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Girls' room Curtains with Valance and Roman Shade layering


Home is where our young ones weave fond memories of earnest love and family warmth. Therefore, wanting to dress their rooms just right is every parent’s dream. But it doesn’t take long before the most exciting project turns to the most daunting one for lack of proper guidance.  

One of the first considerations to be made when decorating girls’ bedrooms is the soft furnishings, which are most reflective of feminine personality. Curtains can add a beautiful touch to your daughter’s bedroom and ring in softness and visual interest in a single stroke. So here are our top girls’ bedroom curtain ideas from our stylists to provide you with plenty of inspiration for your custom drapes, designing and styling.


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Trendy or Timeless?


Timeless Girls Room Decor


One of the first things to be considered when picking girls’ bedroom curtains is to define how long you envision their tenure to be. Do you plan to change the curtains when you revamp the room from time to time or do you want a setting that grows with your girl’s coming of age?

If your home goes through deep makeovers to stay abreast of changing trends or you have to change homes due to job transfers, get your girl’s bedroom curtains to suit her potential taste for a time period. 

For example, curtains featuring her favorite cartoon characters can make a little girl merry, while whimsical floral sheer curtains might interest a tween girl, and solid-colored curtains with tassel trims might sync with a teen girl’s tastes.

If you’re planning on a room decor that accompanies and grows with her journey from girlhood to womanhood, you certainly need timeless curtains. Curtains with colors that she’ll not outgrow and/or patterns that don’t yield to changing fashions are ideal. 

For example, the little girl may love polka-dotted curtains but be less proud of them as she passes adolescence. A solid-colored baby blue curtain, or multi-colored pin-striped curtain, on the other hand, would have been the pride of her room from the time she’d play with her dollies till she’d be engaged in undergraduate assignments. 

Another motif that mirrors the feminine persona perfectly and which a girl will most likely never outgrow is floral. Nature-inspired, organically shaped, and symbolic of prolificity, floral prints fit flawlessly in any girl’s room. Floral curtains have made a strong comeback in recent years, as designers have begun to put modern spins on these traditional prints. 


Spotlight On: Amarela


Girls Room Curtain

Amarela curtains keep it simple with a traditional vertical stripe pattern in lemon yellow, ash gray, and pale gray. However, the stripes vary in width to add a detailed twist. The subtlety of the print makes it a very sophisticated yet relaxed option for a girl’s room.


Spotlight On: Alfold


Embroidered Girls Room Curtains

Our Alfold curtains are manifestations of grace and beauty. Pretty vines and florals are embroidered with pastel pink and green shades over a white backdrop with accentuating beige threads, giving just the touch of regality that a girl wishes for in her room. 


Spotlight On: Azure Afternoon

Azure Curtain

If you’re looking for an elegant, eye-catching print, look no further than our Azure Afternoon curtains. With flowers delicately designed to splash across the fabric, their bright fuchsia pink and azure blue colors pop against the white backdrop. These whimsical curtains provide a dreamy feel to any room they’re placed in.


Discern Suitable Palette


Orange Curtains for Girls Room


If you’re picking your girls’ bedroom curtains around a color theme that is already in place, air it through the curtains. Let it feature the dominant and secondary color of the overall palette or bind all the accent hues together. But if you have the luxury of starting the project with the curtains, you’d do better by choosing a palette that appeals to your girl personally.

Pink as the ‘girly’ hue has long been the notion, but let it not constrict your creative vision. The horizon is ever-changing and your little daughter’s room is waiting for you to step out of the box. 

Explore energetic oranges, refreshing blues, bold reds, and seductive purples, following cues from your child’s favored picks for her proud wardrobe. Since curtains take a huge share of the optical space, choose the hues that swell her pupils euphorically; and don’t be surprised if pink is not one of them!

In our opinion and without exaggeration – yellow is the new pink! Yellow provides a fun and unique pop of color that brightens up any room! Warm, bright, and summery, it is just the right hue that can wrap your baby with cheerfulness and hope when she battles her teenage blues. 




Spotlight On: Polka


Yellow Custom Curtain For Girls room

Evoke a classic fairytale feel with our Polka curtains. The mellow yellow color with birds, blossoms, and willow trees feature in this lush Toile print curtain, making them stand out alongside accents of red, royal blue, and deep orange.


Garnish with Tasteful Trinkets



The dainty details that go into designing are often what arrest a child’s eyes and draw her into the world of wonderment. If your little angel loves collecting tchotchkes, she’s going to admire the adorable accessories that you ornament her curtains with. 

When picking girls’ bedroom curtains, therefore, we suggest adding curtain trims to your selection. These playful elements add a little extra flair for girls who like to accessorize! Little shiny baubles and colorful pompoms can enliven their space with the juvenile spirit they possess and long for.

Tassel trims and fringe trims that exude a royal flair and a dressy appeal to the curtains might fit well in an older girl’s room. These decorative flourishes might echo her own fashion tastes and enable her room decor to be an extension of her unique personality.

Girls with very sophisticated tastes might love curtains with ribbon trims on the lead edges. In a matter-of-fact style, they add color, texture, and pattern to the drapery without letting it go over the top.

Whatever your preference, make sure that you don’t miss this step while placing the order because curtain trims are an evident sign of the extra mile you walked to make your little girl feel truly special. Besides, it’s a nice way to convey its bespoke value without ever saying it.




Make it Cozy with Blackout Curtains


Blackout Girls Room Curtains


Considering that girls have less resistance to cold, maintaining the right room temperature in the bedroom is important for them to sleep well throughout the night. But if the room has an oversized window, you might have to spend a fortune on heating during winter. That’s why blackout curtains and other insulating decor elements like carpets and custom blankets are great options for girls’ bedrooms – and for any bedroom for that matter. And the savings on energy bills that blackout curtains offer might also help you sleep better!

