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How to Save on Energy Bills Using Window Treatments

Energy Saving Window Treatments


High utility bills can be a huge source of stress for homeowners, so it’s no surprise that they are always looking for solutions to cut down on electricity usage. While upgrading your appliances and focusing on regular maintenance are great energy-saving strategies, there is another cost-effective solution that can make a difference – window treatments.¬†

Apart from adding style to your home décor, window coverings can help reduce your energy consumption. In the summer months, sunlight pouring into your house can quickly escalate your cooling bills. Installing shades, blinds, or drapes can filter out the sun rays and keep you comfortable without cranking down your HVAC thermostat. Similarly, in winter, window coverings can help trap insulation and prevent heat loss. 

This blog will explore how window treatments can help you better optimize your home climate and the best type of window covering to improve energy efficiency. 


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How Window Coverings Can Help Reduce Bills & Improve Heating and Cooling Performance


How to save energy with Window Treatments


Window treatments and coverings do not come in mind when looking to bring down energy costs. Here’s how they help: 


By Reducing Heat Gain & Loss 

Did you know that about 30% of heat loss occurs through windows! During the cooling season, approximately 76% of the sunlight that falls on your windows becomes heat and affects your home climate. 

Window coverings can help you cut down on energy wastage. For example, you can close your shades during hot summer days to prevent harsh light from coming in. This reduces the amount of heat coming inside and minimizes the HVAC system’s load, ensuring it works efficiently.¬†

 Conversely, during chilly days, you can open your curtains or blinds to allow sunlight to seep in and naturally warm up your home, limiting the reliance on heating systems. This can lead to energy savings, lower utility bills, and reduced environmental impact.


By Controlling Drafts 

Drafty windows can make your home frosty as the temperature falls, prompting you to blast the heat. The same is the case in summer when cooled air leaks and you have to lower your thermostat settings. This can cause your electricity bills to soar and put a dent in your wallet. 

 Window treatments such as films, curtains, and drapes can be used to reduce drafts coming from cracks around your windows. This solution also comes in handy when you are renting and need a quick and temporary fix. You can retain up to 30% of the heat by using a window covering, helping to save you money in the long run. 


Best Window Coverings to Keep Your Utility Bills in Check 

Investing in the right window coverings for your home can help improve your HVAC performance and reduce energy bills while keeping you comfortable.


Curtains & Drapes  




Curtains and drapes are fabric window coverings. Curtains have a lighter fabric composition and can be of any length, while drapes are made of heavier fabric and generally go all the way to the floor. Their ability to reduce heat gain and loss depends on the color and fabric type. They should be hung as close to windows as possible to increase the insulating effect. 

In winter, closed drapes can help keep your home warm and reduce solar loss by up to 10%. A thermal lined curtain adds an insulating layer that can reduce heat loss by up to 39%.  In summer, medium-colored drapes with light-colored backings can help reduce heat gain by 33%. 




Roman Shades


roman shades


Roman shades are fabric window shades that you can use to reduce heat gain or loss. It has various layers of fabric layers that create an air barrier and thus help to save energy. Roman shades are considered one of the effective ways to reduce electricity bills. Roman shades with blackout linings can help to reduce unwanted heat by up to 60%. In winter, they can lower the heat loss by 40%. This can lead you to save up to 10% on heating costs. 

You can also use reversible shades that are white on one side and black on the other to help with energy savings. You can switch them up depending on the season. The light color reflects light while the darker one absorbs it. 






reflective window blinds



Window blinds add insulation to your windows and help to save on energy bills. Reflective blinds are the best fit if you are looking to reduce energy consumption and improve your HVAC efficiency. 

Reflective blinds are designed to reflect light and heat, making them a must-have for any home. In the summer, they keep your home cool by reflecting sunlight away. Reflective blinds can help lower solar gain by 45%. In the winter, they reflect heat back inside, keeping your home cozy.

Some reflective blinds even have a reversible design, with one side highly reflective and the other highly absorptive. Be sure to position the reflective side toward the source of heat ‚Äď in the summer, it faces out, while in the winter, it faces in.




Window Films 


window films


Window insulation film is a thin layer of plastic applied to window glass and is used to control heat and light transfer. It is mostly used in areas with long summer months and helps keep your home temperature cool. This way, you can keep your thermostat at a higher temperature and save on bills. The silver mirrorlike film is typically more effective than colored window films. 


In Conclusion

Window treatments such as curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds are an easy and effective way to deal with high electricity bills while also adding style and charm. They help home warm during the winter and reduce heat within the house during the summer. This helps take the load off your HVAC and keep your home environment comfortable. From the multi-layered honeycomb shades to the reflective blinds, there’s an array of window treatments that comes in so you can find the best one for your windows and budget. Whether you go with a more classic look or something modern – you can save a significant amount of money without breaking the bank.

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