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How to Choose Curtain Colors

How to Choose Curtain Colors

When selecting your curtains, color is one of the most important factors to consider. In this guide on how to choose curtain colors, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to beautifully match your curtains to your space!

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Identify Your Existing Color Palette

As you choose curtain colors, you’ll want to play off of the existing color palette in the room. To identify your room’s color palette, take note of the hue that stands out the most. This will be your “primary” color. Also take into consideration the accent colors that aid the primary color and help bring the space together. These are likely toned-down neutrals and perhaps an additional hue that’s complementary to the primary.

For instance, maybe your room’s primary color is blue and is enhanced with neutral accents of tan, white, and subtle pops of a complementary yellow. Or, perhaps the primary color is green, and it’s paired with neutral brown and black tones with complementary hints of gold. With your color palette identified, it’s time to start designing your curtains!


Solids or Patterns?

The first decision when it comes to your curtains is whether you’re going to hang solid or patterned curtains. The important consideration here is that patterns tend to feature multiple colors, which can make the matching process slightly trickier.

To help make your selection, consider whether the room features any other bold patterns. If so, a solid option may be a better fit. Even if they are similar, two different patterns in a room can clash and make the space feel small and cluttered.

If the room is free of other bold patterns, either a solid color curtain or patterned curtain will work nicely. If you select a patterned option, just be sure that each of the colors featured closely match those in your identified palette.


Blend In or Stand Out?

The next question you need to ask yourself is if you’d like your curtains to blend in with the room or stand out to make a bold statement:

  • If you want your curtains to blend in, select a curtain option that features neutral colors in your palette. As an alternative, you could also pull from the wall color. If you select a shade that’s similar to that of your wall and use it as a solid curtain, it will create a sleek, monochromatic look.
  • If you want your curtains to stand out, pick a curtain color close to your identified primary color. The addition of the pronounced hue will draw attention much more than a neutral colored curtain. And if you’d like to go even bolder, select curtains that feature the complementary color. This can create a bold contrast that really pops.


Mind the Details

The fabric of the curtains isn’t the only item you’ll select the color of. It’s also important that the curtain hardware you choose is cohesive with the space.

If you’re considering using a metal rod, for instance, make note of any other metallic elements that may be present in the room, such as knobs, handles, or light fixtures. You’ll want to be sure that your rod color matches the current metallics in your space to pull your look together. If you have no metallic elements in your room, consider going with one of the neutral colors in your palette to ensure the rod doesn’t overtake your curtain choice.

Another piece to consider is the addition of curtain tiebacks. At Spiffy Spools, you can purchase tie backs in the same material as your curtain selection for a uniform look. Or, you can mix and match the colors, patterns, and fabric type to add a unique flair. If your curtain choice is neutral, a tie back that features your primary or complementary colors will look great. If your curtains are on the bolder side, you can color-block your tie backs with the primary or complementary colors as well.

Explore our Curtain Tie Back Ideas for even more design tips and tricks!


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope this guide on how to choose curtain colors helps you find the perfect options for your space! If you’re ready to dress your windows in a new, contemporary look, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications. Explore our site to create curtains for your space in any length, fabric, or pattern—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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