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Curtains for Closet Doors: Ideas & Tips

Double Panel Closet Door Curtains


Small spaces are challenging to decorate, and shutting off all the clutter often feels like untying the Gordion’s knot. But not all clutter is real clutter, and the wisest way to handle it sometimes is to improvise storage solutions from an aesthetic perspective. In this blog post, we discuss one of these improvisations to help you hide the clutter of an open-shelf closet by using curtains as a closet door.

So if you happen to have an open shelf closet you’re looking to cover, or perhaps looking to ‘create’ closet space while decorating your studio apartment, explore these closet door curtain ideas to ensure your curtains perfectly fit your closet opening, are simple to use, and match your space.

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Hardware Selection


Bathroom Closet Curtains


The first decision to be taken is not regarding the drapery itself, but its hardware. You can choose between poles and tracks, depending on your convenience and taste. Just remember that tracks are best hidden behind the drapery whereas poles look good whether exposed or concealed. Both are easy to operate. Choose sturdy hardware that can withstand the frequent operation that a closet is bound to have.

The next decision is regarding the point of installation. You have four options before you:

  • If it’s an inset closet with sufficient breadth, you can mount the hardware inside the closet behind the wall frame. In this case, the curtain will stack within the closet when it is opened. If there isn’t sufficient stacking room on the sides, the side portions of the closet will always be covered, and possibly leave some closet areas dark. But, being tucked away, the curtain takes no space from the room.
  • You can also mount the hardware on the frame, much like a tension rod. However, a tension rod would not be a great selection for this project, as constant use can make the rod’s tension dissipate quickly. Plus, tugging too hard can cause it to fall. The curtain’s stacking room will be within the frame, and it takes nothing away from the room’s available space.
  • The most commonly practiced solution is to mount the hardware outside on the frame or above it. You can extend the pole/track to a few inches beyond the trim so that the curtains can stack on the sides when opened, exposing the entire closet. The accessibility of the drape is also much better but it takes away some space from the room.
  • Another option is to ceiling mount the hardware above the closet. It has the same advantages and disadvantages as of outside mounting the pole/track. It’s a good solution when you want to place the curtain hardware outside the closet but the ornate molding or casing of the frame comes in the way.


Choose the Right Fabric Material for Closet Door Curtains


Closet Blackout Curtains


You may wonder why the right material is so important when it’s not about a window. The reason is that everything that is going into that closet is your precious treasure. It needs protection from dust and excess sunlight. Excess heat and light can dampen the quality and dim the colors of your clothes and other belongings.

In case your closet gets plenty of sunlight, it may be nice for you to consider thick woven curtains. They don’t just protect your belongings from heat, harsh sunlight and dust, but also show no sign of what’s beyond. 

Despite the affordability and light feel of sheers, it may be better to avoid them for closets since they fail to block dust. Besides, if you intend to hide clutter of a possibly disorganized closet, then covering the closet with an opaque treatment is better than see-through curtains.




Be Wise with Palette & Pattern


Striped Closet Curtains


If you don’t want the closet to call for attention, go for solid neutral curtains. If they match the wall color, they’ll blend into the interiors perfectly. 

But if you want them to stand out, go for contrasting drapes. You can take cues from your existing decor items such as the duvet or furniture. And let your closet door curtains act as the accent.

If you want them to get serious attention or want to introduce a fun element, consider patterned drapes. However, you might do well by avoiding busy patterns since the very purpose of hanging these curtains is to avoid the cluttered look.




Choosing the Heading Style for your Closet Door Curtains


Closet Curtain Heading Style Guide


Maximize the functionality of your curtains by ensuring the right heading style. Your heading style affects how easily you can maneuver your curtains. Whether you decide to use a curtain track or a single curtain rod, we recommend the following heading styles for closet door curtains:

  • Pinch pleats
  • Flat-panel tops
  • Inverted box pleats
  • Pencil pleats

These are the only heading styles that work for curtain tracks. They make the best options for single curtain rods as well, because they’re hung by metal rings or hooks that are less likely to get stuck as you pull them across the rod.

However, if you’re installing drapery poles, grommet curtains are also excellent for frequent use.

If you’d like to learn more about curtain heading styles, explore our Headings Style Guide!


Get the Right Size


White Closet Curtains


Since curtains are being used instead of doors, getting them to cover the opening properly is key. And where else can you meet your exact requirements of length than in custom curtains. You’ll thank yourself a million for choosing custom curtains for your closet door.

In terms of length, your curtain closet door should ideally just touch the floor. If they are longer than that, they’ll be more difficult to slide across and also get frayed at the bottom too soon. If your curtains are too short, they’ll expose the contents of your closet. Be sure that you measure carefully to ensure you get the length just right. This is imperative so that your curtain door will look great and function properly!

As regards width, you can design your closet door curtains with more fullness like drapes usually have. We generally recommend 2.5x to 3x fullness for drapes to look their elegant best. If you want your closet doors to look just like ordinary drapery, this level of fullness should be specified. 

But if you would like your closet doors to look more like a door and less like a curtain, go for a more sparse look with about 2x fullness. The pleats will be quite minimal and the drapery will be more flat and light. The lesser the weight of the curtain, the easier they will be to operate. So, closet doors might benefit more from the second option.

For further tips on how to measure with ample fullness, read our curtain measurement guide


Single or Double Panels?



Another design element you’ll want to consider is whether you’d like to hang single panel or double panel curtains. Single-panel curtains will cover the closet opening with one, sweeping piece of fabric. Double-panel curtains consist of two separate pieces of fabric that will rest on either side of the closet when open.

The primary point you’ll want to consider when making this decision is the width of your closet:

  • If your closet is narrow, there will likely not be enough space for double panels. If you do try to hang double panels over a small opening, the curtains will appear cluttered and out of place.
  • If your closet is wide, you should have the capacity to hang either single or double panels curtains. In this case, the choice ultimately comes down to a matter of preference.


Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope that the design tips discussed in this blog will be helpful to you to get a curtain closet door that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom curtains that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 3,000 fabrics and patterns. Explore our site to find options that will work perfectly as a closet door—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have along the way!



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