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Transform Your Home With Burnt Orange Curtains

Burnt Orange Curtains


Orange is a color brimming with energy. It pours out that summer feeling of fun and frolic in a room, veiling everything around it in its vibrant vigor. But for all its sunny appeal, orange is a daring choice and definitely not for everyone. As joyful as this color is, the key to decorating with orange is to pick the exact hue very carefully and then use it in small – but punchy – doses. And that’s where burnt orange curtains fit the bill perfectly.

On the peripheries of cheery primary orange lies this more muted – and more sophisticated – hue lovingly called burnt orange. Put on a set of drapes, it is just the right color, in just the right quantity, to invite autumnal, earthy charm into any space. Whether your home is traditionally styled or speaks of sleek minimalism, the sophistication of this seasoned hue can further add to the beauty of a room.


Burnt Orange Drapes


So, how to get started on your journey to bring home a perfectly cozy set of burnt orange curtains? Well, start with these top five tips from our stylists on how to elevate the style quotient of a room with custom curtains in this hue:

  • Use in small doses: Orange is a hue that comes out looking its best when used in small shots of passionate accents. Used en masse, it runs the risk of completely taking over the room – overwhelming the senses with its energy. Therefore, our stylists recommend using orange – burnt or not – as more of an accent color in small doses. And this is exactly why drapes are such a perfect medium for this rich color. A set of burnt orange curtains, paired with other smaller accent accessories like cushions or lampshades, offer the right amount of optical real estate to this color, allowing it to serve as a sophisticated statement without overpowering the entire space.


Burnt Orange Drapery

Pair with neutrals…in small doses


  • Pair with neutral tones: If you have a room that is primarily composed of neutral tones like creams, whites and beiges, burnt orange curtains will prove a strong accompaniment, syncing in organically with neutral palettes. Having this subdued color in the background as drapery gently elevates the look of a room, while injecting a shot of color in what might otherwise be too quiet a room.


Burnt Orange Window Curtains

Pair with blues


  • Create contrasts with shades of blue: In rooms dipped in oceanic shades of blue, burnt orange drapery serves as the distant glow of sunset. Paired with almost any shade of blue – from nautical blue and indigo to shades like navy and teal – burnt orange curtains fit perfectly, bringing to life this color story of complements and contrasts. Owing to the inviting and exciting nature of this daring palette, the combination is especially favored in spaces like living rooms or cozy breakfast nooks that benefit from an energetic vibe.
  • Use with earth tone palettes: Earthy tones and nature-inspired color schemes are all set to make a splash in 2022. This is the year we expect gray to slowly ebb as the first-choice neutral, and many paint rollers to be dipped in nature-inspired hues like chocolate brown, cognac and the bewitching burnt amber. Our stylists recommend coupling the warmth of a woody palette with the sophistication of burnt orange to create a charming, earthy dynamic. And what is a more effortlessly beautiful way of introducing the zesty color than draperies!
  • Hang in a rustic setting: Rustic is one of those all-time favorite interior themes that is as chic as it is snug. Leaning heavily on browns and fall colors, the rustic aesthetic is reminiscent of a lovely midsummer sunset. Burnt orange curtains fit in splendidly not only with this warm palette, but also the feeling evoked by the raw textures of imperfect wood and stone, signature to a rustic home. To further complement burnt orange drapery in a rustic-themed home, we recommend introducing artisanal decor pieces in the same color.

We hope the tips above have helped you decide if burnt orange drapery might be a good fit for your windows. If so, go forth and browse our stylists’ top picks below for some early inspiration.


Autumn Russet from Spiffy Spools

Burnt Orange ‘Autumn Russet’ Velvet


  1. No More Drama: Part of our swoon-worthy cotton collection, No More Drama captures the magic of monochrome. With a raw, softly tactile feel and its body of deep burnt orange, it feels like a modern take on cotton, bursting with textural flavor. This medium-weight cotton falls beautifully and never fails to impress – no matter what the heading style – from the fullness of pinch pleats to the minimalist look of the eyelet heading.
  2. Autumn Russet: Be still thy heart. Our deliciously luxurious velvets have romanced our clients for as long as we can remember, and Autumn Russet is no exception. Featuring a plush pile and the most gorgeous shade of deep orange, this velvet is a sensational way to bring an autumnal palette to life because it gives tone, depth, and opulence second to none.
  3. Apple Tree: Featuring traditional weave in a contemporary color scheme, this herringbone weave fabric offers houndstooth check in burnt orange and white. Cheerful in appearance, warm in ambiance, and smooth in drape, Apple Tree has everything you want in your window treatments fabric.
  4. Cayenne: As fervid as the spice that inspired this classic pattern, our Cayenne window treatments have an air of sophistication and organic charm about them. The implicit coziness of plaid prints, woven on a herringbone base in a toasty palette of sandy beige, burnt orange, and moss green is flattering for any dwelling that favors nature-inspired elements and organic textures.
  5. Husky Orange: Marrying together the charm of delicate florals and the deep earthy elegance of burnt orange, this drapery is like a heartwarming love story. A stellar option to dress up your windows, Husky Orange falls with a fullness that marks the epitome of luxury.

Looking for more? Head to our extensive collection of orange curtains and find a fabric that matches your individual taste and decor style. And remember, we can custom-stitch your drapes in any size and style you wish, so do browse our size and style guides to help you along.

Happy draping!



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