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Farmhouse Window Treatments: Going Modern with Rustic

Curtains for Farmhouse style décor


While browsing through home designing posts on picture-sharing platforms, you may find your eyes resting longer on farmhouse-styled homes. This is presumably because of their bright and fresh appeal that oozes coziness and positive vibes. Home stylists will agree that a giant share of the credit for this infectious beauty goes to their neutral palette and well-considered window dressings. And so, getting the right farmhouse window treatments is of top priority.

But when looking for the right one, it is easy to find yourself lost in a cloud due to a lack of suitable guidance. This blog aims to be a useful reference point for those who need help shopping for the right farmhouse window treatments for their home. 


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Formula for the Right Farmhouse Window Treatments


Farmhouse Window Dressings


The obsession with the iconic farmhouse decor style is growing leaps and bounds as it vaults geographies and eras, spawning new versions. It’s about relishing old wine on rustic trestle tables and getting cozy around stone hearths but with a sophisticated taste, modern amenities, and soul-freeing minimalism. Indeed, it is the way nostalgic country style transitions into a streamlined, chic design that enthralls homeowners. 

The right farmhouse window treatments are all about the perfect mix of neutral classic colors, rustic themes, and nature-sourced elements. Look for the following traits in all the plausible alternatives before you square down on your pick.


Nature-Sourced Materials


Cotton curtains for farmhouse style décor


Being true to the name, the classic farmhouse style is literally married to nature. It relies heavily on nature-sourced materials like cotton, linen, burlap, and wood for window treatments.

While the preference for natural fabrics still overrules, there is no shying away from engaging blends or look-alikes due to more affordability, easy availability, and practical ease. So, farmhouse window treatments can accommodate poly-cotton, linen blends, burlap imitation, or faux wood, for example.

Nature’s way of imbibing flawless beauty with imperfect organic shapes and the wearing off caused by usage are assets of the style. So, raw wood, often chalk-painted and sanded to show off the patina, is featured in the hardware. Among fabric treatments, often crinkly linen is favored more than others for the way it lets off the lived-in feel. 

While generous use of wood is a country-style approach, the modern farmhouse window treatments don black. So, the hardware used is often made of metal flaunting glossy black accents referencing the wrought iron fixtures and steel kitchen appliances. 




Neutral Palette


Neutral Palette Farmhouse Curtains


Farmhouse window treatments give away the sophisticated touch of the style by adopting a neutral palette. White neutral base contrasted by warm earthy tones is the trademark of the farmhouse style. Those who dislike the coldness of white go for its warmer versions like cream and ivory for a tinge of warmth. Since windows take up huge optical space, farmhouse window treatments follow the cue and adorn the signature neutral palettes. 

The modern adaptation continues with the adulation for white and wood accents but also engages pitch-black accents for a striking contrast. The window dressings stick to this skinny palette of beige, tan, soft grey, and their variants with black accents. Lighter and brighter tones are preferred to maximize natural light in the home’s interiors.


Rustic Motifs 


Buffalo check farmhouse window treatments


For a home with leanings towards the country style, farmhouse window treatments must live up to the expectations by featuring rustic motifs. If you’re thinking of integrating fabric window dressings, one of the first decisions to be tackled is the solids versus patterns one. And, the answer highly depends upon the version of the farmhouse style that you prefer. 

Classic farmhouse style prefers fabric window treatments featuring rustic motifs like buffalo checks, ginghams, ticking stripes, and florals. They beautifully complement the patterns and textures of warm-lit shiplap walls and cobblestone fireplaces. 

Modern farmhouse style, on the contrary, goes for less busy and more refined looks with clean lines and minimal detailing. So, it is dominated by solids and monochromes and confines its creative adventure to play with multiple shades and textures.




Casual Appeal


Farmhouse Cafe Curtains


Being true to the bucolic origins of the style, the farmhouse exudes easygoing aesthetics and perceptible homeliness. Hence, farmhouse window treatments have got to be all about the relaxed appeal – not too formal or too dressy.

For example, semi-transparent treatments like bamboo woven shades and sheer drapes forge that sun-kissed look, so typical of the style. Valances and cafe curtains that aim to be more decorative than privacy-oriented are top fave farmhouse options for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.


Homespun Charm & Decorative Details


Farmhouse Window Treatments with Trims


Exhibiting the connection with nature and the magic of the human touch, farmhouse style reveres handmade decor elements. Besides, it is not weaned off from the traditional decor’s preoccupation with ornate detailing. So trims on the lead edges are very much appreciated for the farmhouse window treatments. 

From whimsical tassels to lacy ribbons, you see embellishments breathing life and softness into the space. Modern adaptations that prefer clean lines and minimum details are happier with ribbon trims as they don’t alter the silhouettes of the dressings as much as their visual appeal.




The Right Window Dressings for Bright & Cozy Farmhouses


Bright and Cozy Farmhouse Decor


Now that you know what traits must define the true farmhouse window treatments, no matter how traditional or modern a version you follow, it is time to delve deeper to uncover the actual possibilities and options.

