much wider, the possibility of light gaps is canceled. Besides, the beauty of the door is now showcased in all its essential purity. If the door is too wide, we recommend mounting multiple shades for easy operability and longevity of the hardware. Being able to keep one open and the other shut helps aplenty to ensure free passage as well as adequate light control at one and the same time. 

Also, be careful to make sure that the shade does not block the doorway. If the doors open outward, the shade will not constrict the door in any way. But if they open inward, mount the shade high enough to accommodate the stacking room on the wall, so that the doors can swing open freely. Consider however, that the shade will have to be opened completely to be able to open the door, so this is advisable only for very rarely used doors.


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Topping Up the Elegance & Functionality of French Doors


French doors are effortless showstoppers, but the roman shades that cover them must accentuate their visual appeal. The glass panes that allow access to outside view must also be made the most of. Our stylists will take you through some easy tips and tricks to help you make the most of those lovely doors.


Ensuring Privacy


Sheer roman shades fro French doors


If the main reason for covering the doors with roman shades is to create seclusion from adjoining spaces, sheer shades can serve the purpose. They blur the inside view but allow light to pass through. So, in your quest for privacy, you don’t have to sacrifice natural light. White sheer shades will suit right if you want them to seem like a part of the glass door itself. But if you wish to bring contrast, choose other colors – light hues if you want a more bright look and dark hues if you want less light to be filtered in because some will be absorbed by the shade. You can also choose the level of privacy between sheer and semi-sheer roman shades.


Effective Insulation


Roman Shades for French Door


Whether it is regarding the control of external heat from entering during summer or the retention of heat within the room during winter, French doors don’t fare as well as wooden doors. If your doors are facing towards the west, the matter gets worse with all the noon’s harsh sun rays blasting through the glasses. Hence, making your roman shades out of more insulative material is highly recommended if your doors are opening to an outdoor space.

Blackout roman shades that contain light and heat effectively can help to maintain the room temperature by blocking out excessive heat during summer and retaining thermal energy within the room in winter. You can bid goodbye to those hefty power bills after installing these shades. Besides, if it is bedrooms that you’re trying to guard, picking dark colors and tight woven fabrics will help immensely for room-darkening. Thank your blackout shades and sleep sound!


Consider Rear View


Roman Blinds


Keep in mind that the roman shades’ rear side which involves the lift lines, cords, and lining will be visible from the other side of the door. Hence, in case of shades constructed with lining, the lining’s color should be accounted for. Our privacy lining is provided in white color and the blackout lining is provided in beige or gray, depending on the color of the face fabric. If your French doors are opening to another room, it is important to coordinate its fabric with that of other window treatments in the room to create a cohesive look. Hence, if you need any other color for the lining than what we provide, it must be specified along with the order. 


Suitable Style


Relaxed roman shades for French Door


Varied styles of roman shades fulfill varied requirements. If you wish to give a nice decorative look to the already beautiful French doors, we recommend the relaxed shades. Their bottoms scallop gracefully, throwing back to the charm of vintage ruched drapes. But if you wish to operate the shades often, this style may not be ideal as the shade will need help to form neat folds every time it is opened or closed. If you like the look, it is well worth the toil, but if you want an easy job, opt for flat fold shades. Their slats ensure that the folds form neat creases by themselves. 

The front-slatted ones will have the silhouettes of the slats on the frontage, offering visual appeal to solid-colored shades. The back-slatted ones offer a continuous surface which is ideal for patterned fabrics to be presented without distortion. 

Should you not want fully operational roman shades, and only want to add softness and elegance to your doors, go for faux shades. Mount them on drapery poles on the wall above the doors. These shades have their folds stitched to the base portion and function like valances.


Consider Fabric


Bedroom roman shades for French door


The lighter the shade, the smoother its operability. Besides, the weight of the shade adds to the weight of the door if you’re mounting it on the door. 

Select the colors and patterns in keeping with the decor style and the architectural features of your home. A traditional setting calls for the selection of motifs such as stripes, plaids, or florals that resonate with its era. Solid shades can be given a touch of sophistication with ribbon trims that add an attractive element without taking away anything from the beauty of the main fabric. Check out our trims section and choose your favorite ones to make your roman shades look truly custom.

Dressing up your French doors with roman shades can make them surely more impressive as well as efficient at blocking unwanted light, heat, and intrusions of prying eyes. We hope that this blog has been able to throw adequate light on all the pertinent issues you are facing. Browse through our collections and make use of our resourceful blogs as you square down on your choice fabric. Spiffy Spools shares in the joy of decorating your whimsical French doors along with you.



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