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Home Theater Curtain Ideas

A home theatre is the perfect space for families, children, and friends to watch their favorite movies and shows. If you’re trying to make this room feel like an authentic theatre, you likely have the sound system and reclining chairs in place. However, you may not have considered hanging curtains. These are a key element to creating a cool, dark, regal space that’s perfect for media viewing. Explore these home theatre curtain ideas to help you enhance your room!

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Classic Red Velvet Curtains

No aesthetic is more fitting for a home theatre than the look of red velvet curtains. The fabric and color combination provides a classic, show-stopping effect that indicates the room is meant for movie-viewing. There are a few different ways you can hang red velvet curtains to enhance the look of your home theatre:

Curtains for Your Screen

Hanging red velvet curtains beside your media screen will make you feel like you’re at your local theatre. There are two hanging options to choose from:

  • Stationary curtain panels. These will rest on curtain rods that are placed on either side of the screen. Extend each rod across the length of the wall for the most dramatic look. You should also increase the fullness factor of the fabric x2 so that your curtains fall in loose folds, just like in your local theatre.
  • Curtains across the screen. Want to make a grand statement in your home theatre? Then hang double curtain panels on a curtain track that extends across your screen. A curtain track will allow you to easily maneuver your curtains. Keep them closed over your screen when not in use, then gracefully slide them open as the movie begins to roll! Again, increase the fullness of the fabric to enjoy gorgeous folds.

Curtains for your Wall

In addition to hanging curtains beside your media screen, consider dressing your walls with evenly-spaced curtain panels for increased drama. This is another classic way movie theatres decorate their venues to exude grandeur! Here’s how to nail the look:

  • Decide how many curtain panels you want. We recommend spacing each panel, at minimum, three feet away from each other to avoid overcrowding. Use this number to calculate how many panels you can hang per wall.
  • Hang each panel where the wall meets the ceiling.
  • Design them to graze the floor. Floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your home theatre feel larger.
  • Customize them. For a more traditional movie theatre look, tie a thick, gold rope with opulent tassels around the center of the curtain panel. Or, you simply allow your curtain panels to fall as-is.

Curtains over the Door

To create an exciting entrance into your home theatre, consider hanging curtains over the doorframe. Double curtain panels will work nicely, as people can easily move them aside to enter your theatre. Adding curtains here will provide intrigue and excitement as people step inside to watch the show!

Blackout Curtains

Do you have windows in your home theatre that brighten the space and create a screen glare? Eliminate this problem by hanging blackout curtains. These block 100% of the sun’s rays to ensure total darkness in your theatre. Plus, they also muffle external noise, so you can enjoy your show without interruption. However, it’s important to design blackout curtains correctly to fully enjoy their benefits:

  • Select the right heading. Pinch pleat style and pencil pleat style headings don’t feature any holes, loops, or gaps, so no light will come through the top of your blackout curtains.
  • Properly place the rod. Hang your rod 8-inches above the window frame to prevent light from peeking through the top of your curtains. Also extend the rod 10-inches on either side of the frame to eliminate the sun from entering around the sides.
  • Increase the fabric. Design your blackout curtains to be at least 8-inches longer and 10-inches wider to accommodate the rod. However, you can also increase the fabric even more to further darken the space.

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these home theatre curtain ideas help you create the perfect media-viewing space! If you’re ready to dress your room in one of these great looks, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your home theatre in any style—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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