Blackouts muffle sounds to give your little girl that quiet ambiance that she needs to sleep her way to her fanciful dreams. And as the name suggests, they block light efficiently with their thermal-coated fabric, to darken the room for a sleep-inducing atmosphere. 

Therefore, when ordering custom curtains for your girl’s bedroom, go for blackout lining instead of privacy lining. And cut off all unwanted light, heat, and noise that can hinder sound sleep. You can choose from over 3000+ drapery fabrics available in our catalogs, and by simply adding blackout lining behind them, you can make them highly insulating.

Another way to get the benefits of blackouts is to select a blackout drapery fabric itself. You can then order a privacy lining if you wish. 




Spotlight On: Batemans Bay


Girls room Purple curtains

This 60% dimout fabric that features an exquisite melange of various shades of violet is just what a girls bedroom drapery needs for an arresting focal point. The dark coloration of Batemans Bay adds to the drapery’s ability to block light, making it a smart choice for a cozy bedroom.


Spotlight On: Pink Sky


Abstract Blackout Custom Curtains For Bedroom

Move away from plain room-darkening fabrics for your windows with our Pink Sky fabric. Let the sky be pink for your girl with this pretty pink-toned fabric with subtle marbling effect and gorgeous looks that are matched by its ability to stop sunlight from filtering in. A great choice to make your bedrooms sound sleep-friendly and dreamy!


Layer with Sheers


Layered Curtains for Girls Room


Layering the face curtains with soft sheers is a simple, delicate way to brighten up and add light to a space while also contributing to the airy ambiance of the room. No matter what girls room curtains you choose, consider adding a sheer curtain layer to the mix for an extra feminine touch.

Sheer curtains also add volume to the curtains in the front, enhancing their visual appeal. They also add optical depth and character to the room. It is also an opportunity to mix colors, patterns, and textures – the essence of interior designing. Sheers featuring the accent hue of the main curtains are a clever means to juxtapose a solid with a pattern. 

And when the young one wants some privacy without sacrificing the light and fresh air, sheer curtains prove a godsend. The privacy they offer during the day might help her feel secure, especially if her windows open to bustling lanes. 

You can also go beyond your windows with sheer curtains and use them as canopy bed curtains in your girl’s room, adding whimsy and a fairytale look to the space.


Spotlight On: Motivo

White Sheer Floral Embroidery Drapes For Girls Room

Our semi-sheer Motivo curtains are all about glamor with a fun twist, featuring tiny multi-colored embroidered motifs on a beautiful white linen-like texture. The little tassels stitched into the motifs explicitly celebrate the feminine character of the space while adding to its textural quality.


Spotlight On: Puro

Puro Curtains

If your goal is to evoke a bit of glam in your daughter’s bedroom, Puro curtains are the perfect selection. Whether you want to layer them or use them as a standalone option, you’ll be mesmerized by the white expanse of fabric that’s touched with splashes of gold. This look can be described as golden sunlight on white snow—elegant, gorgeous, and refined.


Go Bold with Fabric Choices


Bold Girls Room Curtains


Don’t be afraid to go bold with your fabric choices for girls’ rooms curtains! Velvets and silks – often thought to fit only formal spaces like dining and reception rooms – are becoming popular for other spaces in a home – including girls’ bedrooms.


  • Velvet: Featuring plush piles and hues ranging from daring emerald greens and sapphire blues to subtle greys and browns, our velvet curtains are a sensational way to bring any girls’ room to life. She’ll love the tactile softness of the curtains as well as the way it interprets light and shadow with subtle nuances. And if she’s intolerant to cold weather, the velvet curtains resisting freezing drafts fiercely at her windows might help the situation better than most other fabrics.
  • Silk: A fabric that drapes so delicately and stylishly as silk is rare to find on the planet. It’s the perfect choice for a girls’ room that seeks to reflect her own gracefulness and feminine finesse. From pure dupioni silk to silk blends and faux silks, our custom silk drapery collection offers a color and texture for every budget and palette. Curtains in silk look superb, fall like a dream and spell sheer luxury. No wonder it has become a hot fave for girls’ bedroom drapery in recent years.




Choose Softer Styles 


Curtains for Girls Room


What we covered thus far, is about getting the right drapery fabric. The curtain style you choose is just as important as the fabric itself. We recommend considering ‘softer’ options when choosing curtains for a girls bedroom. The following are our favorite feminine drapery heading styles:


  • Casual whimsical styles: Curtains that hang on fabric loops such as tie tops and tab tops throw back to those noodle strap tops that little girls look so adorable in. Rod pocket curtains, preferably with header frills show allegiance to their ruched frocks and ruffled skirts. Besides, they help to relay a casual vibe so relatable to the nature of the room.
  • Formal ornate styles: A girls room that has been designed with a formal touch should go for one of the pinch pleat styles. In a dressy traditional setup, triple pinch pleats curtains suit right, while the double pinch pleats drapes look perfect for pared down settings. In a home that has modern design inclinations, Euro pleat draperies are befitting.
  • Ultra formal styles: For a home that has been designed with opulence, drama and larger-than-life details, girls’ rooms can be step up with gusto on the glamor value. We recommend goblet pleats drapes here for the dramatic look they exude so effortlessly with their sonorous bearing. While styles like inverted box pleats should be carefully avoided as their boxy shapes are considered masculine. 

If you’d like assistance selecting the best option for your space, check out our Curtain Headings Style Guide.


Order Custom Curtains for Girls’ Room from Spiffy Spools


We hope you try some of these girls’ room curtain ideas! If you’re ready to start shopping, order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. With over 3,000 fabrics, we make it easy to design curtains that fit your exact specifications and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your child’s bedroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.



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