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Top Bathroom Window Valance Ideas

Bathroom Window Valance Ideas

Are you searching for a unique decorative element to add to your bathroom? A valance is a great choice! Here, we’ll discuss the top bathroom window valance ideas to help you create the perfect look for your space.

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Identify Your Design Style

A great starting point when designing your valance is to identify your bathroom’s current design style. This will allow you to create a valance that flawlessly matches your existing bathroom décor and hang it without any difficulties.

Some typical design styles for a bathroom include:

  • Modern
  • Themed
  • Minimalist
  • Naturalistic

After pinpointing your bathroom’s design style, you can apply the principles you used to create the look to your new valance.

Select a Valance Style

Board Mounted Box Pleat Bathroom Window Valance

Board Mounted Box Pleat Valance

Board Mounted triple pinch pleat bathroom Valance

Board Mounted Triple Pinch Pleat Valance

There are seemingly endless valances for you to choose from at Spiffy Spools! We have options available to match to any style:

These are just a few of the valance options we offer at Spiffy Spools. Explore our full collection to find a selection that perfectly pairs with your bathroom’s design style!

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Match Colors & Patterns

Winter Oak


Next, you’ll need to pick the perfect fabric for your valance to match your bathroom décor:

  • Modern designs favor neutral color palettes that include hues such as white, black, grey, beige, khaki, and cream. Modern designs can feature both solids and patterns. If you’d like to select a pattern, consider a geometric print with angular edges and crisp lines.
  • Minimalist designs pair best with valances featuring a solid, neutral fabric.
  • Naturalistic designs favor earth tones, such as greens, browns, beige, cream, and even blues. A natural woven fabric such as linen would make a great choice. If you’re looking for a printed fabric rather than a solid, select an option that features foliage or a floral pattern.
  • Themed designs are a great opportunity to implement a fun print! For instance, choose a shell pattern for a beach theme, navy blue stripes for a nautical theme, or a large leaf print for a tropical theme.

Layer with Café Curtains

Valances are gorgeous window treatments that can add a lot of character to your bathroom. However, what they don’t provide is privacy. That’s why it’s a smart idea to layer your valance with a window treatment that offers some extra protection, such as café curtains.

Café curtains hang across the center of the windowpane. The fabric is half the height of the pane, and the curtains can be designed with either a single panel or double panels.

Since café curtains only cover the bottom portion of the window, you’ll enjoy added privacy without sacrificing natural light, which will come through the top portion of the pane. The short length of café curtains is also perfect for a bathroom setting, because they’ll remain safely away from potential splashes from your shower or sink—unlike longer curtains.

Layer with Roman Shades

If you don’t prefer the look of café curtains with your valance but still wish to increase your privacy, you might consider layering your valance over roman shades instead. Roman shades consist of a single piece of fabric that matches the exact dimensions of your windowpane. They stack neatly from the bottom of the window in even folds and rest at the top when open. When closed, they fully cover the window, allowing you to adjust your privacy level when needed. Just like café curtains, their short length ensures that they will remain protected from potential splashes. This sleek window treatment will work perfectly with your valance to meet both your functional and design needs!

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Order Custom Valances from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed exploring these top bathroom window valance ideas! At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom valances that will look beautiful in any bathroom. With over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, you can create the perfect valance for your space!

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