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Country Kitchen Curtains: Ideas & Tips

Kitchen valance with cafe curtains


The kitchen is literally the heart of the country home. From the quotidian small talks over a sumptuous table of farm-fresh fruits and just-baked bread to the finishing of chores, both mundane and ingenious, country kitchens are bubbling with life. It’s only fair to decorate this favored space in the best possible way, and the right selection of curtains can do wonders to pull together your kitchen’s look and design. In this blog, we invite you to explore country kitchen curtains ideas that will help add that homey touch country kitchens are known for!


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Country Kitchen Curtains: Warm, Cozy & Homely


Country Kitchen Curtains


The infectious charm of the country home is best relayed through informal fabric accessories loaded with a homey aura. In country kitchens, it’s not just the stone hearths and wooden kitchen islands, but also the cozy curtains that spell rustic charm and warm nature vibes.  If this is exactly the picture you’re trying to paint, the tips coming ahead are going to be very handy.




Choose the Right Fabric


Burlap Kitchen Curtains


Country kitchen decor features a welcoming and down-home feel that often incorporates rustic materials and stylistic elements from the past. Jagged and rugged details are not embarrassing moments of the design, but badges of honor worn with pride, registering the affinity with nature, seasons, and time.

When selecting your country kitchen curtains, stay true to these fundamentals that signify not just an aesthetic preference but the lifestyle of which it’s an offshoot. So, consider fabric options such as linen, cotton, and burlap that are directly sourced from nature. Their breathability enables the funky cooking odors to leave your territory without working too hard for it.

  • Linen curtains do not just lend textural richness with their slubby weave but also help to create a pleasant mood by filtering light softly. The abundance of natural light and fresh air is characteristic of the country style which, we may say without exaggeration, is married to nature. Besides, its characteristic crinkliness gives away the lived-in feel inadvertently through those natural roll-out-of-bed looks.
  • Cotton curtains are the next best alternative offering a design-efficient mix of breathability of linen and a refined demeanor of non-natural fabrics. If your kitchen is open to the formal living room or dining room and you mind the casual look of linen, cotton curtains are the solution. Their crisp finishes are fit for a semi-formal mandate.  Lightweight cotton curtains are recommended for garnering the summery look of a sun-kissed kitchen.
  • Burlap curtains are the right fit for rustic country kitchens that are looking for beige tones to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with their wicker trays and seaweed baskets. Their textural richness adds warmth and rich character to the kitchen. But unless you’re aiming at a color that falls within the range of beige to brown, their rigid palette may have to be factored into your design plan.




Welcome Country Palettes and Motifs


Buffalo Check Country Kitchen Curtains


Another striking feature that contributes to the homey appeal of country kitchens is their earthy palette and generous layering of signature patterns. 

Colors that are inspired by nature and take the mind from the indoor space to the outdoor landscapes are specific to country home decor. Brown, beige, green, and gray in all their varied shades decorate the country kitchens generously. Red kitchen curtains featuring the classic gingham check, or accessories in yellows and oranges spread cheer as they bond with the fresh berries and veggies on the platter.

The kitchen is the most happening place in a country home, and the curtains here do reflect that vibrance. Printed drapes and patterned towels happily sit around the copper saucepans and galvanized tubs, offering much-needed respite from the monotony of these utilitarian items. Traditional fabrics like gingham, stripes, and florals help bring a cozy country vibe and also add personality to the kitchen.

Countering the round pots and pans, gingham curtains provide a beautiful contrast with their simple sharp-edged design. Striped curtains are reminiscent of those yesteryears when patterns used to be simplistic because of being produced by the weave rather than the print. These two traditional patterns immediately bring a nostalgic touch to the kitchen.

And floral draperies are the signature decor piece of country homes where every artistic detail is in some way a throwback to the gems of nature. The organic shapes and nature-inspired art in these curtains find their rightful place in kitchens which celebrate their symbiotic relationship with flowery meadows and fruit-laden trees. 




Select Befitting Heading Style


Rod pocket kitchen curtains


Country decor, in essence, was never a pre-meditated style of decorating a home. It was but an artful presentation of simple household goods that fulfill a function but have an aesthetic appeal nevertheless. The interior decor style that emerged from this pragmatic lifestyle appreciates handmade goodies, often repurposed or upcycled from fraying and weathering scraps. So, when selecting your country kitchen curtains pick a heading style that speaks to that homespun charm. We recommend the following heading styles to add to the rustic feel of your country kitchen:

  • Rod pockets: Curtains can’t be simplified further than rod pockets, and yet, their visual appeal, especially of those with frilled headers, speaks sheer beauty. The ruffled headers soften the space with their delicate bearing. Also, since they do better with less fullness, they perfectly fit kitchens that don’t necessarily want to curtail light.
  • Flat panel tops: Simple in construct and light in design, flat panel top curtains often are hung with clips and gel beautifully with the casual mood of a country kitchen. They are typically stitched with less fullness which comes in handy for small kitchen windows.
  • Tab tops: These curtains hang on fabric loops stitched at regular intervals on the header. Their well-rounded pleats exude a warm casual vibe that works well for kitchens. The tabs also allow light to pass through, adding to the bright and airy appeal of the country kitchen.
  • Tie tops: Hanging on noodle straps tied to the drapery pole, tie-top curtains ring in the vintage country look with perfection. The knotted strings attract the eye with their simple presence and informal appeal.

