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Modern Dining Room Décor Ideas

Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas


Is your dining room feeling a bit outdated? Then perhaps it’s time to trade out your old accents with pieces that are entirely fresh and new. Explore these modern dining room décor ideas to give your space a much-needed makeover!

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Modern Curtains

Hanging modern curtains in your dining room can help redefine the tone of your space. Explore some of the top options for modern curtains:

Ripplefold CurtainsGrey Ripplefold Custom Window Curtains

The even, uniform pleats and sleek lines found in ripplefold curtains allow them to perfectly sync with modern décor. Their symmetry provides a clean look and minimizes pattern distortion, allowing prints to remain consistent even when the curtains are pushed back. You’ll love the tailored design and elegant aesthetic of ripplefold curtains.

Geometric Prints

Smoky Night

You might consider designing ripplefold curtains in a geometric print that exudes a modern feel. Modern designs are comprised of straight lines, crisp edges, and uniform structure. Geometric prints effortlessly meet these requirements and can help add character to your dining room!

Modern Florals

Dragonfly Yellow

Want to put a modern spin on traditional dining room curtains? Then consider hanging modern floral curtains! Modern florals consist of medium-scale prints, vivid colors, stylized designs that aren’t naturalistic, and leave much of the background visible.

Textured Neutrals

Beige Custom Curtains


If you prefer a more subtle design, textured neutrals are also great selections for modern curtains. For instance, woven linen curtains in a gray, beige, white, or tan hue offer textural charm and a refined appearance that will look gorgeous in your dining room.


Table Runners & Table Covers

Custom Dining Table Cover Cotton

The dining room table is always the focal point of a dining room. Give it the attention it needs by dressing it in a table runner, table cover, or both:

  • A table runner is a thin, rectangular piece of fabric that’s placed in the center of the table and runs its length. It can hang lavishly off the table’s edges or be kept short. Table runners beautifully accent your table and the centerpieces you place on top of it, such as candles or flowers.
  • A table cover is a piece of fabric that covers the entirety of the table. This decorative item can help you make your table appear modern if it’s actually a more traditional piece.

You can also layer a table runner over a table cover for a more dynamic look. We recommend designing each piece in a neutral tone so as not to overtake the other decorative elements in your dining room. Or, design them in the same pattern as the other for a uniform, monochromatic appearance.


Another addition you can make to your dining room table is the inclusion of placemats! These are great for providing a pop of color to your modern space. For a modern look, it’s best to design each of them in a brighter color that’s present in your décor. Don’t create them in several different colors, or else they may appear a bit more casual.

Swap Your Light Fixture

The second most eye-catching element in your dining room is most likely the light fixture hanging over your table. If your current fixture is gaudy and traditional, simply swapping it out with a modern piece can make a huge aesthetic difference in your dining room. Search for light fixtures that are metallic rather than matte, feature crisp lines, and make a striking statement to obtain a modern look.

Think Light & Bright

When it comes to selecting the rest of your décor, it’s important to remember that everything you choose needs to be light and bright. A collection of dark pieces, especially if they’re made of wood, is primarily what contributes to a space feeling outdated. Consider painting your walls a neutral tone, select light wood for dining room items such as a china cabinet, and incorporate bright plants and artwork to instantly freshen up the space.

Order Décor from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed these modern dining room décor ideas! If you’re ready to dress your space in these amazing looks, shop Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom dining room curtains and custom dining room roman shades décor for your dining room that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from. Explore our site to find the newest and most stylish options available today! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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