Fabric farmhouse window treatments generally get priority over all others for the way they soften up the space and add a unique personality to the home. It is also unlikely that any other material can come close to the immense potential that fabric has to feature colors and patterns. 

The other obsession is wood or faux wood treatments that can echo the wooden floors, wood windows, and cane baskets perfectly. The textural quality and natural vibes they bring to the interiors are unbeatable. 

For a country home designed with modern flair, a tasteful mix of the natural and the industrial is reasonable. Farmhouse window treatments, in essence, are a mix of practical convenience and informal decor aesthetics. With these key considerations, we recommend the following as our top five recommendations for farmhouse window treatments:




Farmhouse Curtains


The top suggestion for farmhouse window treatments is curtains because there’s no other that can come this close to softening the space. Their traditional origins make them the first pick for a farmhouse-styled home. They make the space look homely, warm, and inviting in an instant. Billowing drapes come closest to the nostalgic country aesthetics that swear by prosperous farms shivering under the cold eastern drafts.

The gently rounded pleats offer visual sumptuousness and immense control over light, heat, and privacy. In cold locales, drapes are preferred for being more insulative than most other treatments.

Drapery Heading Style: Informal styles like tab tops, tie tops, and rod pockets are preferred for their simplicity and homey appeal. In more formal rooms, pinch pleat drapes with their sculptural pleats and tailored look are ideal. 

Modern setups may profit from sleeker styles like flat panels and grommet tops, while country puritans may prefer traditional fabric-pocket drapery styles over industrial-looking ones. 

But if practical ease is a priority, styles that employ rings or grommets facilitating easy movement of the drapes on the pole may be considered apt for all styles of the farmhouse.

You may refer to our drapery heading style guide to get a better understanding of drapery styles. 

Fabric Choice: The first thing that comes to mind at the mere mention of farmhouse window treatments is lighthearted linen drapes billowing at the French doors. Linen gets all the votes because of its loose slubby weave that filters in plenty of light and air. Besides, its crinkled look encapsulates the quintessence of country life and its hardiness ensures that it gets better with age. 

The next best option is cotton, another breathing fabric that offers a slightly more tailored look with its neat creases and polished finishes. 

In more rustic settings, farmhouse window treatments can take inspiration from the ideas of the original pastoral community – burlap sacks and fodder bags. Drapes made of burlap or its look-alikes are befitting. 


Farmhouse Curtain Motifs


Motifs: Country leanings can be explicitly displayed by choosing patterned drapes that contrast well with the white walls. While rustic motifs find relevance in classic farmhouses, their modern adaptations with trend-right palettes and minimal details are also available. You can go for the simplistic ones like plaids and stripes or the intricate ones like paisleys and florals – all depending on your personal taste and overall decor. 

Length: Floor-length drapes are the ideal look and they guarantee more control over light and privacy. Informal spaces of the home may go for sill-length curtains and apron curtains. Kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms are the domain of cafe curtains that provide rustic charm along with some privacy.

Hardware: Not just the drapes themselves, but how they are hung also must vouch for farmhouse aesthetics. Raw wood hardware is preferred to air the lived-in feel of the country lifestyle. So, sanded chalk-painted wooden drapery poles are installed.

In more modern farmhouses, metal rods can be installed – a throwback to the steel or wrought iron accessories used generously in kitchen appliances, balustrades, and light fittings.




Roman Shades



Modern farmhouse owners whose tastes lean more towards modern design’s clean aesthetics than traditional’s ornate maximalism prefer roman shades for their sleek, function-oriented construct. With the softness of drapes and the functional efficiency of blinds, roman shades become the most sophisticated of modern fabric window treatments and are quite a good choice for minimalist farmhouses.

But that doesn’t mean that traditionalists cannot find their pick in roman shades at all. With the right kind of fabric and details, roman shades can also suit embellished settings. Say, for example, cotton fabric shades with embroidered paisleys can vocalize your traditional tastes really well, without losing the pared-back elegance so dear for modern interiors.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect farmhouse window treatment for rooms with atypical angular arrangements and scarcity of space, don’t look any further. Small spaces are most thankful for roman shades since they take away nothing from the available floor space. 

We especially recommend roman shades for small windows that can get overwhelmed by overflowing drapes easily. Bay windows with inbuilt storage or furniture directly beneath also profit from the sill-length roman shades, especially where short curtains don’t sync with the grandeur of the space.

And if you can’t renounce your love for typical farmhouse-style pristine white, and have cheeky kids and pets to deal with, roman shades that stay out of their reach are a smart choice.


Linen Farmhouse Roman Shade


Fold Styles: Spiffy Spools roman shades come in three popular styles: flat-bottomed front-slatted shades, flat-bottomed back-slatted shades, and scallop-bottomed relaxed shades. 

Flat-bottomed shades are ideal for modern homes that revere clean lines design ethics. Besides, they are supported by slats, which means that they form folds easily and function more efficiently. 

