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Gone are the days when making your career, living your life, and traveling places had to happen in that order. In this age of high-speed internet, travel vlogging, and work-from-home jobs, all can happen at the same time. Camper RVs are helping intrepid explorers live their dream of chasing rainbows and butterflies from horizon to horizon. But, there are challenges to deal with – such as uncouth weather, curious neighbors, and peeking strangers. If you find these woes relatable and are seeking guidance for installing curtains for your camper RV windows, you’ve ‘parked’ at the right spot.


Order custom curtains and drapes from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We carry over 3,000 fabrics and patterns to pick from, so you can dress your camper RV windows exactly to your liking!


Goals and Challenges with Dressing Camper RV Windows


Blue Curtains for Camper RV Windows


Most camper RVs come equipped with tinted glasses and blinds, but while these fulfill the function of providing privacy and light control, their efficiency might not be reaching your expectations. And, their visual appeal may not rhyme with your personal aesthetic vision. Adding new curtains that perfectly suit your interiors and meet your specific functional requirements is a fantastic way to upgrade and personalize your RV camper. 

When shopping curtains for your RV camper, remember the functions they have to execute and the challenges they may present:

Foolproof Privacy

Often, you’ll have to park your RV in a bustling street or public zone where curious peekers might compromise your RV security and privacy. And sometimes, these peeping toms might turn out to be thieves scouting their next location. To ensure foolproof privacy you need curtains that don’t let even a shadow out so that no one can know whether it’s occupied or vacant when parked.

Effective Light Control

Sometimes, a catnap is just what a traveler needs to refresh after a long ride to take on the second leg of the trip with more energy. And it’s so hard to nod off if you’re light-sensitive. The situation is not very different at night as the dappled shadows cast by the streetlights won’t let you catch a wink. So, the solution is to install blackout RV camper curtains that can darken the room. And you can have your deep slumber no matter what time of day and what season of the year.

Efficient Insulation 

The journey from torrid heat to frosty winters is part of the thrill of a globe-trotting lifestyle. But it’s not all that rosy when it starts taking a toll on your well-being. Those glazed windows are quick to lose thermal energy in winter, and let heat in during searing summer. The curtains can make up by reversing the scene so that the batteries will not drain out while running your heating/cooling systems.

Acoustic Efficiency 

Often, camper vans are parked in a designated spot where several others are parked close by. You might achieve visual privacy easily, but it is never complete without optimal acoustics. You neither want your usual exchanges to be heard outside nor the external noise to disturb your curriculum. Insulative window curtains can fulfill this agenda to the highest possible degree.

Protection from Sun Damage

When the windows are open, the upholstery, wooden furnishings, and electric gadgets are instantly exposed to strong sunlight. It increases their chance to warp, fade and weather prematurely. Your RV camper curtains should help screen the RV’s interiors from harmful UV rays and the sweltering heat.

Aesthetic Pleasance

Blinds make your RV look like an ‘RV’ but curtains can make it look like a ‘home’. And that’s a big difference! Most RV owners either replace the manufacturer’s blinds or layer them with custom curtains for this very reason. That curtains can be designed in any color and pattern to fit your design style is of prime importance. Your camper van / RV – even if a small space –  deserves every bit of dressing because it’s your home. To make living here a pleasant experience, every element must be pleasing to the eye besides fulfilling a function.

Zone Separators and Closet Doors

Curtains can fulfill various roles in a camper home RV. For example, a washer-dryer unit can remain accessible yet completely hidden when placed behind laundry room curtains. If you have open storage units or wardrobes, the clutter can easily be covered with closet door curtains. Curtains can also be used to separate zones within the RV such as a sleeping area or a crib that needs more privacy or room-darkening than the rest of the spaces.


Styling Your Camper RV Window Curtains


Camper RV Curtains with Curtain Tie-backs


Curtains fulfill their function in unparalleled style. Their rippled contour brings the softness and character that is so badly needed to lift the camper from its inherent industrial vibe to the cozy welcoming ‘home’ that it is envisioned to be. However, it is hard to find curtains in the smaller-than-usual dimensions that are characteristic of RV windows at big box stores, thereby calling for custom curtains. And that puts you in a better position to select the fabric as per the design details you wish to introduce to your camper van.

To that end, here are the top suggestions from our home stylists for camper RV window curtains:


Make Correct Hardware Decisions


Curtain Hardware


It is common to find manufacturer-provided blinds in RVs which may be removed and curtains installed in their place. You can also keep the blinds and layer them with curtains, in which case, curtains would need to be mounted outside the window frame while blinds stay tucked inside the frame. To make the most of the precious little space in the camper and to live up to the demands of rough travels, you need hardware that’s sleek and sturdy at the same time.

Also, it is important to maximize the availability of light, hence if the space permits, extend your chosen hardware a few inches beyond the trims. When the curtains are pulled aside, they can rest in the gap and thus avoid clumping together on the window. The added advantage is that they accord better coverage when you close them, sealing the sides perfectly so that there are no gaps left for light to pierce in.



