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Here’s Why We Recommend Yellow Bedroom Curtains

There are so many ways to liven up a space in order to make it feel more inviting, and the bedroom is one of the best rooms in the house with which to get creative. Some will choose to prominently feature a brightly colored piece of furniture to catch the eye as soon as a visitor enters, while others will opt for a bright, fun wallpaper or colored carpeting to express themselves and make their space cozy and inviting.

But how do you strike a balance between keeping the décor of your bedroom bright and inviting while still maintaining a much-needed feeling of restfulness and comfort? Usually, the key is to incorporate bright, encouraging colors in small doses, and a yellow bedroom curtain is a perfect way to do so.

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4 Ways Yellow Bedroom Curtains Improve Your Bedroom Space 

Many people don’t even consider yellow bedroom curtains, especially if yellow is a color they don’t usually wear or decorate with. However, we can think of a few distinct ways in which yellow curtains can positively affect your bedroom and, therefore, make the time you spend in it more restful and enjoyable. 

They Lighten the Room 

We associate the color yellow with light and happiness, so it’s only natural that incorporating more yellow into the room in which you spend the majority of your time will help it to feel a bit brighter and fresher. Plus, depending on your style and the design of the curtain, the light color makes it easy to customize how opaque or see-through your curtain is.

For example, our ‘Sunny Side Up’ Made to Measure Window Curtains will likely let in a good amount of sunlight even when closed. On the other hand, our ‘Cap Ferret’ Light Blocking Curtains are specially designed to block the sunlight while closed so that you can have control over the light environment in your bedroom.

Whether you prefer to let in as much natural light as possible or specially design the lighting in your bedroom with artificial bulbs, you can find yellow bedroom curtains that support your preferences while still adding a sense of brightness to the room’s vibe. 

Sunny Side Up

They Can Act as an Accent Piece 

Accent pieces are essential to any room’s design. They please the eye and can create a sense of intrigue in an otherwise plain space. 

Of course, accent pieces aren’t always accentuated by color. With that being said, color can play a huge role in the experience of a room. Yellow bedroom curtains are a great way to add a pop of color without committing to an overly bright color scheme throughout your bedroom. 

Herringbone Print

They Can Complement Your Color Scheme 

In some bedrooms, a yellow curtain will be the only source of color, drawing the eye to the curtains and allowing viewers to enjoy the sense of brightness and warmth they create. However, even if your bedroom already has a distinct color scheme, yellow bedroom curtains can fit into this scheme with ease while helping to liven up the room.

With so many different patterns and designs available, finding the perfect yellow curtain for your bedroom is easy. Some people prefer a very subtle pattern such as our ‘Summer Night’ Herringbone Print Curtains, while others prefer a more eye-catching design like our ‘Sunflowers’ Modern Geometric Print Drapes. Whether you choose a subtler or more bold yellow curtain, varying shades of yellow often work well with dark greens, deep purples, browns, and beiges. 


They Can Help You Start Your Day Right 

Seeing some light first thing in the morning is the best way to keep your body on a healthy circadian rhythm. With the right yellow bedroom curtains, you can enjoy some early morning sunlight even when the curtains are closed or simply feel encouraged by the bright, warm color as you start your day. 

Custom Order Yellow Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Your bedroom’s décor should feel unmistakably like you, and your yellow bedroom curtains are no exception. We can help you custom design the perfect curtain with your ideal shade, pattern, and dimensions. Contact us to get started today.

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