These headings offer a relaxed, traditional look that will best match the country aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve. If you want to look up for more guidance on these styles, explore our Headings Style Guide.


Pay Attention to Hardware


Country Curtains Hardware


Not just the curtains, but the hardware that hosts them must also vouch for a vintage vibe. Raw wooden poles and deftly crafted finials speak to the style’s obsession with nature-sourced materials made magical by human touch and labor. If they are imperfect, all the better for nothing can convey the handmade feature better. White chalk-painted drapery poles sanded down to mimic peeling paints work well to divulge the kitchen’s graceful aging.

Or, go for antler brackets or a piece of driftwood that brings nature’s raw beauty indoors. Even the branch of a birch tree can serve as a drapery pole and bracket if you’ve got that taste and will to DIY. Be careful, though, to choose such curtain styles that expose this show-worthy hardware.


Café Curtains & Valances


Kitchen Cafe Curtains with Valance


Fun, cozy, and versatile, café curtains and valances are staples in country kitchens. Mounted usually within the window recess, the pair beautifully adorn the window and cleverly stay away from potential splashes from the hob and sink. Let’s give you a detailed account.

Café Curtains

Café curtains are about half the length of a window and are traditionally hung across the center of the pane, covering only the bottom half of the window. With their short length, café curtains are perfect for maintaining privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light into your kitchen.

When styling café curtains, you can choose to use a single panel or double panels that rest on both sides of the window when opened. If you prefer to have more light control, we recommend using double panels, which can be opened and closed more easily. However, if you’d like a more uniform look that showcases your curtain pattern with less distortion, consider a single panel design.


Valances are decorative pieces placed at the top of the window frame, covering about a fourth of the pane. These window treatments add a nice pop of color to your windows and can help to soften incoming light. They are available in a variety of heading styles, fabrics, and patterns so you can design them to match your country kitchen perfectly.

While you can use valances as a standalone look, they’re also fabulous paired with blinds, shades or curtains. Valances can be used to conceal your curtain hardware and maintain your heading style, even when your main window treatment is open.


Country Kitchen Curtains: Inspiration on a Platter

Since pictures speak a thousand words, we’ll let you have a sneak peek into our collections for some inspiration. Our collection of curtains boasts natural fabrics and nostalgic signature patterns of the style. Whatever be your personal favorite, plains or patterns, neutrals or colors, you’re sure to find one that piques your interest and imagination.


Spotlight On: Zafaron

Yellow Checked Custom Curtains For Living Room

Featuring a lemon-yellow and pure white Zafaron buffalo check pattern, our Zafaron curtains exude cheerfulness. This classic country kitchen style will create a bright, upbeat feel in your space.


Spotlight On: Relaxed Navy

Striped Custom Window Shades

Blues, browns, and taupes stride in brush-textured vertical lines, breathing country aesthetic through their earthy tones and unrefined lines.


Spotlight On: Rustic Charm

Custom Drapery And Roman Blinds

Beige white striped curtains in a washed-out look relate to the country lifestyle both as regards the palette and the worn-out looks of a home that’s aging gracefully.


Spotlight On: Summer Lark

Birds print curtains

Featuring bright oranges, yellows, and beiges, Summer Lark will bring a lively natural feel to your kitchen. These curtains feature a quaint, vintage-inspired pattern with lark birds, serene foliage, and flowers, offering a delicate, airy look that’s perfect for country kitchens.


Spotlight On: Amabel

Amabel Curtains


Amabel curtains are the epitome of rustic chic, perfect for any country kitchen. The print showcases a collection of quirky yet edgy cooking graphics that rest on a beige, brown, and black color palette. Though the colors are rather neutral, they’re warmed up by the funky images of rolling pins, salt shakers, ladles, and more!


Spotlight On: Allura

Cafe theme curtains


If you look forward to starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee, you’re sure to love our Allura printed curtains. This fun, themed curtain features names of coffee variants that are printed across the swathe in an interesting mix of fonts. Plus, the color palette is a frothy beige, arabica brown, and charcoal black—reminiscent of your favorite caffeinated beverage.


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these country kitchen curtains ideas have helped you find the perfect inspiration for your home. If you’re ready to shop for gorgeous drapery, order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom curtains that fit your exact specifications and design style. Explore our site to find the perfect window treatments for your kitchen, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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