Curtain Track

If you don’t want the hardware to be seen, tracks are the go-to. These have the added advantage of being bendable to fit the strange angles of the windows. Caution is advised though, to approach companies that are specialized in providing tracks for boats and RV campers.



Sash rod


Rods or poles are the next available option. These are decorative additions besides being functional and need no professional help to be installed. You can make use of sash rods (cafe rods) that are easily available and slimmer than the standard home-use rods.  

Since RVs have metal walls that some might not want to drill through, unconventional methods are also sought to hang curtains in a van. Some of these methods are listed below:



Command Hook

You can use heavy-duty command hooks in place of curtain brackets and complement them with sleek rods that can fit into the hook perfectly.



Tension Rods

Tension rods can be used in RVs where the walls of the RV can support them from both ends. 



Hanging Curtains Using Velcro

The coarse part of the velcro tapes can be glued to the RV wall and the other tape stitched to the curtains. Another hardware option is snap-on tapes that are attached to the curtains. These get locked with snap-on carriers mounted on the wall. These methods are not recommended for frequently operated curtains as it’s a tedious task to tear off the curtains from the tapes and attach back each time.




Discern Length and Width


Length of Camper RV Curtains


Curtains for an RV camper must be as minimalistic in structure as possible so that the limited space available is not crowded further. You can use a single panel to cover every single pane or, for more light control, hang double panels that rest on each side of the window when open.

Full-length curtains can be used for RV doors if you wish to add some privacy when your doors are open. They can also be considered for windows with free wall space below if that suits your personal tastes and the layout of the space. It is common practice for camper RV owners to choose one nook for an elaborate setting such as the living area or the dining space. Long curtains are used in these spaces to elevate the decor and make these feel more like home.

But for the windows that have furniture pieces below, you need sill-length curtains that look crisp and neat. The curtains may stand an inch below the window trim or touch the surface of any furniture placed right below it such as a bed or table.  

As regards the width, it is advisable to keep the short curtains as minimal as possible so they don’t overwhelm the small window. Let the width not cross the 1.5x fullness factor, that is, 1.5 times the width of the window. So, if your RV window is 50” wide, the curtains should not be more than 75” wide. Thus, the curtains will have relatively sparse pleats which is the perfect way to dress a small window. This will ensure that the stacks will also take minimum space on the adjacent walls so they can clear off the window easily and neatly.

For floor-length curtains, you may keep up the same width recommendations if you want to keep the floor and wall least occupied. But should you aim for a more luxe appeal, you may go up to 2x fullness. And take necessary measures to ensure that they do not cause inconvenience or tripping accidents.

One of the things you can also do is invest in suitable tie-backs. Tie-backs stylishly sweep your curtains back from the window and keep them tucked away. As you travel, these will hold back the curtains from flapping excessively. At Spiffy Spools, you can design your tie-backs in the same fabric as the curtains.  Alternatively, you can also use thumbtacks to pin them to the wall at the bottom.




Choose  Befitting Heading Style


Camper RV Curtains Heading Style


The heading style of the curtains refers to the top portion of the curtains that affects the functionality of the curtains as well as their visual appeal. There are over a dozen heading styles on offer at Spiffy Spools, but not all may be apt for RVs.

Heading styles that employ grommets, rings, or clips glide easily on the pole whereas those with fabric loops or pockets tend to be relatively less mobile on the pole. Both these styles can benefit you in different ways. 

You may choose curtains that glide easily for windows that you will operate often like in the kitchen-dining-living area. Whereas, for private areas of the RV where you wish the curtains keep covering the window most of the time, fabric pocket or loop curtains are best. 

Simple styles like flat panel tops and rod pocket curtains are ideal as they can pull off a neat look with less width easily. It may be better to avoid elaborate styles like pinch pleats that require more width for construction.

When shopping at Spiffy Spools, you can specify that the rod pockets or tabs and loops on your custom drapes be made smaller to benefit the small scale of RV windows. Thoughtful customizations like these are, of course, the whole point of ordering custom curtains, isn’t it? 


Consider Blackout Curtains


Blackout Camper RV Curtains


Once you have tackled all the important decisions regarding the construction of your curtains, it is time to pay attention to the choice of fabric. We highly recommend blackout curtains for RVs as they have plenty to offer that ordinary drapery fabrics do not. 

Just in case you thought that blackout curtains might not suit your taste, be assured that they come in a variety of patterns and styles. In addition to providing you with plenty of functional benefits, they’ll also add to the design of your RV! But if your heart is set on a non-blackout drapery fabric, you can still reap the benefits by simply adding blackout lining behind your drapes. Either way, blackout curtains provide a variety of benefits that will add to the comfort of your RV. 

Blackout curtains block all light. Whether the rising sun wakes you each morning or fluorescent lamps keep you up at night, blackout curtains will help you sleep more soundly by blocking out light and creating total darkness.