The front-slatted shades show the silhouettes of the slats on the frontage, making them a great choice for solid-colored fabrics that have nothing eventful otherwise. The back-slatted shades have their slats stitched to the lining, thereby, showing no sign of them on the frontage. This proves providential for patterned fabrics whose shapes can be distorted by the front slats otherwise.

The relaxed shades with their curvy bottoms are ideal for casual spaces. Farmhouses that are more loyal to traditional tastes might love the ornamental folds of these shades. Those gently dipping bottoms mimic erstwhile swags that were synonymous with opulence and grandeur.

Since they are constructed without slats, they have a free-flowing aesthetic, similar to that of drapes. However, they need to be creased manually to hold the folds every time they are operated. This style is, therefore, recommended for less-used windows.

Mounting Position: For a farmhouse with crown molded window trims, inside mounting the shades helps to highlight the architectural finesse. Whereas modernists may resort to inside mounting the shades despite having regular window trims to underscore their minimalistic style. 

However, if you don’t like the light glows at the seams, outside mounting is the solution. This also helps your windows to seem a lot larger than they are. Windows with ornate trims can also outside mount their shades by making use of spacer blocks.






Farmhouse Kitchen Valance


Time to check out a farmhouse window treatment that’s more about style than function – valances. And if you’re creative, it will also be a lot of fun!

Stand-Alone Treatment: Since the farmhouse style is all about keeping the inside space connected with the outside terrain, you can leave some windows which need no privacy guard without coverings. However, what they lack is the chic and softness that a window dressing alone could have brought to the space with ease. In such situations, you can go for valances that dress the windows, and never overdo that good thing.

With Drapes: But don’t let their value be lost on you even for windows that have been covered suitably. They top the drapes with a decorative element, often making a big impact with their subtle presence. For, when the drapes are wide open, valances still dress the window trims beautifully.

Cohesiveness: Valances can help you to draw a binding color story or theme to tie up all the spaces in the home. If you have used various window treatments all over the house, use farmhouse valances as the common factor to bring congruence to the interior design. 

Design Element: Valances are a great opportunity to juxtapose solids with patterns. So, go for solid-colored fabric shades, for example, and a floral valance.

Style: Valances can be as ornamental as pole-mounted pinched pleat ones, as architectural as board-mounted flat-bottomed ones, or as opulent as gently scalloping swags. There are umpteen styles to choose from at Spiffy Spools, based on your personal tastes. 

Formal spaces might look right in board-mounted valances as they carry a tailored, matter-of-fact appeal. The pole-mounted ones, on the other hand, look more relaxed and apt for semi-formal and casual spaces. 




Woven Wood Blinds


Wooden Woven Blinds with White Curtains


If you are looking for farmhouse window treatments with woody vibes to synchronize with seaweed baskets and rattan furniture, woven bamboo blinds are a great option. Not only do they make the space texturally rich, but also connect the indoors ever so beautifully and impressively with the outdoors.

The homespun charm of farmhouse-style beams with striking impact through the striations of the bamboo reeds. Their organic shapes add character and warmth to the space and resoundingly chime with farmhouse aesthetics.

The gaps occurring in the weave allow air and light passage even when the shade is closed. Hence, they are not a remedy for rooms that need good insulative treatments. Besides, the sheer arrangement takes care of daytime privacy, but rooms that need night-time privacy should go for a double-layered treatment. 

The flaws of the woven blinds can be made up for when layered with drapes. And it lends you a versatile arrangement – one layer is opaque and opens horizontally, and the other, is sheer and opens vertically. This way you can keep up with the farmhouse style’s love for natural materials and lose none of the desired functionality.


Plantation Shutters


Farmhouse Plantation Shutters


This farmhouse window treatment is integrated into the architecture of the building, and therefore, not only alters the interiors but also the exterior facade of the home. If your home is already built as a farmhouse, you might have them installed as part of the original structure. If not, they can be integrated with custom shutters easily. These are structural renovations with high returns that positively impact your home’s resale value while also adding to the aesthetic appeal.

The best part of this treatment is its durability. Unlike fabric treatments, these will be sturdy assets of the house throughout its lifetime. You can paint them white to bind them seamlessly to the walls. Or leave them in their natural wood tones to take advantage of their nature-sourced traits for your country settings.

The vanes can be adjusted to meet the desired level of light and privacy. The downside, though, is that you can never clear them off from the window for an unhindered view of the outdoors as you can do with other treatments.


On a Final Note


Farmhouse window treatments


Home decor is both an enjoyable adventure and a tasking regime. But with the right guidance, it should finally land you with a charming home, done to the details with wisdom, forethought, and a ton of love. So, we hope that this blog has made your task of finding the right farmhouse window treatment much easier.


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If it is the fabric treatments that have won your heart, delve into the real fun part of browsing through our catalogs and shopping. We’re excited to join you on the spree. Happy shopping!



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