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Solid Color Curtains For A Solid Look To Your Windows!

Solid Color Curtains

Solid Color Curtains

Solid color curtains are unfussy and simple, but make no mistake of their unmistakable versatility. They can give your decor glorious backdrops. They can dress your windows with cheerful hues. They can even be featured as accent art in themselves. Simply put, solid curtains go above and beyond just some splash of colors on a fabric. They remain a timeless classic, having only gotten better and trendier with new ways to dress them up.

Looking to accommodate this piece of classic dressing in your homes? Our stylists at Spiffy Spools will show you the top tips and tricks so you can dress up your windows with solid color custom drapes – so no more are your plain curtains – well – simply plain! 

  • White & fine: If your maximalist decor is already brimming with colors and patterns and you’re not sure what color to incorporate for balancing the palette, put your trust in any of our classic white curtains. Anything white instantly offers visual calm. They confirm there’s beauty in simplicity. The magic of white curtains is such, they can also make a dimly lit bedroom look bright and airy. We recommend crisp white curtains – such as our bestselling Marble white curtains – to invite an airy feel to your living rooms. If you have an all-white theme, your white curtains will become another great addition. Or if you’ve got darker walls, white curtains will fall graciously to even the odds. ALSO READ: THE BEST WHITE CURTAINS FROM SPIFFY SPOOLS
  • Pattern play: The good-old solid curtains are a great tool of tricks if you are a fan of pattern plays in your overall space. If you already have a rug or a statement headboard with a bold pattern – be it florals, geometrics, or ikat – you can use your solid draperies in complementary colors to balance the plain and the patterned in your room. Solid color curtains offer you the easiest and often the most aesthetically pleasing way to dress up windows against patterned wallpaper. The most critical factor to consider here is of course picking a drapery color that complements your existing decor palette. 
  • Textural treat: If you have not considered solid color curtains because you think they will lack visual depth, think again. Texture and fabric composition play a key role in absence of a pattern on your solid curtains. Some of our bestselling solid color curtains are filled with textural and tactile qualities that evoke a sense of opulence and understated elegance. Our delightful velvets are the perfect example. Featuring plush piles and hues ranging from daring emerald greens and sapphire blues to subtle greys and browns, Spiffy Spools’ solid color velvet curtains are a sensational way to bring any room to life. Or consider a fabric like ‘Emberglow’, brimming with a calming, earthy vibe that draws attention to the full, textured look of the herringbone weave. Together – and without any pattern play – the color and texture are enough to evoke the feeling of rolling hills and autumn gardens.
  • Up your layering game: With solid curtains, you can take your mix-and-match gameplay to literally another level by layering up your window treatments. Imagine, patterned roman blinds at back paired with floor-length solid color curtains in front – a 10/10 visual treat. Or opt for patterned sheer drapes behind your solid color curtains at the front. If dressing up a smaller set of windows where layering is not viable, consider topping your solid curtains with a patterned valance in any of the dozen styles we offer. Mix it or match it – whatever and however you like!
  • Accessorize your solids. You may also accessorize your solid draperies with trims, tassels, pom-poms and ribbons. Trims and tassels are a great tool to add tasteful details to your otherwise simple solid drapes. Ribbons and tapes can lend a tactile element and rich ambiance to your solid curtains; jazz up your neutral solid shade with ribbons in contrasting palettes, or use neutral ribbons to tone down your bright-colored solid curtains – whatever you like! Pom-poms, meanwhile, can add a decorative touch with a lightened fair to your neutral curtain; children, especially, love the feels of pom-poms.
  • Colorblock your drapes: Mix colors. If you want a little (or a lot) more drama or color without committing to a patterned fabric, color-blocked curtains could be the answer. A band of accent color at the bottom or side edge of a solid color drape can subtly anchor a room’s palette. For a much bolder look, broad stripes or a wide patch on top or bottom can help make a statement, while syncing perfectly with the room’s overall palette. We offer four styles of color blocking to create your very own designer look for your windows. Do give them a look! 
  • Statement stature: Spiffy Spools’ stylists recommend sporting your solid curtains in a pure silk fabric adorning a bold hue – like burgundy red or ‘sassy blue’ – to bring brightness to any subtle theme. The opulence offered by silk fabrics in the form of solid color curtains can serve as a statement piece to your neutral decor.

Bonus tip from our stylists. If your made-to-measure curtains are over a certain width (48 inches) then you can expect to have a join in them. This is because most fabrics bolts come in one width (54 inches) and therefore tailors need to sew vertical joints to achieve larger widths. The plainer the fabric, the more obvious the join will be. But if you dress your curtains well and order enough gather/fullness, then the join can be hidden within a pleat and rarely seen. So if you’re planning to buy solid color curtains, this is worth keeping in mind and ordering enough width for your curtains so the joints hide discreetly behind the folds. 

Top picks from Spiffy Spools’ collection of solid color curtains:

  1. Our favorite solid linen ‘Marble’:  One of our finest linen-cotton blends, Marble has all the cool of fine linen with the easy wearability of cotton. Mix and match it with one of the other tone linens in a color block style. Or use it as is. This classic medium-weight fabric has a beautiful hang and drape which is sure to dress up any window in your home beautifully. 
  2. Our favorite solid sheer ‘Sade’:  A textured sheer fabric in an ivory on ivory, warm monochrome palette. The backdrop is sheer to let in light. It is woven through with randomly wavy horizontal lines in opaque thread. The overall effect is quite charmingly bohemian. Sade works well on its own, and as well looks good when combined with any complementary decor. 
  3. Our favorite solid velvet ‘Gypsy Plum’: With a beautifully soft pile and a gorgeous plum hue, ‘Gypsy Plum’ is the perfect window dressing for creating an upscale atmosphere without breaking your budget. 
  4. Our favorite solid cotton ‘Chelsea Red’: Crafted from 100% cotton with a heavy weave and a ribbed texture, this classic red fabric offers more than just the usual monochrome. Whether used alone or as a solid coordinate with our Chelsea Ahoy and Chelsea Pirate fabrics, this promises to make a statement no matter what!
  5. Our favorite solid blackout ‘Busy Grey’: Stop unwanted sunlight streaming in from your windows with this good-looking yet hard-wearing blackout fabric. Just the room darkening fabric for a media room or a home office of a man’s den, this dark grey fabric also helps reduce energy bills by providing insulation from heat and cold.

Not just your interior theme, solid draperies can also affect your feelings and moods. For instance, research says the presence of red color curtains in the room can make you more active because red can stimulate energy. Yellow curtains can make people feel comfortable in communicating and sharing thoughts. Green curtains are best for bedrooms because green denotes nature, meaning a relaxed sleep for you is just around the corner. 

So, what are you waiting for? Time’s now to add colors to your decor, and so to your life.


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