Temperature control is another reason why you may consider blackouts. When the sun is beating down on your RV, it can heat up pretty quickly. Since blackout curtains block the sun’s rays, they also block the sun’s heat. This can help to cool your RV. You can say goodbye to all those vinyl covers, Reflectix sheets, bubble wraps, and plexiglass sheets you’ve been adding to your windows to block the heat from entering in. Or, if you’re facing extreme weather conditions, keep them and enjoy the benefits of your blackout curtains, now doubled.

Blackout curtains are further appreciated in spaces such as camper vans and RVs because they are completely opaque, providing you with maximum privacy. Not even your shadow can be seen through them when drawn.

The acoustic aspect of privacy is also taken care of by blackout curtains. When resting at an RV park, you’re often surrounded by fellow campers. People’s voices can carry, and the sounds of the nearby road are often loud and unpleasant. But, with blackout curtains, you can reduce external noises to better enjoy your RV in peace.




Make Your Design Decisions


Camper RV Curtains


The most exciting part of designing curtains is selecting the aesthetic ingredients. The curtains must support the color story and design language of your home-on-wheels. Every design decision you make may help the space feel more comfortable and personalized. 


As regards the palette of the curtains, light neutral hues may be better if you’re aiming to create a bright and airy feel to the space. You can go for curtains in the same color as the interior walls so that the space feels larger. Small spaces also feel very expansive when designed in lighter hues as they bounce light across. 

If you like more insulative curtains but care to build on the bright palette, consider light-hued blackout curtains. However, if you’re aiming for blackout curtains that are super-efficient in room darkening, go for darker fabrics. Dark-colored fabrics absorb light and with the thick weave of blackouts, they do not allow light to penetrate through at all.


The next decision to make is whether to choose solids or patterns. Let your choice be informed by the current use of patterns in your RV decor. If you have patterns in huge elements such as the floors and upholstery, use solid-colored curtains to counterbalance. If not, patterned curtains are a nice way to add a fun element. They enable you to show off your unique personality through colors and shapes. This is a great way to provide your RV with plenty of character and charm! 

Since it’s a very small space there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting patterned curtains. Let the dimensions of the curtains inform the scale of the patterns. Avoid grand-scaled patterns for short curtains as they will be cut off abruptly. Prefer patterns with mild contrasts and desaturated colors and avoid busy patterns as they can visually shrink the space. Vertical motifs such as stripes, climbing vines, and chevrons can help to visually elongate the windows and the space.

Whatever patterns you may be on the lookout for, be they florals, abstracts, plaids, stripes, or elaborate ones like damask or paisley, you have a plethora to choose from in our collection.


If you don’t want to introduce patterns nor risk monotony in keeping to plains, consider introducing textural variety. Textured solids are an understated way to add a beautiful visual element to your windows. A solid color curtain can create a bold yet uniform look within your RV! They look calming to the eye and tactile to the touch.



Since pictures speak louder than words, visual inspiration is as essential as verbal guidance. We give you a peek into our collection to stir your imagination and trust that your creative energies will lead you hereon.


Spotlight On: ‘Whipped Cream’ Semi-sheer Curtains

White Sheer Custom Drapery

For the living space in your RV which benefits from a bright and airy ambiance, our Whipped Cream linen semi-sheer curtains are perfect. Light will pour in abundance through the nubby textures, rendering a casual yet classic quality to the space.


Spotlight On: ‘Warm Snow’ Blackout Curtains

Warm Snow Curtains

Enjoy the light-blocking energy-efficient traits of blackout drapery with these lovely Warm Snow creamy curtains that are gentle on the eye. Make your RV look more spacious with these neutral base curtains that blend with the backdrop effortlessly.


Spotlight On: ‘Marrakech Daydream’ Ikat Curtains

Printed Custom Window Treatments For Living Room

These non-sheer Marrakech Daydream curtains designed in geometric prints inspired by traditional Ikat in a distressed finish are the perfect way to introduce patterns to your camper RV without going overboard. The upward movement of the patterns can optically elongate the small windows. 


Spotlight On: Caye Chapel

Budget Printed Custom Drapery

Our elegant Caye Chapel blackout curtains will bring refinement to your RV interior. A turquoise, leaf-strewn pattern makes its way across a lovely eggshell white backdrop. The colors are delicate and the floral print is subtle, allowing them to blend with a variety of décor.


Spotlight On: ‘Rhythm’ Blackout Curtains

Beige Blackout Custom Curtains

This buttery cream blackout fabric has embossed patterns that can render a soothing and luxurious look to your RV. The heavily textured finish of Rhythm offers scope for the play of light and shadow and the patterns they create are just enough to lift your space from blandness without inviting colors.


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Having ‘parked’ for good reason at the right spot, we hope that you are enlightened enough now to take on the wheels with confidence. Being able to design your camper RV curtains exactly as per your vision undoubtedly adds to the elegance and functionality of your rig. And now it’s time for action. Start designing the curtains and browse Spiffy Spools’ collection today for your project! We make it easy to create custom curtains that fit your exact specifications. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your camper van/ RV, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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