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2022 Interior Decor Trends: A Charming Mix of Retro, Natural and Zen

As we blink into the sunlight of 2022, emerging from the shadows of the pandemic, the décor world – as always – is responding to the changing priorities and lifestyles of homemakers around the world. Sustainability in home decor has taken center stage, as has the desire to bring into homes a lot of nature and earth. Vintage accents are having a moment in modern settings, along with reclaimed pieces of furniture. Simply put, we expect interior décor trends in 2022 to be a heady mix of retro, natural, and zen. 

So well, it’s that time of the year and our stylists are, once again, ready with the top ten trends that we think will define the character and aesthetic course of many abodes this year. So whether you’re decorating your condo, studio apartment, luxe bungalow, or even your dorm room, this blog has decor ideas for all homes and spaces!




Biophilia Decor Trend 2022


In the three years leading up to 2019, the sale of houseplants increased by 50 percent. The keen desire to connect with nature started manifesting during the pandemic with our Pinterest and Instagram feeds filled with trailing plants hanging from bedroom ceilings and herb gardens on kitchen windowsills. This movement towards biophilic interior design – bringing in elements of nature to your home – is very much real and we expect it to gain strength in 2022. Result? Happier, healthier increase in one’s connection with the natural world, leading to better physical and mental well-being, alongside striking an aesthetic appeal to your decor. In terms of textiles, botanical trends like leaves and foliage patterns will be seen on wallpapers, wall art, custom roman shades & curtains, upholstery, and so on.




Going Green with Decor Trends 2022


A logical extension of the movement towards biophilic design, this year is expected to be graced by green! So if you are about to take up a spring home renovation project, this tip would be doubly beneficial for you. The inherently calming shades of green reminiscent of nature will find a place in many newly-renovated homes, but the power green of all will be the jewel-toned (think emerald) and deeper hues (picture hunter green). Owing to their powerful dramatic presence, these not-so-demure greens will be seen making bold, luxurious statements, paired with an array of accent colors or neutrals. 




Focusing on Sustainability


2022 decor trends will see an enhanced focus on natural materials in interiors, mirroring a revolution against fast fashion. Wooden floorings, sustainable fabrics, vintage accents, ethically sourced furniture will come into the picture for their deeper meaning, longevity and timelessness. Many homemakers will embrace zen-decorating this year to keep the decor natural and organic.






 welcoming warm browns


This is the year we’ll witness the last of décor world’s love affair with greys, to be replaced by deep brown hues as the neutral of choice. This transition towards warmer colors is both a response to an oversaturation of white and grey in living spaces and the additional time most people have spent at home over the last couple of years. After a decade of bare sterility of greys and whites, many homemakers will find themselves returning to the coziness of browns. 




Maximalist Decor Trends 2022


By no means a novel or modern concept, maximalism has been a part of the design world for centuries. But the ways in which it has manifested in our homes has changed over time. We foresee this year’s most fashionable interiors to explode with contrasts and ‘happy hued’ palettes. Along with vibrant colors, the year will bring wallpapers featuring bold patterns, ornate furniture, richly layered window treatments, bookshelves packed with myriad of books, and walls replete with mixed art. Other must-have design elements include cow-themed decor for a unique touch of fun. Take this opportunity to indulge in color, pattern, and texture! 




With a decline in ‘work from home’ requirement, and many looking forward to going back to work, we expect demand for home office furniture and décor elements to fall this year. Interior designers have already seen a sharp decline in home office décor projects and a corresponding rise in projects to reclaim spaces back for leisure and entertainment.




Bold Kitchens


Now look, white kitchens will always remain a classic, but we can all argue that at times, yes, they do fall flat. Interior designers are being asked for sleeker and bolder color play in their kitchens – mixing dramatic stones with rich contrasting hues like a deep navy blue or oxblood red, or just going all dark and moody in a monochromatic fashion. Also look forward to seeing cabinets in medium tones of natural wood or painted a darker hue in match with the walls. Neutrals like warm, yellow or orange base are also recommended for an impact in darker kitchen themes. 




Earthy Charms


The decor world in 2022 will see more clients asking for earthy tones – from cognac and burnt umber to rusted reds and dark greens – in their homes. This will translate into elements that boost earthy energies – like concrete planters, terracotta tiles, marble kitchen islands, reclaimed dark wood coffee tables, driftwood accessories – becoming desirable additions. 




After years of travel restrictions and meeting the world on Zoom, we are really hoping that your 2022 will be filled with travel stories. And many are expected to bring meaningful pieces that will find their place on walls and coffee tables, bringing back fond memories of travel from this very special year. We expect vintage maps, antiques, musical instruments, local crafts, ethnic textiles & rugs to be sourced lovingly from exotic lands and displayed proudly back at home this year. 




Pairing Vintage with Modern in Home Decor for 2022


Designers will break the barriers between vintage and modern, bringing in a mix of mid-century modern decor style, and give the world more eclectic homes where the old and new coexist in harmony. We expect antique rugs with traditional patterns to show up as statement pieces in modern living rooms and bold ikat window treatments to become conversation starters in contemporary Japandi-style apartments. It’s no surprise that while more and more people are craving a sense of timelessness in their homes, 2022 will be a lot about ‘moving on’. This desire to move on, yet keep our homes timeless, will be the driving force behind this trend.  


That’s it from us when it comes to updating you with the decor trends of 2022.  Go on, create a home that’s not only on-trend, but remains in style for times to come.

Happy 2022 from Spiffy Spools!



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