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Best Black and White Kitchen Curtains to Complete Your Space

Kitchen curtains are often some of the most eye-catching as kitchens tend to get a lot of natural light, and the color and material quality of your curtains will affect how you, your family members, and your guests experience that light. Plus, many homeowners like to use their kitchen curtains as an opportunity to include an eye-catching pattern or color in an otherwise simple and unassuming kitchen layout. If a flashy pop of color in a white kitchen isn’t your style and you’d rather go for the classic, clean-cut look, black and white kitchen curtains are the perfect choice for you. 

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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‘Fanciful Flight’ Nature Print Curtains

If you can appreciate the decorative potential of fun yet classic butterfly print, you’ll love our ‘Fanciful Flight’ Nature Print Curtains. The intricacy of butterfly wings mixes with the simple combination of black and creamy white shades to create an eye-catching and exciting yet classy and timeless pattern. This printed curtain is great for animal lovers and kitchens that already feature a distinctly colorful design, as the fun pattern sans bright colors can blend in well with any color scheme. 

‘Breton Stripes on Parade’ Geo Print Curtains 

To carry on with the theme of solid patterns, our ‘Breton Stripes on Parade’ Geo Print Curtains can be the perfect centerpiece of any kitchen design. With its intriguing geometric pattern and its delicate balance of faded black and ivory, this curtain works well with various interior design schemes. It can complement the simplest layout as well as the most intricate dĂ©cor. Plus, this distinctly contemporary pattern can help bring a more modern feel to your kitchen if that’s the look you desire. 

‘Juodas’ Geometrical Patterned Window Curtains 

What if black and white kitchen curtains are exactly what your space is missing, but you’re not a fan of overly busy patterns? Since black and white kitchen curtains combine two colors, it’s difficult to avoid patterns entirely.

However, you can’t go wrong with a basic black and white stripe to fit in seamlessly with your dĂ©cor, like our ‘Juodas’ Geometrical Patterned Window Curtains. The classic combination of black and cream can act as your kitchen’s eye-catching feature or simply add a small splash of excitement to any existing color scheme. 

‘Seashore Tidings’ Coastal Theme Curtains 

If your home is located near the beach or you simply want to feel like it is, our ‘Seashore Tidings’ Coastal Theme Curtains could be a fun choice to bring your kitchen together into a cohesive theme. Design themes help to make rooms feel more charming and inviting, and with the help of a few carefully placed knickknacks, paintings, or dish towels, your kitchen could sport a complete nautical theme without the need for flashy, over-the-top colors.

When it comes to keeping to a theme and enjoying a crisp, clean-looking kitchen, you indeed can have it all with a classic black-and-white combo! 

Custom Black and White Kitchen Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Are you interested in custom designing curtains for your kitchen but not sure where to start? Spiffy Spools makes it easy and will help you every step of the way. Reach out today to learn more or get started.

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