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Modern Farmhouse Roman Shades: Going Country with Minimalism

Linen Farmhouse Roman Shade


If there’s something of the eighteenth century that can’t cease being the chartbuster, it’s the farmhouse decor style. And why not? It is aesthetics with viability. It’s easy to miss its agrarian origins as shiplap walls and trestle tables glisten under barn lights even in a contemporary city apartment. The modern farmhouse style is a fresh take on this pervasive style, and windows bedecked with modern farmhouse roman shades instead of ruffled drapes is an explicit sign of this transition. 

Farmhouse roman shades are mnemonic allusions to the classic farmhouse curtains with their white linens, red ginghams and frilly valances. And if you’re visiting us today on a hunt for window dressings for your modern farmhouse, you are sure to find the right ones today. 


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Distinctive Traits of Modern Farmhouse Roman Shades


Modern Farmhouse Roman Shade in Dining


The modern farmhouse style of the 1990s saw home stylists introducing bucolic elements into home decor for a nostalgic touch. It struck a chord with homeowners and designers alike. In yet another round of modernization, the newer versions have renounced some of the pastoral elements and, inspired by the modern and Scandinavian concepts, negotiated open floor plans, large windows with minimalist dressings, svelte designs and wider color palette. One element never compromised though is the reverence for true craftsmanship. So how can the sleek handmade farmhouse roman shade not be found here? 

Since roman shades sync so effortlessly with modern designs as well as the traditional, ensuring that they ring in the farmhouse vibe is the challenge. It is achieved by importing the telling signs of the style into the details – the right fabrics, colors, patterns and types. In this blog post, our stylists will walk you through them one by one. Working out these signature intricacies into your farmhouse roman shades is what does the trick. 






Modern Farmhouse Roman Shades


The preference for natural and handwoven varieties of burlap, linen and cotton is characteristic of the farmhouse style. A modern farmhouse roman shade must be made of tactile materials that are close to nature to ensure that the country vibe, and its coziness and warmth, strikes through efficiently. But eaze of upkeep lies in the light weight, easy-drying features of synthetic fabrics. So, a reasonable mix of the two is perhaps a more practical solution in more humid and tropical climatic conditions. Hence, Spiffy Spools’ collections provide you rich textured fabrics in both pure natural like our Leh Eshaan as well as blends such as Beyaz to choose from based on your preferences.


Color Palette


Modern Farmhouse color Palette


The signature black-white high contrast and the earthy grays and beiges of the farmhouse make for a classic appeal, doubtless. But a self-effacing interaction with colors is not foreign either. Too much neutrality in colors can make a space go bland. So, a tempered play with colors is on trend – exhibited in the generous use of colors like sage greens and siennas. For farmhouse puritans, a black and white modern farmhouse roman shade in Juodas should be an undoubtable pick. Rustic Charm in a beige-white palette can be a soothing and classic option for a neutral take. The real essence of this style is in its ability to make a welcoming space with the crude items. Hence, beige, brown, tan and ivory are always a welcome addition to the space.  But equally welcome is the lively play of colors in light-toned variants such as in our Spring Orchid, Romaine, Yamini Zanzibar, Desert Fortress, and Quarry Pond.


Plains or Patterns


Patterned roman shades for modern farmhouse décor


Plain white linens wooing us with their pristine beauty or getting classic with a simple, black or gray trim on the edge are typical of the farmhouse style. April Morning, like the name indicates, is a pure cotton white bolt from our collection which can simply breathe in freshness by its very look.  If you’re a lover of whites, styling your farmhouse design with white roman shades should be the fairest option to both the style and your preference. But if you like the visually engaging patterns, there are many motifs typical of the farmhouse like stripes, florals, ginghams and buffalo checks. And your modern farmhouse roman shades, with any of these iconic patterns should be just as striking. Oymak, Auray, Apple Blossom and Civit are typical examples from our collections. Browse through our vast collection for more choices.


Fold Style


Relaxed Roman Shades for Modern Farmhouse


At Spiffy Spools, we offer clients three popular roman shade styles. Both flat folds with their crisp structured look, and relaxed roman shades with their curved bottoms are all suitable for the modern farmhouse decor. Since farmhouse style is almost synonymous with casual coziness, many clients like the laid back appeal of the relaxed style more than the straight lines of the flat folds. But if your preferences lean more towards the modern styles or if your window’s requirements are such that a swagging fabric piece may not be desirable, the flat folds should fit the bill perfectly. 

We provide flat folds in two styles – front slats which display the seams in the frontage, and back slats featuring a seamless flow. The back slats offer a clean, sleek contour without visual breaks – a great way to showcase the patterns in the shade. The front slats may be more appealing to you if you like a more structured, tailored look. If you’ve picked a plain fabric for your modern farmhouse roman shades, the slats may themselves form an architectural pattern to provide more visual interest to your window dressings.  


Dress Up your Farmhouse Windows to the Nines


Farmhouse Kitchen Roman Shade with Trim


Now that you know how to bring the farmhouse details to the roman shade, let us take you through some of the popular options to choose from. Based on your personal taste, you can make a decision.

  • Crisp, clean, all-white: For those who fall for the snowy whites and the modern decor’s clean finishes, an all-white roman shade stitched in flat folds is ideal. Fabrics like Marble and Leh Almost White are sure to nail the look.
  • Soft plains: For the love of plains and a pop of color, check out our Soft Jazz that sports an ethereal blue. If your tastes are leaning towards the rustic luxury style, browse our silk collection – Bhiwani’s blush pink offers an opulent alternative. The relaxed style can make the most of the plush fabric.
  • Rustic patterns: Oh, those rustic patterns that instantly ring in the farmhouse vibe! They are an excellent way to make your shades more eye-engaging. Marjon’s iconic buffalo checks in a cheerful orange can be a lovely addition to your patio. For a neutral bearing, consider Destiny’s checkered beige and brown.
  • Embroidered Florals: No better way to raise your hats to true artistry than to bring in the feminine touch of embroidered florals as in our Shiny Penny! For a sophisticated touch of color, consider Rambagh.


Time for Action



Well begun is half done! We hope that this blog will prove resourceful for you to make that good beginning – the planning. So, put on your thinking caps and start meandering through our collections to make your dream farmhouse look a reality. Spiffy Spools delights in assisting interior stylists to achieve their dreams. For elegant custom window treatments, and in this case, a modern farmhouse roman shade, think Spiffy.



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