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Bathroom Window Valance


All can agree without dispute that a good beginning goes a long way to make a good day happen. And so, bathrooms must be high on elegance –  not just functionality –  making the time spent there more enjoyable and relaxing. Whether you’re designing your bathrooms afresh or updating them, consider valances if you’re looking for an excuse to bring in color, vibrance and hygge. In this blog post, we bring you the top bathroom window valance ideas and tips to get them done right and easily.

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Bathroom Window Valances to Pamper Your ‘Me Space’


Valances in Bathrooms


While decorating other rooms of the home has got a lot to do with giving off a good impression to visitors, bathroom decor is often a celebration of self-aesthetic. You need to impress only yourself. That gives room not just for keen styling, but for a very personalized approach to the process. 

Since bathrooms are usually small, the scope for decor is often limited. And the windows being small, their dressings may often be reduced to their functional aspect. That’s why we’re huge fans of bathroom valances as they can add the much-needed fun element without going over the top.

If your bathroom overlooks an uninhabited area and privacy is not a key concern, bathroom valances can very well be the only window treatment, justified for their aesthetic brilliance alone. 

But in bathrooms where privacy needs to be attended to – as is the case with most spaces – bathroom valances can top curtains, shades, or blinds, and enhance their visual appeal. If you have one of those dull and unimpressive industrially produced blinds on your window, you can count on the bathroom window valance to top it with some color and make it eye-engaging.

Another advantage of topping a bathroom window with a valance is that it can optically elongate the space by drawing the eye upward. By placing the valance above the window, you may also fool the mind with the illusion of a larger window.

So, bathroom valances are great decor accessories for your bathrooms but how do you design them? Coming ahead are tips from our home styling experts to help you with your situation.




Identify Your Decor Style


Muddy Bathroom Decor with Custom Valance


A great starting point when shopping for a bathroom window valance is to identify your bathroom’s current decor style. This will allow you to envision a valance that flawlessly matches your existing bathroom décor.

So, check whether it’s a color-driven, pattern-heavy bathroom of traditional interiors, or a muted, low-detail bathroom of modern homes, or somewhere in between. Accordingly, figure out the right kind of bathroom valance for this space.

A traditional home’s well-embellished bathroom bursting with floral details needs a bathroom valance that celebrates organic shapes and an opulent flow of fabric. Bathroom valances with elegant classic patterns, stylish pleats, curvy edges, and elaborate detailing are suitable here. 

That said, you may still want to avoid the heavy-pleated valances of the 1960s with their ornate trims and deep scallops. Traditional decor can be revisited with a modern touch by keeping the embellishments down to a moderate level. So, if you choose a patterned fabric or statement hardware, you can stick to a simpler style of valance and avoid adding trims, for example. Or, if you’re keen on having a shapely bathroom valance, consider going for a solid-colored fabric. 

A bathroom designed on modern design traits such as neutral palettes, clean lines, and refined finishes deserves a neutral-colored bathroom valance with sleek and fine silhouettes. There can be a slight indulgence in ornamentation, but nothing too elaborate or kitschy.

After having considered your bathroom’s decor language, you can apply the principles to shop for a new valance that’s in perfect sync with the rest of the space. 


Select a Valance Style


Pole Mounted Valance in Bathroom


Not just decor styles, aesthetic preferences also vary from person to person, calling for various types of valances to cater to these interests. Hence, we have several varieties of bathroom window valances for you to choose from at Spiffy Spools! Have a sneak peek:



Flat-bottomed valances offer simple, clean lines that are the hallmark of contemporary designs. Our Board Mounted Box Pleat Valance and Pole Mounted Modern Flat Panel Valance work nicely for both modern and minimalist designs. Whereas, valances like Pole Mounted Scalloped Valance and Board Mounted Scalloped Valance with Box Pleats are ideal for transitional/traditional bathrooms that appreciate curvy shapes and elaborate details.



Valances with flat frontage such as Board Mounted Scalloped Valance and Faux Roman Shade Valance can show off fabric patterns without distorting their integrity. Whereas, pleated valances such as Pole Mounted Euro Triple Pinch Pleat Valance and Board Mounted Sheffield Valance have stylish folds as their highlight. These look excellent in solid-colored and richly textured fabrics.



Our board-mounted valances feature valance headers wrapped to a lumber board with the help of velcro. They come ready-to-mount and can be maintained easily as the valance can be detached and cleaned. The board’s structure lends a very tailored touch and an undisturbed surface to show patterns in good light. They are also a good cover-up for drapery hardware that you’re not pleased to show if you have curtains underneath.

The pole-mounted bathroom window valances, on the other hand, carry a more casual flair.  Depending on the style you choose, they may or may not show their own hardware. But you do have the choice, if you wish, to show off high-end poles and finials. These come with rod pockets that can be slid easily onto the drapery poles.

No matter which style you choose,  privacy lining guarantees better appeal and longevity for valances. Hence, we line all our non-sheer valances. So, do factor in that the valance will look white on its rear side.




Sync Colors & Patterns


Patterned Bathroom Valance


Next, you’ll need to pick the perfect fabric for your bathroom window valances to match your bathroom décor. The palette should tie in with the overall decor and, the patterns, if any, should further underscore the same.

So, for example, bathrooms with modern decors may favor neutral color palettes that include hues such as white, black, grey, beige, khaki, and cream. Solid-colored bathroom valances may be preferred over patterned ones to give off a sleek, clutter-free look. Among patterns, those that give off a modern flair such as geometric and abstract prints are apt.

