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How to Decorate a Home Office

Decorate a Home Office


Recent events have forced many away from their offices and back into their homes. As a result, many homeowners have begun renovating, redesigning, and repurposing space in their homes to build and decorate beautiful home offices. If you have been stuck at home during these unprecedented times, you may have felt the spark of inspiration and begun wishing for a more comfortable, industrious workspace that can serve as your base of operations for managing your job, finances, and life in general. Today, we will offer a few tips for decorating your home office to help keep you focused, productive, and successful!

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A Sturdy, Comfortable Chair is Essential

In the era of the new normal, many folks made their home offices work with simple folding chairs, hastily purchased bargain chairs, or even stools, ottomans, or milk crates. But for your own health and for your productivity, purchasing a good chair is critical. Try to get a rolling chair if you have hardwood or similar flooring or consider purchasing a floor mat if you have carpeting. Make sure that your office chair can sit at a comfortable height and distance from your desk, as well.


Check Out Adjustable Standing Desks

The other most important feature for your home office must be a solid desk, and with the advent of adjustable standing desks you can now enjoy working from home while seated or standing. Some office workers swear by standing desks, and manufacturers often tout their many benefits to health, posture, and productivity. If you can find an affordable adjustable standing desk that works with your chair and office décor, consider making the purchase.


Create the Right Lighting and View

Some people who work from home want to place their desk right in front of a large window to soak in the sun and fresh air during the day, while others prefer to have their workstation setup against a wall with a gorgeous view adjacent. Whatever your preference, make sure you consider the direction of sunlight entering the room at all hours of the working day and set up your workspace to reduce potential glare on screens. Sheer curtains may be the perfect solutions for many home office setups, since they offer generous light protection and some privacy while still allowing for natural illumination.


If Your Desk Borders the Window, Try Roman Shades

For those workers who prefer to have their desk seated directly against a window, curtains may end up being more trouble than they are worth, as they end up either draped over the back of the desk or pinched behind the desk. For these office setups, roman shades may be a better option.



Include Abundant Storage, Improve Organization


Decorate a Home Offfice in rustic style

One of the timeless truths of home offices is that they tend to fill with clutter quickly and permanently as time goes on. Make sure that you place abundant and easily accessible storage throughout your workspace, and strive for a clean, neat aesthetic to promote organization. If your desk sits next to a lot of open wall space, consider acquiring bookcases or even installing shelving to help properly store the various items that will inevitably gravitate towards your office. This will not only help you mentally organize your space, but it will also help keep your floor free of trip hazards.


Prioritize Comfort and Productivity

Making sure you can work effectively in your office space is essential, but it is equally important to ensure that your office space is comfortable and welcoming. It is difficult to do your best work when you are not relaxed and focused, so make sure that your office space is free of distractions while also having a comfortable vibe that invites you in. If you have space for it, consider placing soft furniture like a sitting chair or couch with a small end table and reading lamp. For coffee addicts, a small table with your coffee or espresso machine is also a great addition that can instantly improve the feel of the space.


If You Hate Wires, Minimize Them

One peeve of many home office workers is the proliferation of wires that inevitably results from building a home workstation. Make liberal use of cable clips and catches, cord covers, and other devices to reduce the sprawl of wires and maintain your sanity. Some low-tech solutions to help bundle wires together include Velcro and zip ties, while products like docking and charging stations can help minimize visible wires and prevent unhelpful tangles.


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We hope these tips on how to decorate your home office help you create the most productive and comfortable space possible.

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