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Looking Ahead to 2024 – What Home Decor Styles Might Be on the Horizon?

2024 Home Decor Trends


Are you already itching for a change in your home? Maybe you’re tired of the trends you’ve seen and are looking for something more radical. We understand that feeling. Take a look at the top 2024 home decor trends to see how you can switch it up.

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A “Spathroom”

The bathroom is evolving into the spa bathroom for 2024. What does that mean? Well, it means taking inspiration from all those places you can’t afford to stay at but want to stay in forever. The concept is spurred on by a need for a self-care space, and where better is that than the tub?

The best spas know how to implement nature into a luxury atmosphere. Showers with stones for flooring, stone walls, marble sinks, quartz décor for a space where you can entirely relax. Get started by introducing leafy plants where they can (theoretically) get their water without any effort, some candles to set the mood and some portable speakers playing steel drums. Step away from the white tile and move closer to something more natural.

Along those lines, consider vinyl flooring that imitates wood flooring. It’ll stay waterproof so you can stop worrying about maintaining it or keeping it clean and dry, but it feels better on the toes and will match the “spatmosphere” of the “spathroom”.




New Neutrals

Throughout 2023 you might have noticed a couple of major trends. One of them was the Japandi style which was a blend of Japanese and Scandi styles, leaning towards minimalist decor, and featured a lot of natural materials, clean lines, natural light, and a neutral colour palette. There were also a lot of dramatic colours going viral: deep navy blues, forest greens, and even Heinz ketchup reds. No, really, look up Lick x Heinz.

People who didn’t want to go too much in either direction tended to settle on a third trend: sunset neutrals. Suddenly bedrooms were using the golden hour to amplify terracotta, pink sunset, and peachy-toned walls. It can be concluded that this is going to take off in 2024.


Checkerboard Floors

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you might have come across a creator explaining the similarities? Differences? Between the styles of Gen Z and Millennials. His TikTok can be summed up in “The Gen Z’s X is simply Millennial’s Y”. For example, he says Gen Z’s interest in mushroom-shaped décor is akin to millennials’ pineapple décor love, and their neon lights is comparable to millennials’ obsession with fairy lights. Similar but different.

A great example we see taking off is the checkerboard floors. It’s another example Reeves Connelly, or @Reevcon, poses. He says the millennial checkerboard floor is coming off but with a twist: literally. A checkerboard that swoops a little like someone stirred it is coming out in rugs and flooring for the Gen Z’s who have a notorious love of curves and colour blocking.


A 70’s Revival

Just like fashion is in the 00’s right now and before it was in the 90’s, last year Art Deco and Nouveau of the 20’s were back in homes, and now the 70’s are predicted to be back in 2024. Perhaps in opposition to the Art Deco and the rich deep colours of 2023, the 70’s and all its earth tones are back. We can expect some harvest gold, avocado green, and burnt orange. Natural fibres like wool, macrame, raffia, and cotton will be used extensively in home furnishings. For instance, chunky wooden furniture, shaggy faux fur rugs and throws, and low-sitting furniture will all be back. Plus, true to the tastes of Gen Z, there’ll be a lot of circular forms, and we all know how bean bags were popular in the 70’s. It’ll be just the thing for a generation that’s leaving their first apartment and its pastel colours behind.



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