Similarly, bathrooms with traditional designs may go for richer, more saturated color. Patterned bathroom window valances with bold accents are preferred to solid-colored ones. And, time-tested motifs such as buffalo checks, florals, paisleys, and damasks are topliners here. Indulgence in elaborate details such as tassel trims and ribbon trims is considered a staple to this style.

Since bathrooms are generally void of patterns save the veins of the marble, using bathroom window valances as an excuse to bring in some colors and shapes is highly advisable. Caution is advised though, for oversized or sparsely laid out motifs as they can get cut off abruptly. 

Certain patterns like stripes can help immensely to elongate a small window optically by making the eye move along its lines. Since most bathroom windows are small, this technique can prove very handy. 

If you want to make your window decor more striking, consider trimmings for your valances. They also help to two-tone a solid-colored fabric and garner visual interest. You can also truly personalize this space by choosing trims that echo your own personality –  be it the whimsical pompoms, the ornate tassels, or the classic ribbons.


Layer your Valances

Bathroom valances do a lot to elevate the space aesthetically but what they don’t provide is privacy. Hence, we highly recommend going for window treatments that vouchsafe that aspect thoroughly. Here are our top two recommendations:


Layer Valances with Cafe Curtains


Layering Valances with Cafe Curtains in Bathroom


Valances are gorgeous window treatments that can add a lot of character to your bathroom. However, what they don’t provide is privacy. That’s why it’s smart to layer your valance with a window treatment that offers extra protection – and cafe curtains deserve special mention in the context of bathroom windows. 

Café curtains hang across the center of the windowpane. The fabric is half the height of the pane, and the curtains can be designed with either a single panel or double panels.

Since café curtains only cover the bottom portion of the window, you’ll enjoy added privacy without sacrificing natural light, which can come through the top portion of the pane. The short length of café curtains is also perfect for a bathroom setting because they’ll remain safely away from potential splashes from your shower or sink—unlike longer curtains.

While layering cafe curtains and valances, do pay attention to the heading style. Ideally, both valances and cafe curtains should feature the same type of pleating style to generate a cohesive look. So, if you choose rod pocket cafe curtains, let your valances be rod pockets too.

Cafe curtains and bathroom window valances are often designed from the same fabric. If you have an outright minimalistic approach, go for solids. For a more attractive feel, mix two complementary or contrasting colors. If you intend to create a focal point, design your cafe curtains and valances from the same patterned fabric. 

If you neither want the oversimple look of two solids nor the busy look of two patterns, mix them. Solids and patterns complement each other well when designed with coordinated palettes. Patterned valances grab attention and are a clever way to make the mind gauge the vertical space. But, if you want the patterns to dominate, let your cafe curtains carry them since they take up more optical space.




Layer Valances with Shades or Blinds


Valance with Roman Shades in Bathroom


If you don’t prefer the look of café curtains or need full coverage for privacy, you might consider layering your valance over shades or blinds instead. 

If you want a fabric option that gives you the feel of curtains, go for roman shades. They stack up neatly from the bottom of the window in even folds and rest at the top when open. When closed, they fully cover the window, allowing you to adjust your privacy level when needed. Like café curtains, their short length ensures they will remain protected from potential splashes. 

Whereas, if you’re looking for non-fabric options, consider other shades and blinds that get neatly tucked away into their cassettes. Since most of these come in neutral palettes, the bathroom valances can do a splendid job of lending some color and drama.

Consider mixing two colors or solids and patterns when layering valances with shades or blinds. This way, the two layers can complement each other and make a wholesome visual treat.




Get the Measurements Right


Bathroom Window Valance Ideas


Once you’ve sorted the creative side of the bathroom valance design, it’s time to focus on the technical. 

The length of the valance is partly determined by where you will position it on the window/wall. You may have decided to mount your valance a few inches above the window sill to make your window look taller. Or perhaps to place it directly above the frame to ensure more coverage. 

Taking into account the point of installation, the minimum drop of the valance should be 1/4th plus 1 inch of the total height measured from the point of installation of the valance to the window sill. 

For example, if the total length from the top of your valance to the window sill is 48 inches, then ideally the length of your valance should be (¼ of 48 + 1) inches, which is 13 inches. 

And then depending on your personal preferences, you can design it an inch or two longer or shorter than this starting length. 

If you’ve chosen a valance style with a scalloped or swaging bottom, make sure you are measuring the length of the deepest point of the drop. This will ensure that your valances do not end up being shorter than the required length. 

If there are curtains underneath, avoid lengthening or shortening the valances so much that they start looking disproportionate in conjunction with the length of the drapes.

As regards the width, the finished width of various styles of bathroom window valances will be different. For example, you’d need to factor in extra width for a grommet top valance to allow the fabric to gather into nice pleats, whereas styles such pinch pleated valances or any of our board mounted valances do not need any such consideration. 

To be able to specify the correct width based on style chosen, we recommend following the detailed measurement guidance offered on our valance shopping pages.  

But regardless of the style chosen, bathroom valances should always be a few inches wider than the window. With pole-mounted bathroom window valances, factor in the additional space required for the finials. If you’re hanging curtains underneath, make sure that the valance will be wide enough to accommodate their stacking room on both sides. Or if you have blinds or shades underneath, account for the space occupied by their headrail.


Order Custom Valances from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed exploring these top bathroom window valance ideas! At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom valances that will look beautiful in any bathroom. With over 3,000 fabrics to choose from, you can order the perfect valance for your bathroom! Enjoy your me-space with Spiffy Spools’ bathroom valances designed exclusively by you and for you. 



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